This is a tutorial on how to edit the BONUS Photoshop file that was provided in the Fitness Log InDesign Download. To purchase this Template + Bonus file, go to

You must have Adobe Photoshop to edit this file.
Step 1: Type Tool: Edit text, font, colors + size
Step 2: Add your own logo
Step 3: Add your own image or photo
Step 4: Save it as a graphic file [jpeg, png, etc]
Step 5: Add cover to your InDesign File

And you’re all set!

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Hey, everyone. I’m really excited today to share my cover with you as a special bonus. In the file, this is going to be a Photoshop file. Now I understand that this is an InDesign file, so again this is a bonus. You don’t have to use it, but I think you’re going to really like it.

You’re going to open the cover no picture.psd, and again I’m assuming you have Photoshop. I don’t believe you can open this with another application. But here’s what the photo is going to look like. Over here on the right, you’re going to see layers, and if you’re not able to see layers, you can go up here to the top to window, and then make sure that layers is selected, and this will show up here on the right in your layers panel.

I’ve organized everything into folders for you, from the top down to make it as easy as possible.  The first thing we’re going to change is this Fitness Log. Let’s say you want to call it something else. You’re going to go over here to the type tool. You’re going to click anywhere inside of here, and let’s say we’re going to call it the Workout Log. Now, you can it doesn’t really fit. It’s a little too big. I’m going to control A. I’m going to go over here and I’m going to change this to be smaller. I’m going to say 72 and now it fits.

Let’s say I want to change the color. I can go over here and I can change it to purple instead. Whoops. Make sure this is selected and the tight fill’s selected. I’ll go to my color palates. I can change it to purple. I can change it to blue. Then let’s go ahead and change … I could change the logo over here at the bottom right or I could change this title.

The way I’ve organized it is, you can see here title and tag line middle of the page. This is that 30 days, and if you just hit this little arrow here to the right, you’ll see the arrow goes down and it will show you the contents of that folder. The first thing is 30 Days to a Better Body. The same thing, the type tool’s selected. I click anywhere in here, and we’re going to change it 30 Days to a Rockin’ Body, because maybe that’s the name of my program.

Same thing. You can go over here to this moving tool, and I’m going to use the arrows and just nudge it over to the left a little so it doesn’t get cut off. I change this to Workout Log. I’m going to change this to say Daily Workout Log instead of Daily Fitness Log. Type tool’s selected again and I’ve changed it. I’m going to go over here to the move tool. Again, it’s a little too far to the right, and I’m just going to nudge it over. All right, I’m done with that piece.

Over here, where it says logo, bottom right, maybe your name is not Lisa Siefert. I suppose it’s possible it could be. You can change this, again with the type tool, to anything you want. We could change it to Jane Smith, and over here, this is your tag line, Be the Fit Girl You Can Be. You can change this to anything else. We’re going to leave it the same for right now.

Then gradients. You’ll see this. These are the gradients that produce this pink, blue, and purple effect you have right here. I said leave alone. Now, place your photo here. You’ll notice I colored these red for you. The default photo that I purchased off of Depositphotos … you can see the number right here … will not be in your file because I’m not able to resell photos. But what you can do is you can find your own photos inside of Photo Deposit or anywhere else, and you’ll simply drag and drop them over here.

I used the search criteria woman, fitness, pink because that’s the coloring and scheme that I was looking for, and that’s the photo I found here. There are many other photos in here, as well. I would strongly suggest getting a photo that has a clear white background because that’s going to look best on the gradient that I’ve provided. And yours will say layer one, and it will be empty. All you have to do is take a photo, JPEG a PNG, Jeff whatever, and then just drag and drop it onto this file.

If you’ve never used Photoshop, you’ll see that it has little dots all around the frame and an X in the middle. This is going to allow you to resize that photo. I would strongly suggest holding down the shift key and then picking a corner and making it larger or smaller, so this will keep the dimensions. If I do this and I’m not holding the shift key down, I could make her really wide, I could make her really tall. It doesn’t keep the dimensions at all. I’m going to escape out of there. I’m going to drop this back down again, and it’s going to put it right in the exact correct place.

Now to make sure that it puts it in the correct place, make sure you have selected over here under layers that empty layer I put in there for you, and then drag and drop it, because if it is anywhere inside of here, it may or may not pick up the gradients. It has to be underneath the gradients, the layers right here above.

I’m going to position her a little lower so I can see the words Workout Log. I’m going to make her a little bigger so she takes up more space, and then when I’m done, to set it, I simply just hit the enter key, and she’s set. If I want to resize her later on, I can just make sure she’s selected. I can hit this move tool. If I don’t see it, I can hit command T on the Mac and that will also bring up these little boxes around the frame again. I’m going to hit return just to set it, because I don’t want to actually make any changes to her. And that is how you change the picture on your bonus file.

Now, how do I get this bonus file into InDesign? Same thing as you did before. Inside Photoshop, I would export this. I know this says save for web legacy, but it will shrink it down for you. Over here, I simply select JPEG high. I save it out somewhere out into a file, so I’ll just save it here. Cover no picture. Then I will go into InDesign, and just like before, you can simply place that object onto your cover page. From file menu inside InDesign, you can go file place. Select that picture. Here it is, cover no picture, JPEG. You can seen it’s only 210K. I will say open and now I have that loaded cursor. I’m going to place it over here on my cover page. I’m going to stick it on top and again it’s inside there, and I’m all good. This is now my new cover.