Who doesn’t love a good unboxing? How about a good Erin Condren Life Planner Unboxing?

I’m also unboxing a DeskPad from her signature 11×17 sized desk pad collection

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For today, I am going to do an unboxing of the Erin Condren desk pad. Now, I did get this customized, and it took a little longer than normal to come in the mail, because I ordered along with the life planners. If you remember, last month they went on sale for half off, which was great. So half off. and I wanted to get one of the ones that were customized, but the picture I sent in wasn’t a high enough quality or didn’t and enough megabytes in it, or I don’t know, whatever.

They let me know via email. Then we went back and forth via email, and I tried sending a couple other pictures. Those didn’t work either, and then it’s actually delivered on sale. If you look, she stopped selling them, and then the new planner comes out, I believe tomorrow.

Just make sure if you’re ordering a customized picture for your Erin Condren cover planner that you get the specs and you know exactly what to send in, because it will hold up the whole order, I think, for shipping purposes to save money.

Now, this desk pad was $25.00. It was not on sale, and the shipping was $9.95 to arrive UPS ground. By the time I ordered it, I finalized everything, the order went out pretty quickly. It came in the mail last week. So, let’s go ahead and open it.

t comes in this nice, pretty box. It had … and I did cut it. It had plastic there, tape at the bottom. That’s just my receipt. This is a sticker, it looks like. It’s a postcard, and some more stickers. I looks like a $10.00 off coupon, because it’s my first purchase.

All right. This is interesting. The book came, even though I was told that my font and my pictures weren’t big enough, so that’s interesting. This is the planner that I ordered. It was half off, so I guess it did come in the mail. Here’s the desk pad. There’s lot of bubble wrap, so it doesn’t squash around.

Now I’m always about trying to save time, and I do things more efficiently, but I also, I’m a minimalist, so I hate things on my desk, so this is new. I’m going to try this out. I thought this was really cute. I was able to customize the top here, and it is just the tags that you’re able to customize. You can put a little picture over here, to right, which as you can see, is the same picture that showed up here, but this is actually not the picture I sent in. So, that’s interesting.

Then the desk pad lets you take notes and lets you put little things there for the week. So, what I’m planning to do is just put my word count in there and also what workouts I’m planning to do. Now if I were to put back on the Erin Condren pad … So the desk pad, as you can, has the same pages each day and then goes to again. There’s no sticky at the top, so once you’re done with the day, you’re done with the day, and that’s pretty much it.

All right. That was my review of the Erin Condren planner.

Now, how do I know all this text is linked? Over here, if I click on the text box on page 1, I can see that there is a little right arrow, it looks like a play button, but that’s telling me that this text is linked to the text over here, and it goes on over here, because I see the little play button at the top left.

I hope that was helpful. I know sometimes it can just be frustrating when you’re looking for the “File, import Word” and you just don’t see it. But let me know if you have any questions, or if there is another way that you import text into in design.

All right, I will see you guys next week. Bye!


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