It’s back to school time!

  • And a great time to sell an academic calendar or simply customize your own.
  • It’s specifically designed to help students organize their school year, their social life & their career all in one handy planner.
  • This has pages specific to organizing assignments, tests, group projects and grades.


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BUT it also has a BRAND NEW month + week layout.

This is a fully-editable InDesign Template that will allow you to edit the styles, text, layout and other features as you like. But the BEST PART is…

all of the page styles are controlled by Character Styles

  • What does that mean?
  • Change the style once and it’s automatically applied to the ENTIRE document. Jump to 3:54 in the video to learn more about how to edit this Planner with Character Styles.


T U T O R I A L ⋆ V I D E O

W H A T ‘ S ⋆ I N S I D E – 137 P A G E S

  • – Multi-Color Dots Cover
  • – How To Print Instructions
  • – Welcome Page
  • – 2017-2018 Year-At-A-Glance
  • – About Me Page
  • – Syllabus Information
  • – Assignment Tracker
  • – Grades Tracker
  • – Weekly Class Schedule
  • – Study Buddies Tracker
  • – Group Projects Tracker
  • – Best Week Ever Worksheet
  • – Important Dates Worksheet
    •    —– Assignments
    •    —– Tests
    •    —– Papers
    •    —– Projects
    •    —– Meetings
    •    —– Dates
    •    —– Fun
    •    —– To Do List
    •    —– Weekly Goals
    •    —– Rewards For Meeting Weekly Goals
    •    —– Events
    •    —– Goals
    • – US Letter
    • – 8.5 x 11 inches


  • These are both full-size sized (8.5×11 inches) layout spreads. All fields are editable. You can easily change:
  • Colors Fonts Text Sizes Rearrange boxes, objects and add graphics


W H A T ⋆ Y O U ⋆ W I L L ⋆ R E C E I V E

  1. InDesign .INDD formatted file with layers for each of the text items so that they are easily editable
  2. PDFs of the Sample File for reference [this file has images but is not editable]
  3. JPEGs of each page that you can import into Canva or another program
  4. Font Info
  5. BONUS#1: IDML file included for those with older versions of InDesign
  6. BONUS #2: Academic Add-On Pages in Rose Gold + Light Pink



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F O N T S + I M A G E S

Unlike the other downloads, I’ve done my best to include all images that I could since I have “altered” them, they are no longer in their original format. However, most of my images are licensed through a reseller – you can find the information on my site at

Top 5 Sites for Feminine Stock Photos 

I am not a commercial font or photostock reseller so the fonts and images used are not included with your download. When you open your file in InDesign, it will say “Missing fonts”. However, if you would like to use the fonts that you see here, a link on where to purchase them will be included with your download. I am happy to provide font names with your purchase.

Alternatively, you can use this file as is in a JPEG graphic to your Adobe Photoshop, Canva or other graphic design software.


Hi everyone. I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous. And today I’m going to show you the latest product in the shop. This is a new end design template for the academic calendar. I’ve never done one before, and I tried to make it really colorful and cute and peppy. So it can be for junior high, high school, or college. And you’ll see this rainbow theme throughout. And I’ve also done something really cool for you for those of you who are editing this to make it so much easier. So I’m gonna show you that in a minute. But it has your how to print page that you’ve seen before, has a welcome page, it has some academic information, it has a year at a glance. They can track internships, extracurriculars, and again, you can edit all this. Here’s the weekly schedule so they can put their entire class schedule in, work schedule. Sheet for study buddies. Syllabus information. And they can print this out as many times as needed. And class assignments, group projects, best week ever. This is in case they want to reprint this. They want to track something special for the week. Grade tracker. And then of course, just a consolidated important dates.

