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This is ANOTHER set of eye-catching set of supplemental sheets for your planner or a standalone workbook that you can deliver to your clients or share with your Facebook group or in your group coaching program! You can use it as a:

Lead Magnet or Content Upgrade that will help boost any online sales funnel, launch, productivity or monetization related blog post
As a Tripwire in your Sales Funnel
As a Workbook In your Coaching Program
As a Progress Log For Personal 1-1 Sessions
This is a fully-editable InDesign Template that will allow you to edit the styles, text, layout and other features as you like.

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How To Edit
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W H A T ‘ S ⋆ I N S I D E – 2 3 P A G E S

– How-To-Print Guide
– Welcome Editorial Page
– Monthly Goal Planning Sheets for the year
– Monthly Goal check in tracker for the year
– Mini-Business Plan
– Productivity Planning + Scorecard Equation
– Happiness Planning + Scorecard Equation
– Launch Planning Checklist
– INFOGRAPHIC: Sales Funnel
– Sales Funnel Planning + Tracker
– Content Calendar Idea Worksheet
– Blog Post Idea Worksheet
– Social Media Calendar of Ideas
– Front + Back Covers


This is a full-size sized (8.5×11 inches) layout spread. All fields are editable. You can easily change:

Colors Fonts Text Sizes Rearrange boxes, objects and add graphics

W H A T ⋆ Y O U ⋆ W I L L ⋆ R E C E I V E

1) InDesign .INDD formatted file with layers for each of the text items so that they are easily editable

2) PDFs of the Sample File for reference [this file has images but is not editable]

3) JPEGs of each page that you can import into Canva or another program

4) Font Info

5) BONUS #1: IDML file included for those with older versions of InDesign

NOTE: All images will be removed from your .INDD file but some royalty-free stock images from Pixaby were inserted in their place on most but not all pages.


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Hi everyone, it’s Lisa from Pretty Fabulous. I’m really excited to add another set of Girlboss Sheets to the one that I put out earlier this year. The original, if you recall, is right over here and it’s 23 sheets of different tracking things for your sales funnels, or your blog, for your social media calendar, etc.

I created a second one, which is just simply, Trackers. So this Girlboss Tracker as you can see here, has a different look and feel to it, it has 21 pages, the other one has 23, so it’s about the same. It has a page here where you can advertise your services and direct people on where to go shop to buy more of your products. It also has a Welcome Page for people, and you can put your photo over here.

Then it has a password list. I would say this is probably best for beginners when it comes to blogging, or anyone who just wants to make sure they have a list of basics. I shouldn’t even say, beginners, because I lose passwords all the time. It has your Friends List for when you want to do collaborations so you don’t forget, and you can refer back to it later.

Over here we have Lead Magnets, so you can brainstorm some ideas over here. Over on the right, I’ve given you a way to track how those giveaways are going. Mostly this is for list building, obviously, so you can track which lists you are putting these subscribers into, and what tags or segments you’ve added, and your totals for each.

Over here, same thing with Contests, and that’s another great list builder. Sometimes we might forget who the winners are, so we might want to just keep a record. Winners, again, are a great source for future testimonials, so you definitely want to track those.

Here we have Monthly Blogging Goals, so we have Traffic and Income Goals, as well as a Calendar to sort of plan all of those out. Below that you’re going to have a Blog Post Planner and, again, these are printable so you could print these out as many times as you want. It goes through all the things, I will expand a little, that you want to think about as far as blog post publication date, blog title, blog details, et cetera.

Over here on the right, you have your Monthly Blog Posting Schedule. You can refer right to that on the left, and then you’re gonna have your Monthly Social Media Stats, as well as your Annual Stats, so you can track all those. I know, it’s really hard to see those. Over here you have Unique Visitors, you have Page Views, Bounce Rates, Facebook Likes, et cetera.

Then, you have just a simple Weekly To Do List. This is going to help you track your Facebook Advertising, so a lot of those campaigns, were they effective, were they not? It’s a one-pager for each of those different campaigns. You can track four on one sheet. Then, your Finance Tracker, so you have a Monthly Tracker and then you can roll everything up into an Annual Consolidated Tracker.

Last, but not least, is your Blog Post Implementation Review. I think it’s always good to go back and revisit and see how those blog posts did, and maybe do sort of a Post-Mortem Analysis to see what you can do next time, and what are some related blog posts you might want to follow up with.

Now, this here is the next Tracker that is coming out later this Fall. It will be added here to the Girlboss Work Sheets. It’s the Email Marketing Tracker, and that’s coming out next month, in August. If you want to know when that’s coming out, just make sure to join the mailing list at [inaudible 00:04:10].com.

All right, I hope you like this, and if you already have purchased Girlboss Volume 1, it is in there as a new update inside the Creative Market Shop. All you need to do is re-download that file and, if not, you can go ahead and purchase that now. I will leave a link below, and then you will have both this, which is Volume 2, as well as the complete set for Volume 1. Thanks.