You want to create your own planner, right? I’m going to teach you how to design a single daily planner page from scratch using inDesign so, even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to do it without a problem. DIY your Planner and learn how to design it yourself.

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 Have you been wanting to create your own daily planner?

Well, today we’re going to do exactly that using InDesign. Now why InDesign? Because they’re much prettier in InDesign. You cannot get the same effect in Word or Excel. I promise it will not look anywhere near as nice, especially Canva it cannot do it either. Now we’re also going to be talking about ways that you can use this either to create your own planner or to just create your own days, and also how to use it on an iPad. All right, so stay tuned.

Hi, I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous Designs and I help online business owners create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign. Now if this sounds like something you might be interested in, whether you’re an online business or a coach or a blogger, then make sure you hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday. Now if you really love planners and you’d like to get more into them, I do have a free course called Planners 101 that teaches you anything and everything you want to know about planners, whether doing that as a business or a side hustle or just incorporating that as part of your coaching program or your business.

For today, we are going to be creating a daily layout, so go ahead and open up Adobe InDesign and inside here, we’re going to create new. I’m going to change the units to inches and we’re going to assume that this is an eight and a half by eleven that’s portrait and that this can be open up on a … Well, it can be printed out and it can be three-hole punch, in which case I want to leave the margins one inch. If not, I’m going to change this actually today to half an inch because I’m going to make today’s for someone who can open this up on an iPad and reuse this unnumbered daily layout every day. I’m going to ignore bleed and slug and click create. Now over here is my pink and purple lines, which are my margins.

Now if you’re not familiar with Adobe InDesign, I do have a free course called Adobe InDesign 101 that just gets you up to speed. I’m going to assume that you have already taken that course from me. I won’t teach you anything new that is outside of that course. Now as promised, I’m going to show you how to create the daily layout it from the Chalene Johnson, I don’t know if you can see this, SmartLife planner journal. Now her daily layout is a little unique because she has four different pages that make up her daily layout. I will show you today how to create this first daily layout. The next tutorial which I’ve actually already created, I created that first will show you how to create the notes section.

Now these other sections here are a little more involved and I will not be showing you those so we aren’t in a tutorial forever. If you do want to learn how to create those, those will be inside my planner design course. Now that is a premium course that you can purchase, so I will leave information about that in the link below, but today let’s just go ahead and create a simple one pager. All right, the first thing you should know is at the top, there is a border and I’m simply going to create that using the rectangle tool. We’re going to draw that a little bit over or maybe not even. We’re going to stay above the margin and I’m going to use my colors which are rose gold and gray.

Let’s go ahead and make this a dark rose gold here at the top, or maybe let’s make it a dark. Let’s make it a gray and over here, she says on the top, I am grateful for but because I’m making this as a one-pager that isn’t dated, I instead am going to use that to give people a chance to you enter a date. I’m going to use the text tool and drag it over here. I’m not sure how big I want it so I’ll just make it huge and I’ll say date. Now I’m going to use my own fonts, which are Dido and I’m going to make this small caps. I’m going to make this a 60. Okay, that’s way too huge. Let’s make this a 36, and I don’t even think I need the colons. I think it’ll be obvious.

I can shrink that text box now, so it’s a little smaller and the date, I’m simply going to put a line. I’m going to use that line tool. I’m going to hold this shift key down so it stays even, and I’m going to just leave it there. It’s a big pet peeve of mine when people get slashes in there for you. I don’t like that. If I wanted slashes, I’d put them in myself because you never know. Maybe somebody doesn’t want to enter the year, they just want the month and the day or they want to write Wednesday or I mean who knows. Then I can’t put it over here, so I could put in little box over here. Actually, I almost forgot, I do this all the time. In the line tool, I forgot lines always have zero in them, so let’s make this line gray so it has some color.

For the date, let’s make this a rose gold pink and you’d actually make the line pink too. Where’s that line tool? Oops, the selection tool and we’ll make this a rose gold. All right. Now we’re back to our text tool, so let’s go back over here with that and let’s say gratitude, and let’s say I am grateful for … We’ll just call this the gratitude reminder and we’ll change this again so it’s Dido and small caps, and I’ll make this a little bigger. We’ll move this down over here, and I’ll change that text to that gray. I will actually go ahead and let’s make this a rectangle. It needs a border, so we’ll put that rose gold border around it. There we go.

Now if you’re wondering what this looks like without, you can just hit the W key and you won’t see any of those margins there. Do I like that box? I actually don’t like that box, so let’s just go ahead and make lines again, like they had before. Hit W so I can see the margins. Remember to hold the shift key down when you use that line tool so that it’s a straight line. Oops. Remember to give it a color. I always forget doing that. Okay, so make it a little longer. Same thing over here, let’s extend it all the way. Okay, and we will make this rose gold. Okay, there we go, date and our gratitude reminder, and let’s make this, I don’t know why that color got changed to rose gold. Perfect.

Okay, so now at the top, we have date, gratitude reminders. We pretty much look almost exactly like the other notebook. The only thing we need to change is the schedule and the notes. Okay. Over here, we are going to put in another text box that says schedule and for this one, I’m going to use … Maybe I’ll use a different font. No, I’ll stick with Dido, and we’ll make this again that dark rose gold and we’ll make this larger. There we go, and we’ll line it over here on the left. I can make that text box smaller and I’m simply going to hit CTRL-C and CTRL-V because I know it has all the formatting that I want. I’m going to put it over here and I’m going to double click inside there, and I’m going to change this notes.

