Learn how to use Adobe InDesign Like Microsoft Word. Type and have the text box magically autosize for you. Use InDesign for Word Processing just like you use Microsoft Word.

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First, let’s just talk about what the problem is, and the problem is that you cannot use Adobe InDesign like you can Microsoft Word. Here’s what I mean by that. Now, inside Adobe InDesign, if we want to put some text in, we simply go over to the type tool and that is going to give us a cursor, which wants us to then create a text box.

We have to guesstimate how much space we think that text is going to take up. I might guess that my headline is going to take up this much space, but I really don’t know, because I am not able to just think of fonts and sizes in my brain, but let’s say you use a Didot 30 and I’m going to say something like, “InDesign is the greatest tool that has ever been invented.”

I’m typing and I don’t have any visual feedback, because now I received … I’m sure you’ve seen this before. The little red cross over here to the right of my text box, which tells me that I have what’s called text overflow. I have overflown the space that I have allocated for my text box because I really wasn’t sure and I just guessed.

There are two ways to solve this problem. Both of them, I think, kind of cumbersome and take up time. One is you can double click on this icon right here. You can hover your mouse over the bottom of the text box. Once you double click, it will resize the bottom portion of that text box to fit in all of that text. In essence, it’s doing a carriage return for you. Something that Microsoft Word does really easily.

How can we get away from this, so we don’t have to keep doing this? Inevitably, what’s going to happen, even if I start typing again, and I say, “Adobe Creative Cloud is even better.” Of course, again, I run into the same problem. I, again, have this red text overflow. Naturally, I know what you’re thinking. Probably the most likely solution is to create a very huge text box. Yes, you could do that.

One option, let’s say you want to use this like Microsoft Word, you can simply go over here and you could make that text box fill up the entire page and we can start typing again. InDesign. Let me change that font, so it turns over a little faster. Didot, just 48. “Is the greatest Adobe Creative Cloud tool there is.”

You can see, I have plenty of space in my text box, so it’s automatically going to return for me. However, there are maybe situations where you’re just not sure how much space it’s going to take. You don’t want to bother with that, so you maybe just want Adobe InDesign to do the carriage return for you and simply resize that text box. Well, the good news is, you can. There is a way to do that, so let me show you.

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Let’s pretend we have our smaller text box up here again, and you are simply going to go over to object, text frame options and you’re going to choose auto size. I know who would have thought auto size. It’s pretty much always set to off as the default. I shouldn’t say pretty much. It’s 100% set to off.

You’re going to say height only because we only want to change the height. We don’t want a long line. If we say width, that just goes on and on forever off the page. I suppose unless you’re making maybe one of those big 50-foot fliers that go on the back of an airplane, but otherwise, we’re going to assume you want to use this like Microsoft Word.

We’re going to have it centered at the top, because you never write Microsoft Word and have it fill up from the middle. You go from the top down. You are going to have our text start at the top and go down and we’re going to say okay.

Now, you can see the text overflow is gone and, in fact, because I’ve changed this, it should auto size that box for me. Purchasing Adobe by itself. You can see, it just went ahead and I’ll just type stuff. It just goes over and does carriage returns for me.

That’s all you need to do. That’s my quick tip for today. I always tell people to start their documents in Microsoft Word and then import it in here. That is because the proof reading, spell check is not very good inside Adobe InDesign. I’m not even sure what they say they have spell check, because it’s pretty much useless. You really need Microsoft Word to get a goo spell check in.

Again, that would be for a large book. Sometimes you just have a lot of text that maybe you want to overflow onto a large section of the page and this is a great solution. Or maybe you just need to write a couple pages, so you don’t want to open up Microsoft Word and import it.

All right, I hope that was helpful and check out the next tutorial, which is how to import Microsoft Word into InDesign. Bye.

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