This is an eye-catching set of supplemental sheets for your planner or a standalone workbook that you can deliver to your clients or share with your Facebook group or in your group coaching program! You can use it as a:

Lead Magnet or Content Upgrade that will help boost any online sales funnel, launch, productivity or monetization related blog post
As a Tripwire in your Sales Funnel
As a Workbook In your Coaching Program
As a Progress Log For Personal 1-1 Sessions
This is a fully-editable InDesign Template that will allow you to edit the styles, text, layout and other features as you like.

T U T O R I A L ⋆ V I D E O

How To Edit
How to install fonts on your mac:

How to Access Your Files


W H A T ‘ S ⋆ I N S I D E – 2 3 P A G E S

– How-To-Print Guide
– Welcome Editorial Page
– Monthly Goal Planning Sheets for the year
– Monthly Goal check in tracker for the year
– Mini-Business Plan
– Productivity Planning + Scorecard Equation
– Happiness Planning + Scorecard Equation
– Launch Planning Checklist
– INFOGRAPHIC: Sales Funnel
– Sales Funnel Planning + Tracker
– Content Calendar Idea Worksheet
– Blog Post Idea Worksheet
– Social Media Calendar of Ideas
– Front + Back Covers


This is a full-size sized (8.5×11 inches) layout spread. All fields are editable. You can easily change:

Colors Fonts Text Sizes Rearrange boxes, objects and add graphics

W H A T ⋆ Y O U ⋆ W I L L ⋆ R E C E I V E

1) InDesign .INDD formatted file with layers for each of the text items so that they are easily editable

2) PDFs of the Sample File for reference [this file has images but is not editable]

3) JPEGs of each page that you can import into Canva or another program

4) Font Info

5) BONUS #1: IDML file included for those with older versions of InDesign

NOTE: All images will be removed from your .INDD file but some royalty-free stock images from Pixaby were inserted in their place on most but not all pages.


Hi, everyone. It’s Lisa From Pretty Fabulous. I’m really excited to share my latest design with you. This template is a supplement to a planner, which is really any planner or it can be a standalone set of worksheets if you want. They’re 8.5 by 11. You can easily resize these in design. I can show you that later. This is volume one. I have a couple others planned as well.

I added a couple of things to this version. In this version, I actually gave people instructions on how to print. If you have people when you send out your planners that have questions, this will help with the duplex printing versus single side printers. I guess I just assume everyone has a duplex printer, but probably not everyone does. And a little sheet here on the right where you can say an introduction to your audience as well.

The first set we just have monthly goals. There’s one sheet for goals and one sheet for your status on your goals, so you can track how far you’ve come. This layout is on productivity. I put a lot of work into this. I really believe in the Pomodoro method and the Ivy Lee methods, so there’s some explanation down here on how to use it. This right up here is to help you see how well you’re doing. These sheets, you’ll notice look exactly the same on the left and the right. That’s on purpose. The left is really, as you can see, before the month starts, and the right is supposed to be tracking after the month ends, so you can see how far you’ve come along each month.

Same thing over here with the Happiness Equation. This kind of goes along with the Gratitude. Over here, you also have … We start getting into launches. This right here is going to show you exactly what you should plan for and just kind of be an analog date keeper for you to help keep you organized.

We have a sales funnel. This is a pretty easy sales funnel. If you are someone who does coaching on this, you can edit this and change this funnel however you want. This is kind of a simple infographic that I have when I explain funnels to other people. Obviously, I didn’t go into splinter offers, but you can make a note like I did to tell people to go to your website.

Over here, you can track your sales funnel performance. Same thing. This, on the left, is going to be what you are planning to do for the month and over … Or for the funnel. It could take longer than that. Over on the right is how the funnel performed. Same thing. I’ve actually given a grade so you can do a little bit more of an objective or statistical analysis on how you’re doing each month.

Over here is sort of a mini business plan. It kind of talks about … I don’t know if you’re like me, but I come up with new business ideas all the time. This kind of helps to get your thoughts organized into one location.

Over here, we can’t forget social media planning. This is a place for you to collect a brainstorm of content calendar ideas. Over here on the right is a place for you to write each of those, exactly what you’re going to talk about in all of those categories.

The last page, over here, is just a big list of ideas. On the left, I’ve given a couple ideas and things that you could create for your content calendar throughout the month, as well, just to help jog your memory. Of course, here, you have your cover sheet where you can leave your contact information.

I really hope you like this. It’s meant to either be standalone as one big girl boss set of packages or you can mix and match some of those pages and edit them as you want. All right. Let me know if you have any questions. You can purchase this today in the Creative Market shop.