Now I’m really eyeballing it about where the middle is. I could do an exact one, but I’m not too worried about that. I’m actually going to move this schedule. It’s over to the right of … It looks like we’re the times are. Now her time starts at 4 a.m. You could start yours that early. I think that’s a little nutty. I don’t know that anyone starting at 4 a.m., so we’re going to create a big text box over here because hers goes all the way to the bottom. We’ll make ours go all the way to the bottom and we will start let’s say 5 at a.m. That just sounds a little more normal to me. We’ll go ahead and enter this six M. We’ll do it again, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11.

Don’t worry about the formatting, we’ll fix that in a minute. Then I’ll say 12 p.m. Oops. Then we will copy and paste that to be one, two, three, four, five. Oops, that was … Six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I think that’s enough. In fact, 10 is probably pretty late. Let’s just cut it off at nine, and here we go. This is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine. All right. These are obviously way too close together and also they are the wrong font, so let’s change this to my other font, which is Neutraface text. We’ll make these a little bigger, not a whole lot bigger because we don’t want this to take up the whole page and we are going to write justify this. We are going to change the letting, so that it’s a little further apart.

Oops. I meant to change this a little too far. There we go. All right, so I can make this text box a little smaller I can go over here, and I’m just going to nudge it a little bit over so it’s right towards the edge. I’m not too worried about the margins because I don’t think anyone’s going to be writing over there in the left. They’re mostly going to be writing on the right and remember, I said I was putting this on making this for an iPad, not necessarily for someone to print. Let’s take this … Let’s actually make this a little bigger and we’ll take the text and we’ll make this to control A and make this just a little bigger. Oops. How did that happen? There we go.

The next thing we need to do is we simply need to make lines going across. Now if you’ve taken my other tutorials, you’ll know the easiest way to do this. Instead of using the line tool over and over again, we’re going to go to paragraph styles. We’re going to create a new style and we’re simply going to go to rules and we’re going to say rule on. We are going to change this color, I didn’t pick a color, to the pretty fabulous gray and we’re going to keep the preview in and we’re going to say okay. Now over here, we need to create a text box and that text box, we’re going to just eyeball it. Once I’m in here, I’m simply going to hit the return key.

Let me just eyeball it. Now these are obviously too close together, so let’s select all of these. We’ll double-click that paragraph style and inside here, we are simply going to go to pair basic formats. We’re going to change that letting, so it matches up with the letting on the left, so that doesn’t look like it’s a direct match. Make a little bigger. I have few too many lines, and let’s see how that looks. Let’s say okay and let’s go to a W. It’s about even. There’s six so that is not even. Let’s change that again. I think 33 or something. I think that’s what this was, right? That was a 34, so this is … We can make this a Dido and make that 34. Oops. That should match up assuming I have the text right.

No, it’s Neutraface 14, not Didot, so let’s change that again. Neutraface 14. There we go, perfect. All right. That’s what we have here. I did not mean to apply a style to that. Let’s just go to basic, there we go. Change that back to Neutraface 14, right justify it. Okay. Very important obviously to make sure you don’t have anything selected that you don’t want to change when you’re making those changes. Okay, so we’re in pretty good shape now. We’re almost lined up. I’m just going to manually line those up, so those match up. Now the next part is we are simply going to the note section, let’s bring this over a little, has sort of a gray area to it. Let’s go ahead and take our rectangle box and we are simply going to put a rectangle around notes.

That’s how she’s separated the notes from the schedule. Move this over to the right a little, and we’re going to shade this that light rose gold. Don’t worry, I know you can’t see anything. We’re going to change the opacity, so it’s about say a 52. We’re going to move this over, so it’s lined up with the lines, and then we are going to send it to the back. There we go. Now I pretty much have everything that is in the SmartLife journal. It does say SmartLife push journal over to the right. We could add that if we wanted to scrunch everything over. We have everything over here, so we have room for text not too far. Again, I did turn off my margin so let me turn this back on. There we go, and we’ll move that text box and everything so it fits inside the margins.

We’ll move that rectangle over just a little. We want it to say our name or logo or whatever on the right, so we’re going to go ahead and select the type tool and we’re going to just create a text box over here to the side because we ran out of room. I’m going to put Pretty Fabulous Designs and I’m going to change that to my font. I’m going to make that just a little bigger. Okay. Now that text box is pretty big, so we can make this smaller and I’m going to change that so it’s Pretty Fabulous. Oops. I didn’t I mean that to happen. I meant the text to change to a pretty fabulous gray color. There we go. Now I am going to simply hover over this until I get those two arrows on the corner. I’m going to shifted around so it is vertical.

Now once it’s vertical, I’m going to move it over here on top and lay it right there on the side. Is that how it is? Yeah. There we go, and let’s see what it looks like without margins. That’s pretty much the design. Remember there is a page number over here to the right, but we are not creating a planner today. I’m simply going to create this so you can upload it and use it in your iPad. There we go. If you have purchased the … Hopefully you were able to follow along and you have this exact same daily layout. If you weren’t able to follow along or if it’s a little more helpful for you to have the template, then you can go ahead and purchase the daily layout from my shop.

I will go ahead and add today’s design in there. I think actually there’s just one. There’s just one layout inside there, so now you have two layouts. The other layout is all of 365 days for 2018. You can go ahead and purchase that if you’d prefer to use the InDesign template. All right. If you have any questions, let me know. We’re already at the 18-minute mark, so I’m going to do a separate tutorial to show you how to upload this into your iPad Pro and how to go ahead and just use it from there or pretty much any form or template that you want to create for yourself in Adobe InDesign or any PDF. All right, I hope that was helpful and I will see you guys next week for another tutorial. Bye.


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