Content creation in necessary but maybe that’s a part of your business that you want to outsource. Let’s talk with The Wordsmith Cafe about how to Outsource content creation, specifically – how to outsource your blog posts.

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Lisa Siefert:                             Hi everyone. Welcome back to the channel, and today we have an interview with McKella, which I’m very excited about, because when I was first starting out, McKella did a lot of my blog posts for me. This was back when I just sold planners. I wasn’t trying to sell InDesign tutorials or templates or anything else, and she wrote these really great, snazzy, positive, upbeat blog posts that went along with my products, to help obviously get some organic reach out there and just let people know what was going on. So, thank you so much for coming on, McKella.

McKella Sawyer:                  Yeah. Thanks for having me. This is fun.

Lisa Siefert:                             Yeah, this’ll be great. Why don’t you just start out and tell us a little bit more about you and what you do?

McKella Sawyer:                  My business is called The Café Wordsmith, because I love coffee and though I work at home mostly, it’s a nice treat to work in cafes sometimes, so that’s where it came from. Like you said, I’m a content writer, and also a virtual assistant, and I mostly happen online entrepreneurs create and publish content, and also performing regular virtual assistant tasks as well, like admin and formatting blog posts and things like that. I’m in Northern Utah, and I love to write, and read, and make art.

Lisa Siefert:                             Cool. So, if people wanted to work with you, how can they find you and what services are you mostly pushing right now?

McKella Sawyer:                  I offer blog post packages, and that works really well for people who are launching a blog, when they get a set of blog posts and graphics to go with them. I also work on hourly retainers, or just as packs of hours, just like a punch card I guess, I kind of think of it that way. To work with me, you can go to my website, it’s just, and click on “Work with me” in the menu bar, and then you can see the different packages I offer.

Lisa Siefert:                             Cool. I will leave a link to her website below, and I guess for people who are watching, who is your ideal client? Is it females? Is it men? Bloggers? Coaches?

McKella Sawyer:                  I love to work with female entrepreneurs in the business, coaching, and wellness spheres, and also in personal development. Those are topics that I’m familiar with, that I like to write about. They’re things I believe in so it’s a lot of fun for me, and I also work with online business managers and virtual assistants who have clients in those spheres as well.

Lisa Siefert:                             Great. What’s the number one mistake you see online businesses and bloggers doing right now, and what should they do instead?

McKella Sawyer:                  I work mostly with blogs and the biggest mistake around blogs that I see, I mean obviously bloggers don’t really make this mistake often, but it’s just not blogging, not publishing content regularly, not connecting with your audiences. Just creating products, putting them out there, but not actually building a relationship with your audience the way you can with a blog.

That’s not to say that video content can’t do a lot of the same things, but I think having written content, I think it’s very accessible. I prefer to read instead of find a quiet place and watch a video, and so I think that not having written blog posts or written content is excluding a lot of people. It’s just a wonderful way to connect with your audience, to educate them on how your goods and products, or your products and services can change their lives. They can get to know you, and it’s just something I think every business should do.

Lisa Siefert:                             Yeah, I think that’s a great point, too, because I back in corporate America, sometimes I, not always, would not be doing work, and would be searching the internet for ideas. I’d love to watch a video, but I can’t because I have coworkers around me in cubicle land. So, blogs definitely solve that problem.

Lisa Siefert:                             Right. It’s very frustrating where sometimes they’ll have a blog post and they’ll say, “Want to find the answer? Watch my video.” Well, I can’t.

McKella Sawyer:                  No, and I read faster than I can watch a video, so I feel it’s just, it’s a very effective way to reach people.

Lisa Siefert:                             Right, exactly. So, let’s talk a little bit more about influencer marketing. I know that’s a big trend for 2018. What does this really mean for online businesses?

McKella Sawyer:                  This is an interesting tactic, and it’s one that’s been around for a long time, in many indues. Like, indie publishing, for example, it’s been a long time sales strategy to pitch your book to book bloggers, and to get a review that way, and people that are already a big influencer in that sphere, but I think we’re going to be seeing more of this in coaching, and more service based industries.

