Have you ever been frustrated because you can’t figure out how to change the text color in InDesign and it keeps defaulting to change the entire text box background color? It’s super easy – Let me show you how.



I’m Lisa and today I wanted to show you how to easily change text color without having to use the type tool. So most likely you are going to have the main black selection tool selected and when you go to select a box, so here I want to change the pretty fabulous designs because it kind of blends into my background which is a pink marble.

I’m going to select it and go up here. When I go to change it to gray, it instead things I want to change the entire text box which is not the case. So I have to go up here and I have to toggle to formatting effects text and select that and then I can change the text. That’s the first way.

The second way is if you select this box, see it defaults to changing the text box, you can simply hit the letter J and it now will change the text color. If I hit the J again, it goes back to changing the text box. So it will toggle between those two options. What you’re probably doing right now, which is what I do, is once I select the text box, I do select the entire text and that is useful if you only want to change say one word in here. Let’s say I want to make this blue. So now it’s gray, blue and gray. So three ways you can change texts-