Welcome to my 2018 GirlBoss Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her!

These are all of the must-have tech gear, accessories and gadgets I can’t live without as an online business owner who works from home.

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Here’s my top 10 list of what to get that special someone who just happens to be an online business owner, someone who works from home, a Girl Boss, or anything else like that, for a gift.

Now this could be for their birthday, Valentines Day is coming up, Christmas, it really doesn’t matter. This is my list of top 10 must haves.

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Now my first list, let’s start with some small stuff. This is actually not pretty at all, I used to have a really pretty rose gold one, it got stolen. This one was given to me by my cousin and it actually is pretty powerful. It has 10,000 mAh, or I’m not sure how you call it. So that means it lasts for a pretty long time and also it has a flashlight, you can see that. In case, I guess I ever need it, if I’m alone in my car. So this is a definitely a big must have if you have any external devices, a phone, iPad, any thing else that you need to charge on the go.

Now it does not power a laptop but instead what you could purchase is you could get the Mophie, which I actually recommend as better, but what I have is the Omnicharge, and the Omnicharge does the same thing. It’s also 20,000, again I’m not sure the unit’s but it’s the most units that you can have. It’s going to charge up an entire laptop for you and I use a MacBook Pro, which usually runs out of juice about our or five hours in, versus a MacBook Air which you probably don’t need this for, unless you’re doing a road trip. So this was really nice. This was $179, the Mophie is $199. Now I will leave links to everything below, it’s in the kit.

The next item I have up, also for when you’re working remotely, is to get a Jetpack. Now mine is from Verizon, you can get a Jetpack from, and I believe they’re called something else if you have Sprint or if you have AT&T, but basically, this is going to allow you to use WiFi instead of your phone, which I know you could tether your phone, but that again, you run into that power, problem where it’s going to run out of power and you’re going to need to just juice it up versus this one doesn’t take up a lot of power and it’s going to allow you to connect to the internet. I know with Verizon, this only costs me $10 extra for the month, for this extra line, so it’s really not a big deal.

The other thing you might want to get them, and I’m guessing the y probably have a MacBook, but if they have a PC, you want, either way you want to get them an external line for their power. An external AC adapter just because the bigger ones usually you have to unplug it from the wall and it’s kind of cumbersome and then you have this over here which pops out and then hooks into a longer cord in the wall, which you don’t really need a longer cord, especially if you’re sitting at a coffee shop, you’re usually right next to the power outlet. So, that’s something really nice.

The other thing too is, I love this water bottle. So I don’t know if you know these. These are the double insulated water bottles and this one was actually a gift from my friend Camilla and this was part of her launch party, but because they are double insulated, it stays hot, it stays cold and I’ve never had a problem with any of it leaking over any of my belongings in my bags. Which has happened sometimes with the plastic water bottles.

The next thing up, is if they work from home, you might want to get them turned on to tea. Now I have a separate video I will link below where I did an unboxing of this and all of my favorite teas. I think that this is going to be much more, or much more better, its’ going to be just better for calories and it’s going to provide them with at least 12 different options in terms of tea. Now I did get this for a gift too, from my friends Terry and Gina.

Next up is, an external hard drive. So, if you have someone, and this is possibly more with the graphic designer, or someone who does video and I can not live with this external hard drive, and this is about 2 terabytes. It wasn’t even that expensive, I think it was $59.99, this is C-Gate. This is probably the best one. I used to use Western Digital, but Western Digital for whatever reason, they, like when I shake them I can hear some loose parts. It’s still working, but sometimes it doesn’t work or it’s, sometimes just been an issue with Western Digital where versus the C-Gate ones I never have an issue and they’re a little smaller and compact, and I actually just really like this red color.

Now, the next thing up, I have is an iPad Pro. I love this thing. I can’t live without this and especially nowadays, I make a lot of planners that are digital. So, you could use the iPad Pro, just like a notebook, instead of carrying a notebook around. Obviously if you get someone the iPad Pro, you’ll wat to make sure to get them the cover that comes with it from Apple as well, and I would strongly advise making sure to get, and I do have a plastic sort of, is it plastic? It’s a sticker, whatever, cover, overlay, just so it doesn’t get scratched up.

I would also, definitely recommend getting the 128GB size, just because I always run out of data and as you know with Apple there is no USB port on here and cloud storage is useful but it is kind of slow. Especially if you are in a coffee shop or like me if you have large files that are very graphic intensive it could be difficult to get.

Now there is no reason to get the Apple iPad Pro without getting an Apple pencil and possibly getting somebody two pencils just because I have lost this a couple times. I don’t why, I just can’t keep ahold of it versus like old highlighters that are dead, I can’t seem to throw those away, but for whatever reason, I keep losing this. It does have a cap too and sometimes I’ve just lost the cap, and this is how it charges into the iPad or into an external AC adapter. Now this I had to purchase separately and I did that this time, I didn’t do it the first time around and this kind of got scratched up. So this helped immensely to have the case and I don’t even, I don’t remember how much it was. It was not that much more expensive to add it on too.

Now the last thing I have, and this is probably more for graphic designers but I think everyone’s kind of using Canva, I don’t know who isn’t using things where you could possibly use a Wacom tablet. Now what’s the difference between a Wacom tablet and a touch pad, well the Wacom tablet actually comes with a pen, and it’s not a real pen, and this one I have lost as well too, so I’ve had to repurchase it, but this pen works with the Wacom tablet. I do have, this is a, it does plug in directly via USB to your computer or your laptop, but it also has, you could get, I think the newer ones come with Bluetooth.

This is an older one, but I love this thing and also when you are on the computer, instead of using a mouse you could use your tablet and it just helps to get some of those finer lines, and to, especially if you’re using Photoshop, I’ve used it a lot with InDesign. I use it slightly with Illustrator, I would be lying if I said I used it a lot because I barely ever use Illustrator unless I need to create a logo. But I find this really, really useful and it does come in this cute little pouch, so that in theory it should all stay together. However it should be noted, the pouch doesn’t have a top so you have to make sure it’s always upright inside your bag so you don’t lose that pen.

I almost forgot because I’ve been using it for this video, is to buy a Diva ring for that special person or for yourself, because if you’re a true Girl Boss, you don’t need to wait for somebody to buy you presents. You can just get them on your own. So this is my favorite light. I can stick it on my phone, I can stick it on my iPad and it just helps light everything up for a quickie selfie or a quick video. I lie I don’t even do quick videos but if, it has three different light settings. So, off, low, medium and high. What I usually use it for too, at home is I used to use a mylar, like a light screen to bounce light up onto my face, but now I just simply hook it here onto the bottom of my Dragon Pop Filter and it kind of lights me up from the bottom as well so.

Alright, that’s it. That is my list of my top 10 things, if you have something that you like, make sure to post it below, and I will see you guys next week. Bye.

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