Want to learn how to edit the footer inside some of my InDesign Templates? Then, you’ll want to learn how to use Master Pages. And more importantly, you’ll want to learn how to edit them and apply them to certain pages in your ebook.

Today’s Example uses the Fitness e-book

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0:16 Step #1: Open up the Pages Flyout Menu
0:21 How to open the Pages Flyout Menu
0:54 How to know if a Master Page has been applied
1:16 How to apply a Master Page
1:28 How to edit a Master Page
2:21 No Save button in Master Pages
2:45 When to create another Master Page

[TUTORIAL] How to edit Master Pages


Hi everyone, it’s Lisa from Pretty Fabulous, and today we’re going to talk about master pages. Now I have the Fitness ebook open, which is available for purchase in the Creative Market Shop. It has master pages applied to it, so let’s take a look at those. If you go over here to pages on the right, and you once, it will wing out this mini menu. Now if you don’t see it just go to windows, and make sure pages has a check mark in front of it. Now if you want to know where the master pages are, they’re here at the top of this little separator line. If you can’t see see them, sometimes you just have to pull it down. The regular pages, you’ll see, are at the bottom. Any time you double click on any of these, you will see your page here in that workspace.

This page right here does have master page A applied, and I know that because, well one, I can see the header of master page A. Also, when I hover over this page it says A applied. I see this little letter A over here as well. Now that corresponds over here to the top to master page A. Whereas the cover, if I hover over that, says, “None applied.” You can see over here there is nothing on the bottom. How do I apply a master page to a page? All you have to do is take that master page and drag it around to the top. Now you can see it has the wording there from the master page.

The second question might be, how do I change that? Because I, Lisa, am not you, and I don’t want people to go back to your URL, I want them to come to my URL. All you have to do is click that master page and it works just like any other page. To edit it over here I could simply delete this. I’m going to hit the delete button. Or, I’m going to control Z that, or I can change it, if you like the setup, and you could put your own name in. Let’s say you are Kayla, who is someone? Kayla Itsines. You’re going to put that there. Now you’ll notice they got com left, and again that’s just something in design. It’s a text box, it ran out of space, you can just make it bigger. Now you can see the .com. Maybe her tagline is different, it’s, “sweat more,” or something like that. Right?

There’s no save button. Once you make changes in the master pages it’s done. If you did something that you don’t like, the only way to back out of it is to control Z out of that. Let’s go back and check our regular pages. You can see now it’s been changed to Kayla Itsines and it has the tagline, “sweat more,” at the bottom. I hope that helps when you’re going through to do your own edits. I’ll show you something else too.

Down here you’ll see these pages are different. They have a landscape layout, and of course the corresponding master page is also a landscape layout, so you can’t apply a landscape layout to a horizontal portrait page. It’s just not going to work. Even though it says the same thing as the other one, you have to make sure the spacing is right so you’re going to have create a different kind of master page up here at the top.