I think ultimately it really attests to the importance of relationships and genuine connection in your industry, because as this trend grows and as more and more business owners are pitching to these influencers, these influencers are going to become increasingly more jaded, and it’s going to be harder to get them to listen to you, and last thing they want to do is be spammed. So, they’re going to start being extremely picky with who they choose to promote, which they should be, and that’s probably something they’ve already been doing, because they’re influencers, and that’s what you have to do to get to that level.

So I think that they will be limiting their promotions to people that they know and trust, and like, and that is one of the many, many reasons why you need to be making genuine connections in your industry and with audiences, and making friends. I mean, there are so many benefits to that, and it’s not so you can use people for marketing purposes, but that will be a natural benefit to doing that.

Lisa Siefert:                             Right. That’s a good point. You know, I know we focused a lot on The Wordsmith and how you’re writing blog posts, but you also do a lot of virtual assistant services, and so the number one question I would imagine that comes up is, “What tool stack do you recommend?” Because I’m sure you get to see a lot of different options out there.

McKella Sawyer:                  I’m really not a techy person. I see so many VAs that have used every tool and program out there, and they have tons of favorites, and tons of things they use. I prefer to keep things really simple. I mean, I’m always willing to learn new things for the convenience of my clients, if they have favorite tools, but for the most part, I use [eDrive 00:06:14] a lot, because I’m writing articles, and it’s really intuitive to use and easy to keep things organized.

Keeping track of projects, really it’s just like Google Calendar, Asana, and I also use an app called Awesome Note and that’s how I keep track of to-do lists, both for work and my personal life. Then also, I really like apps like Voxer which is a walkie talkie, and also Slack for keeping in touch with clients without exploding my inbox.

Lisa Siefert:                             Great. Awesome. All right, so bonus question, tell us a little bit more about your name. I know this is so random, but you just have the coolest name. Is there a story behind that? Do your siblings all have cool names?

McKella Sawyer:                  It’s actually not that interesting as a story. I’m the oldest, and so I guess my mom was just getting … She wasn’t very practiced at naming kids, I guess. She wanted to name me Mikiayla, which I think is a Spanish name, and my dad said, “Okay, no one is going to be able to pronounce this” so they modified it to McKella which, spoiler alert, nobody can seem to pronounce anyway.

I get McKella, McKenna, McKayla, I don’t know. So many weird names. I respond to pretty much anything that begins with McK and ends with A.

Lisa Siefert:                             Sounds good. All right, cool. Then, your siblings names?

McKella Sawyer:                  We have a Chandler, an Adam, and my little sister is [Aria 00:07:50]. So pretty standard for the boys names, and the girls are a little more unusual, but still nothing to [crosstalk 00:07:57].

Lisa Siefert:                             She’s trying to help you guys [crosstalk 00:07:58].

McKella Sawyer:                  Yeah, she is. I think [inaudible 00:08:01] romance novel.

Lisa Siefert:                             Yes. That is true. All right, ready for the speed round?

McKella Sawyer:                  I am.

Lisa Siefert:                             First up, Android or iPhone?

McKella Sawyer:                  iPhone.

Lisa Siefert:                             Mac or PC?

McKella Sawyer:                  A Mac to go with the iPhone.

Lisa Siefert:                             Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

McKella Sawyer:                  I do love a good pile of frozen yogurt with lots of toppings, but for the most part, it’s just ice cream. Like Moose Tracks or Half Baked or something.

Lisa Siefert:                             Good. Chocolate or vanilla?

McKella Sawyer:                  Chocolate. So much chocolate. I have chocolate right here that I was snacking on before the video. So much chocolate.

Lisa Siefert:                             Cool. All right. Awesome. Well, thank you so much for being on, McKella, and if you guys want to connect with McKella or learn more about her, I’ll leave that link below, and we’ll talk to you guys next week. Bye.

McKella Sawyer:                  Bye.

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