Now you’ll notice this does run from September 2017 through August 2018 only cause I did get the planner out a little late. I meant to get it out last month, so there’s no reason to put August in cause we’re pretty much at the end of the month. So, now the rest of the planner follows a standard month, two page month spread, followed by two page weekly spread. And don’t feel bad if you purchased any of my other products because this is totally different and I’ll show you how in a minute. But this has a color coded sort of formula that each month follows. It has a space for events and goals. You get to see the following month in a mini format at the bottom right, and then over here on the week, this is something brand new I’ve never done before, I actually put times in here. It goes from eight AM to seven PM each day, and you can see it on the left and the right. Obviously, if you think people will start the day at six AM or your planner’s a little different, you can change the times.

And down here at the bottom, I put little buckets so they can track for the week things that I think students would track, which are assignments and tests, papers, projects, meetings, dates, fun obviously, weekly goals, and then over here rewards for meeting their weekly goals. So, this follows the same format on every single page. So what I’ve done for you is, let’s say you want to change this timezone. Notice, you won’t be able to edit it and that’s because it’s a master. So over here at the top right, and again if you don’t see this pages over here, you can just go to window, and find pages, and this fly out “my new” will appear. And I’ve created masters. So this is the left weekly masters, so let’s double click on that. So here’s the times over here, so you can change the times here. And if you don’t like the labels on the boxes, you can change them here and it will magically change it for the entire document for you so you don’t have to do that page by page. And I know that wasn’t always the case before.

Over here, and you can tell it’s been applied to the left side cause it has B, which means left weekly applied, which means this master page is applied. Now, over here on the right side, it has right side weekly applied. Same thing. If you don’t wanna call this a to do list and you wanna call it goals or events or tests or exams or anything else, you can change it once here, and it’ll be changed on every single page. Same thing with all of these bucket headers. So I hope that’s going to make your life so much easier when you go to customize this.

Over here on the monthly, the same thing, this is D and over here, this is E, that’s the monthly ready, and you can change those as well. And it will change throughout the whole document. Something else really cool that I’ve done for you is if you want to make changes, let’s say that you don’t like this font and the color, and you want to change it. I made it so easy, so you do it once, and it applies it throughout the whole document. So go over here to character styles, and again, if you don’t see that, you can simply go over here to the window, and go to the type and tables tool. I know that’s so counter [inaudible 00:04:14]. Go to type and tables, and then select character, and this pop up fly out menu will appear. The first one is character. You know that you use that to edit your text and that’s the same box you see here at the top. But you want the box to the right of it which is character styles. Now, if you highlight any text on here, you’ll see that one of the styles will pop up.

If you haven’t used styles before, I would advise you to watch my styles tutorial. But over here, if I double click this, I can now change this. Let’s just look at this really quick. This is play fair disparage font. I know that because I made it, and it’s in red. But let’s say we wanna do something else. So, let’s double click that and let’s say we want to make this I dunno, what’s something that looks really different? Amberlight. Okay, maybe the light numbers don’t look that different. Let’s click preview. So that looks very different. And let’s say that we want to make this, we don’t want it red anymore, we want to make this let’s say green, or I guess that’s teal. And I’ll say okay. And now it is a different font and a different color, and when I go over here to this page, it’s changed here too. And that’s because I’ve made that particular number based on a style. Now you don’t have to go through and change each and every single day. You do it once, and it’s done for you.

I’ve tried to label everything in here for you so you know exactly what goes to where but in general, if there’s anything on a particular sheet and you’re not sure where it is, it will tell you. If you highlight that particular bit of text, and it has a style associated with it, let me pull this out a little bit for you, it’s going to tell you. See, it’s highlighted character style 38. I guess I could have labeled that for you but that is going to be where you would change this particular item, and that’ll change Saturday throughout the whole document for you.

I hope you found that helpful. I think this will make customizing and editing this so much easier. And again, like I said, the other weeklies and monthlies that I sell do not have this cool feature, and I think that’s something that’s going to be so much more efficient, and help you with your productivity.

All right, I hope you guys liked this. Let me know if you have any questions. I will see you guys next month with another product.