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I get this question all the time: “What size should I make my planner pages?” And my answers is always “A5”.

It’s the most popular and in my opinion the most versatile planner size out there.

Paper Sizing Chart

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The A4 is the closest size to a US Letter of 8.5 x 11 inches. Why not an exact match? The A’s are international paper sizes. Ever worked in Europe? If not, these are the paper sizes you’re going to find.

Planner Sizes Chart


What Size Goes With What

A4 A5 US Letter Personal Pocket Mini
210mm x 297mm 148mm x 210mm 216mm x 279mm 95mm x 171mm 81mm x 120mm 67mm x 105mm
Filofax A4 A5 Personal* Pocket Mini
Kikki K Large
Medium Small
Franklin Covey Classic
140mm x 216mm
Color Crush (Websters’ Pages) A5 Personal
Kate Spade Personal Pocket
Marion Smith A5 Personal
Macaron A5 Personal
Dokibook Large Small
Carpe Diem (Simple Stories) A5
Mulberry Planner Agenda** (105mm x 149mm (A6)) Pocket Book
Van der Spek A5 Standard Junior Mini
Day Designer
Luxe Collection


How To Re-Size Pages in InDesign



Hi everyone, I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous, and today I’m gonna show you how to re-size your planner pages. Now, pretty much all of my designs come in eight and a half by eleven, which is your standard A4 size. But, A5 is really popular and lately everybody has been shrinking down, so they have even smaller planners.

It’s just going to help you when you sell your printables because there is so many different options out there … Now, these aren’t very attractive, this is Target. But, there is a lot of different pretty planners and they all come in different sizes, and people have different preferences, and I just don’t know that you can really target a market base on a planner size; no matter how great your client avatar is.

Plus, inside Etsy you’re going to notice you maybe able to sell … Your products maybe more desirable because they come in all these different sizes, or you could differentiate your shop and simply sell them. This woman sells them in A5s, and then she has a whole other set in A4s, and that I believe then people don’t have to pay extra for sizes that they don’t really want. Either way it’s going to help you to be more versatile.

Let’s go into the academic planner and this is a great planner, whether or not it’s the academic calender year, or it’s just anytime of year. But, the first thing you want to do is make sure that nothing’s locked inside the document.

You’re going to have to go into the layers panel, on every single sheet of whatever document you’re in unless you created it yourself. Honestly, I don’t remember which ones are locked and unlocked on all the documents I made.

Here you can see clearly in the layers panel that these two items are locked. Now, if you don’t see a layers panel on your right, you can go to window, and make sure Layers is clicked. Now, to unlock these it’s really easy all you have to do is hit the Unlock¬† button.

The other way to unlock things on a sheet and if you don’t want to open the layers panel, is simply to open each sheet and say Unlock all on Spread, and you can see it just unlock those two items. So, that will do the trick too without having to go through everything.

The reason you want to unlock them is because it’s going to lock their dimensions, and we are going to use what’s called Liquid Layout. So, go over here over on the left, and select the third one down it’s called Page Tool. If you don’t see Page Tool you’re actually going to be able to go up here to the top to Layout and select Liquid Layout, and that will bring you to the same place.

You could bring this pop-up up from there, or you could just use the menu at the top which I prefer. Let’s just re-size one page just to start out. We’re going to make sure we select Scale, and then over here on the left you can select any type of size that you want; and we are going to go ahead and select A5. So, it automatically shrink that whole page and you can see everything is still in scale.

Let’s say we want to do the entire document. So, we’re gonna go over here to Pages, and we’re just gonna make sure … I’m gonna hit Control A, that’s going to select everything. I’m going to go back here to liquid page rule, make sure it says Scale, and then I’m gonna change the whole document to A5. You get the spinning beach ball ’cause this is pretty large, I think there’s a hundred and sixty-five pages … And we’re done.

You want to make sure because not everything scales correctly, so, you can see right here this didn’t really scale correctly and it kinda overlapped on the other page. For the most part this is a little bit off, so you may have to do some manual adjusting here and there. But, for the most part your document should re-scale.

Honestly, I can’t explain why some things re-scale and some things don’t, so, let’s go back to the main selection tool. Over here all you have to do … As you now see that’s kinda weird. Some things scaled and some things didn’t, you’re just gonna select everything, and then you can just shift it all over to the right. I would just say just eyeball it ’cause there is not a lot of stuff … And … Oops, let’s hold this shift key, I’ll select those three lines that are out of place, I’ll use my arrows to make sure I get it over … There we go, so that’s all done.

All you have to do is go through and check things … See this didn’t go through either, so we’ll just move these over … And we’ll have to move those up. But, either way this is going to be so much faster than in the other old days … I don’t want to say the old days, but, for liquid layout I used to have to do everything by hand for every single page.

That has to be adjusted too, this is going to make your life so much easier ’cause there’s just a couple pages that are maybe out of place in the entire document.

Now you have an A5 document and, again, you could repeat that same pattern for any size inside of here. Or if you want here at the bottom you could designate a custom size based on maybe say a particular client request if you want to do custom work. Or something else that you are trying to put together.

Say a menu; I do that frequently for restaurants I will have to re-size an entire menu based on the inserts, or the different sizes, or a take-out menu, or something like that. So, I hope this was helpful and I will see you guys next week.