Have a page in a one InDesign file that you’d like to move to and add to another – it’s easy! Let me show you how.


Alright, today I’m going to show you how to move a page from one document to another document, now this applies to multiple pages as well but I’m just going to show you how to move one page today. You need to have both files open, so here we have our weekly layout trio open, which is for sale in my Creative Market Shop, and inside here you’re going to go to the pages panel on the right, which is, this is my workspace on the right. Now, if you don’t see this when you open up InDesign you can go to window, and I always use the predefined workspace called typography, but if you do not see pages on the right you can simply go to window, pages, and it will bring out this menu.

You’ll notice you’ll have your master pages on top and your regular pages on the bottom so anything you select over here will be highlighted in this workspace here. We are only going to work with regular pages, we’re not going to talk about moving master pages today. We are going to go to this file, this is my holiday schedule and I’d like to move it into the weekly layout trio. I know that I want to move it at the end, which is after page seven, but I can always move it later on so we are going to go here in the holidays. Again, I am in the pages fly-out menu, I can either go to these lines here at the top right and I will see the menu that says move pages or I can go to the actual document itself, I can right click and I will get that similar menu and I can go to move pages.

This will bring up a dialogue box here. This dialogue box will ask you which pages you want to move, we only have one page in this document so that is the only selection. It will ask you where you want to move it and it will give you the place after the page. It’ll ask you which document, now this second document open, so we are going to go into weekly layout trio. I know that I want to add it to the end so if I go over here I could see that there is seven pages and the document, so I can say after page seven then I’ll say okay.

It will seem like nothing is happening but when you go into your other document and you look at page eight, which was not there before because seven was the last page, you’ll see that the holiday schedule is now in there. If I change my mind and I decide I want to move it, I could still move it around later it’s not a big deal. I’m going to control C and come back here. You’ll notice also, this page in the document holidays had a master page associated with it and when you move the page you also bring the master page or pages associated with that particular page. You’ll see a master is here at the top and that came from the holidays file.

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