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Have a beautiful design that has white lettering but have no idea how to print it – it’s easy! Let me show you how.

I’ll walk you through 4 different options as well as how to edit each in InDesign.


Hi, I’m Lisa. Today I’m going to show you different ways that you can print in white. When I say white, I mean white ink, like text. A physical, actual document that you hold in your hand, not a graphic. Sometimes you have a dark background like this, and you would like the text to appear white, like so. The first thing you can do is, simply make all of the text paper. When I say paper, this is actually a color choice inside of InDesign, up here in the swatch. It is paper. Paper is white. Now the important thing to notice is that it’s going to appear white on your screen, but paper is not actually white. You need a white ink printer. Your printer does not print white. This is white, because you’re feeding a white sheet of paper through your printer, and this background, this blue background right here is providing the contrast.

If I put a yellow piece of paper into my paper, and printed this particular page that we’re looking at, this area right here would not have any ink in it, so it would be yellow. Same thing if I put a blue sheet of paper. It would be whatever color the blue sheet is. This isn’t ideal, mostly because it uses up a ton of toner, or ink, in order to make the entire page blue. It’s possible you already have colored paper, so you don’t really need that.

Let’s talk about another option, which is using a white foil laminator. You can laser print this in a black, it doesn’t even matter. Then take this sheet out. Apply a white foil. Then put it through a laminator, or a Heidi Swapp Minc machine and it will adhere white. Now it doesn’t … If you’ve ever actually tried this, the quality really isn’t there. I think the white ink is very difficult to use. Sometimes the white ends up bleeding onto different areas, so I don’t know that this is ideal. I wouldn’t really suggest this.

Another way to do this, especially if it’s something important like a wedding invitation, I would suggest using option three, which is you can make the background image whatever color you want, then the text has to be white. Now, it can’t be white. Remember I told you this up here. This is paper. Paper is not white. You actually must create a spot color of white. Then you can feed the paper into your printer. This paper can be any color you want, except white, because obviously white on white is not going to show up. Then your printer, that you’re feeding this white paper, or this colored paper through, has to be a white ink printer.

I realize not everybody has a white ink printer. They’re very expensive. I believe they’re only available commercially. So you are probably going to send it into somebody who has the ability to print white ink. This is what I’m saying for option four, is to send it to a professional printer, especially if you don’t have a lot of things. But if you are somebody who is churning out a ton of white ink stationary or prints, then you should definitely invest in a white ink printer.