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Easy To Follow Edit Instructions

Step 0. Edit the Cover Using the Bonus Cover Photoshop File that came with your download! Tutorial available at

Step 1. Select the Text Tool and change the text, colors, fonts and spacing.

Step 2. Change the quotes pages

Step 3. Place new image into the file, especially the workout pages.

OPTIONAL: Change the workouts.

Step 4. Share your file with your clients by exporting this as a PDF. File — Export.


All right. The first thing is, let’s just talk about the .zip file, because this .zip file has a ton of stuff, and it’s a little different than the other files that I’ve given you. You’re going to receive Pretty Fabulous 30 Day Fitness Log and Bonuses .zip file. When you open this file, you’re going to see all of these files. These are your three bonus files, these are .PDFs. They are editable, which means I have not locked them. I’m not going to go through how to edit those, that’s a little out of scope. These are just for you if you want to go ahead and give these [inaudible 00:00:34] bonuses, or do whatever you want with these recipes, these pages.

You’re also going to have the cover photo … Photo Shop file. This is a little different because I usually don’t give those. I usually just have the cover file already embedded inside of InDesign, but this time I’ve given you a Photo Shop file. There’s a separate video that will tell you exactly how to edit that in Photo Shop.

Then, you’ll have your regular font information that you get every time in case you want to use the same fonts that I use, and then you will have a couple other files down here. This is your .jpeg file. This is simply all of the pages as .jpegs if you want to copy or paste them into Canva or some other type of software like that. If you do not have InDesign, or you want to quickly import them for another use.

This is the original file with all of the images. This is a PDF. This is not editable. This does have a security password on it. It’s just there for reference so you can see the other pictures that I use in case you want to find something similar. I will say I did find every single one of my photos … I purchased them either through Deposit Photos, or through Adobe Photo Stock. If you stick with those as your search criteria, you could find all the photos that I used. I could give you a list, but I’ve been downloading them for years now on different accounts so I’m actually not even sure where they all are, or what they’re called.

This is the file that you’ll need. This is a little different. This will say your Pretty Fabulous 30 Day Fitness: Fitness Log without images .imdd file. You’ll notice it’s a .zip file. You’re going to have to unzip that. When you unzip that file, you will see this file. Now, this is has the idea of … this happened before, someone had an older version of InDesign. If you have InDesign 5.0 or earlier, it is not [inaudible 00:02:41] compatible with this file, the .imdd file, which is only for 5.5 and above. I have Adobe Create Cloud, so I have the 2017 version, which is the latest.

This .imdl file should open if you have a leader version, so that’s what that’s there for. I’ve never provided that before, I’ve just never made that file. This file is your links file, and this has the images for … at the very back, I have a page on further reading, and these are the covers. Let’s go ahead and open your .imdd file. It will say, “This contains 9 links,” just say, “Okay,” it will link to those files because I’ve given you those files, so everything should be okay.

Again, you can ignore these missing fonts. I obviously have all these fonts because I created the original file. Sometimes it just cannot find the bold, or the bold condensed, or something special like that so we can ignore that. Here you go, this is your InDesign file. It has all 67 pages. Again, to replace this cover page, you can watch the YouTube video on how to change this in Photo Shop, or you can simply just edit it here if you would like.

Every time I go through these files, usually there’s master pages. This time you’ll notice there are no master pages. There are just so many pages, it didn’t make sense to make master pages. You will want to edit each file over here. If you cannot see this panel, you can go to Window, Workspace, and then I pick Typography and it brings up all these different options and panels on the right. I like using most of them, maybe not all of them.

Another alternative is you can got to Window, Pages … make sure there’s a check mark in front of that, and then you’ll see this page’s fly out menu. Under here, let’s move this up, these are all of your pages, so anything that’s selected over here, you double click it, it will bring it up here in your workspace on the left.

I think the first thing you want to do is you want to change text. If you’re not sure how to change text, you can go over here to the type tool, make sure that’s selected, and then you can just click inside and you can change anything. Maybe your program is not The Fit Club, it is The Walkers Club, or something like that. You’ll notice it kind of moved over so there’s not a lot of room. If I need to resize this, I can go back up here to this [inaudible 00:05:14] tool, and I can simply drag this box out.

If you’ve never used InDesign, it’s a little odd in that … don’t think about Microsoft Word, don’t think about Photo Shop … it does not work like that. You have to create a text box for the text. If the text box is not large enough to contain the text, it will simply cut it off. It will assume that you don’t want to show that. You need to resize your text box in order to fit the text within there. That’s the first thing.

If you want to change the color or the font on here, once you have [inaudible 00:05:53] selected, anything that you highlight … let’s say I want to change this to blue. It’s now going to be blue. I can change the font over here. I can change the size, I could also make this all capitals. Again, the sizing was a little off, I’d have to resize that. THat’s basically how you change the text.

To edit the quotes, you can do the same thing. Go to the type tool. Click inside here and you can change this quote to whatever you want to change it it to, and you can change the font to any font that you want, okay? You can add images in anywhere, but I think the number one spot you’re going to want to add images in to is over here in your workouts.

Let’s say … this is a chest day, you can change these from the exercises that I’ve recommended. Make sure the black arrow key, the selection tool, is up. Go to File, Place, and let’s just select chest .jpeg. Now, you’ll notice my cursor is loaded and I can change that to any size I want. There it is. So, this is  how you edit this file … the text, the pictures. I think that’s the basics of what you need to know.

Remember, these are all linked in here, so these are not pasted images, so you’ll want to make sure that wherever you’re pulling these images from, the InDesign file will link to. If you later move those files, InDesign will not be able to find that original link, and you will not be able to edit your graphics.

Very important, if you’ll notice when I went to File, Place … everything that I have is inside a links folder, so it is in one central location in case I want to do edits for the future. All right, that’s it. Let me know if you have any questions, and I really hope you enjoy this layout. I took a lot of time and extra effort to make it. Thanks.