They look exactly the same but there is a huge difference – you should always choose black! Let me show you why.


Hi, I’m Lisa. And today I’m going to walk you through the difference between “Black” versus “Registration”, which you find up here at the top. The biggest thing, if you remember absolutely nothing at all, is always, always use black, because it’s going to use less ink on your printer. And that’s really what makes sense. “Registration” is simply a conglomeration of every single color that your print can print. When you select some … They both look very similar. They both end up producing black, but when you select “Black”, it only uses the black toner from your color printer.

However, when you select “Registration”, it then takes every single color that is available and puts it together, whether it’s a spot color, blended color, CMYK, doesn’t matter. In here, you can see all of this is text and it doesn’t look like a lot, but after you print for a while, it does add up. Make sure to only use “Black”. Never use “Registration”.