You can easily take your color palette from one InDesign File to Another. Last month, I showed you how to create your own metallic foils by creating gradients in InDesign. You never have to recreate them again, you can simply Load them into another InDesign document.


Hi everyone, I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous and I’m going to show you today how to import swatches. Let’s say you have a document open like this one, this is actually for sale in my shop, it is The Seven Biggest Wedding Planning Mistakes, and in here if I go over to swatches … And again, if you don’t see this over on the right you can simply go up to the top to window, and then to color, and swatches, and you’ll be able to see that fly-out menu on the right. I have a lot of colors but I don’t have metallic colors, so instead of creating them myself from scratch I know that I already have the metallic colors in my monthly metallics so I’m going to go ahead and just add them.

Over here at the top right I’m going to click over here and I’m going to go to load swatches, and then I am going to find my monthly metallics because I know that I have the colors in that file, and I’m going to say open. Now, you’ll notice at the bottom, now I have all these new metallic colors. What it did is it pulled in all of the colors that were in the swatches when I opened that document and combined them into here, so now I have them all in this document.

The nice thing too is when I close this document and I save it when I open it up again and I go to swatches all of those swatches will still be there. I don’t have to load them in again, the swatches stay with the document that you have. If you see any colors in one of the documents I have and you want to use them in another you could purchase that document. You’ll also get the template and you’ll also get all of the swatches that you can import into any other document.