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Today’s Example uses the Monthly Metallics

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Do you love gold foiled lettering and shapes? Want to learn how to create your own and use them in your next InDesign project?

In just 4 minutes

I’ll show you how to create your own Metallic Foils and apply them to your text in InDesign.


I’ll also show you how to create a Rainbow Multi-colored Gradient as well.


0:10 Intro
0:25 Where to find Pre-Made Metallics in my Creative Market Shop
0:36 What Metallic Foil Colors Are Included: Gold, Purple + Hot Pink
1:08 What is a Metallic Foil
1:15 How To Open Your Swatches Panel
1:29 Let’s Create a new Blue Metallic Foil
1:43 New Gradient Swatch Dialog Box
2:21 Where to find the Blue Metallic Gradient you just created
2:26 How To apply it to Text
2:50 BONUS: How To Create a Rainbow Gradient

FREE Download How To Create Metallic Foils Cheatsheet
Today’s Example uses the Monthly Metallics


Hi everyone. I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous and today I’m going to show you how to make these pretty metallic colors for yourself in In Design. So they’re really versatile. You can change blocks, objects, you can change text, so it is this color. I just think it looks really pretty. So the good news is, If you purchased this planner which is the monthly planner from My Creative Market Shop, you actually already have this color created for you. So I left it in the swatches panel over here. So you’ll actually see the gold, there’s the hot pink and the purple so you could reuse those anytime you want in any other project that you have.

Let’s say we want to create a new gradient in here and how would we do that? So let’s just kind of experiment and we will, let’s do it on the letter 2018. So first I just want you to see the components of this color. It goes from light to dark. That’s what creates that metallic shimmer to the eye when you glance at it. If you do not see the swatches panel on the right, you can go up here to window, color and select swatches.

What we’re going to do is we’re going to create a blue swatch. So let’s go ahead and in the swatches panel, let me start with this blue, go to the top right. There’s four bars and select new gradient swatch. Make sure linear is selected. Now you can name this anything that you want. So let’s say new blue metallic swatch, or not swatch, gradient. Over here, we obviously don’t want it green so we’re going to select a light blue and then follow that up with a dark blue. Then over here, we can shimmer it back to a light blue.

This as you can see already is kind of taking shape. Now if you wanted to add more details, you can automatically add, if I just click here it’s going to add another bucket for me. If that’s something you wanted. So let’s just say okay. So now here’s our new blue metallic gradient. We’re going to go over here to 2018. Make sure it’s selected. We’re going to change the color by selecting T and here at the bottom we’re going to select our new blue metallic gradient and there you can see. I’ll zoom out a little. We have our new pretty blue gradient.

You can do this with any color. You’re just going to mix the lights and the dark’s. You can even make rainbow colors if you wanted. I will demonstrate that for you really quickly. So let’s say we wanted to make a rainbow gradient. Let’s select all of my favorite colors since this is me. Let’s do pink and let’s do a purple. So now I have a rainbow gradient. So I can change this 2018 over here to my rainbow color. Those are pretty as well.

There’s so many different cool things you can do with these gradient swatches to get that sort of either metallic look that you want or that gradient look or sort of phasing into a new color. So I hope this was helpful and again if these are too difficult for you to make, they are actually all available, the metallics are available for you inside the monthly metallics calendars that I sell on My Creative Market. So let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I will talk to you guys next week. Bye.