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I love the ENTIRE Creative Cloud Suite of Applications 

The Creative Cloud includes the 19 different applications listed below as well as 20GB of cloud storage and access to Behance ProSite, a social network for designers to connect and showcase their work.

Creative Cloud Apps include:

In this video, I’ll share the ones that I use and for what purpose they’re best for.

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  • 0:05 Should you buy the entire Creative Cloud
  • 0:19 Alternative Option: Photoshop + Lightroom Only Option $9.99/mo
  • 0:44 InDesign
  • 1:50 Illustrator
  • 2:53 What is Branding Collateral & Examples
  • 3:10 Photoshop
  • 3:56 Premiere
  • 4:48 Media Encoder
  • 5:00 After Effects
  • 5:43 Audition
  • 6:05 Campaign
  • 6:24 Acrobat DC Pro
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Which applications I use and for what purpose

1 InDesign

InDesign is best for anything that’s text heavy and needs an elaborate layout like magazine interior pages.

Best For Magazines, books, lead magnets, checklists, workbooks, flyers

FB Cover Art for Business Page 1

2 Illustrator

Illustrator is best for anything that requires vectors.

Best For Logos, icons

3 Photoshop

Photoshop is best for editing photography and images. Hence the phrase “Can you Photoshop that out?”

Best For Photo editing, social media images

4 Premiere

Premiere is a video editing tool and can also incorporate text, limited animation and picture in picture editing

Best For Movies, vlogging, cinemagraphs, GIFs

5 Media Encoder

Encoder is a video encoding tool that seamlessly integrates your edits from Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects and other Adobe Creative Cloud Applications

Best For Movies, vlogging, cinemagraphs, GIFs

6 Audition

Audition is great for both editing the sound from your video files that can be easily integrated back into your Premiere file and creating podcasts and audible book recordings

Best For Audible and Podcasts

7 Acrobat DC Pro

Acrobat DC Pro is the editing version of Adobe Reader and allows you to edit PDFs, add in signatures and create fillable forms

Best For Contracts, Electronic Signatures, Forms, Checklists, Fillable PDF Creation

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