Using a pattern for your text is actually one of the easiest ways to stylize text in Adobe InDesign,

It’s a popular technique for Magazine Covers, ads, images and more.

Lately, I’ve been using it to grow my Instagram following by adding some flair to my quotes – learn how you can start creating these for yourself.

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yes you can word art

In this quick 30-minute webinar, I’ll show you:

  1. How to use InDesign to create the square image above
  2. My favorite Instagram scheduling tools
  3. My favorite Instagram accounts to follow for ideas

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All right. Hi, everyone. I hope that everyone can see me. I am trying to go live on Ecamm, Crowdcast, and YouTube all at the same time. Hopefully, you guys can see and hear me because those are both really important. Okay. All right. I think everyone can see me. I could be wrong. Let’s see. All right. I hope everyone’s having a great day. I know this is midweek. I wanted to do two things. One, I wanted to show you the pattern text, and I also wanted to just test out the new features of YouTube Live, and I wanted to give away the Kate Spade notebook to a lucky winner today, too. We’ll do that at the end. I have some notes so I don’t forget, because I don’t want to forget to give away to the winner.

All right. I’m going to share my screen. Hopefully, you can see it. You might see a picture in picture. All right. I have InDesign open. Now, I today have put all of the slides into InDesign. If you remember my past YouTube video, and I told you how you can use InDesign just like PowerPoint, this is it. All you have to do, it’s super easy, is open up your file and then hit shift and W. Now you have full screen. Today, we are just doing a lunch and learn. Now, lunch and learns, I just want to explain, are a little different than doing the webinars because the webinars are going to be, they kind of disappear, whereas the lunch and learns will stay up here forever.

Here’s the agenda for today. We’ll talk really quickly about me, in case you’re new here, and you’ve never met me, and you want to know who I am. We’ll talk about Instagram, why I think it’s important and something you might want to look into. We’ll talk about some quotes and the examples that I’ve seen that have been working. Then we’ll go right into the tutorial. I’ll show you how to do the pattern text. That’s why it’s a lunch and learn, it’s really quick. Today won’t even be 30 minutes. Then I’ll talk to you about some of my favorite Instagram scheduling tools, as well as some fonts you can use in your Instagram description to make it a little more interesting than everybody else’s. We’ll talk about Linktree, which I love, as well as how to find the replay for today, and the downloads, and the templates.

Okay. Because I am using Ecamm Live, I have to tell you that I cannot see your questions, only because I’m new to using Ecamm Live. This is only my second time. If you have questions, I will get to them afterwards, so right after the tutorial I’ll check again. Just a quick hello, I’m Lisa and I have zero background in graphic design. I know, are you excited that you’re here with someone who has … Knows nothing about graphic design? My point isn’t that I know nothing. My point is I have a whole different life, and I’m 43 years old, and I woke up one day, and I decided I really just wanted to learn InDesign and graphic design, so I just taught myself.

I just want anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by learning any new software, technology, maybe going into a new business, or a new phase in your life, never be afraid. You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it. That’s really my only point with all of this. I used to do human resources and now I write romance, I write fitness books. I basically just do things that make me happy and I also do calligraphy. I offer this every time, I love doing calligraphy. I don’t even charge for it. If someone is interested and wants to learn more about calligraphy, let me know. In fact, I have a special offer coming up next week on a calligraphy training course. It’s not mine, it’s one of my friends and she does really great hand lettering. That is coming up next week. All right.

Instagram, who’s on Instagram? Who’s using it? What’s going on there? Instagram, if you didn’t know this, and I didn’t, because honestly when it first came out, I didn’t really like Instagram and I kind of ignored it and didn’t pay any attention to it. But, it has 600 million unique monthly users, so that’s a lot of people. We’re always talking about how can we reach new audiences and get our products, or books, or whatever into their hands and get them to know about us. Instagram is perfect. People love it. Now, which people is that? It’s mostly women and it’s mostly a younger demographic. That’s not to say it’s everybody, but right now that’s what the stats are telling us. Now, it’s not as young of a demographic as Snapchat, but it’s still younger, so if your target audience say is in their 60s or 70s, I mean, I don’t know what your products are. Maybe you do a menopause product or something.

It’s not likely … There might be people on there, but the likelihood of you finding people will be much lower on Instagram, that’s all the demographics are telling you, then say maybe Facebook where it does have an older demographic. It’s really good though, because people follow brands. The point is, people like having a stream of information from brands, so that’s why we’re talking about that today. Now, what are examples that I’ve seen? The whole reason we’re talking about this today is because I saw a big jump in my Instagram when I started using quotes. I didn’t use quotes or word art forever, because it seemed a little cheesy. I don’t know about you guys, but when I took all of the Instagram courses, I was learning from people to use Word Swag, or [Fonto 00:06:19], I like it was called, or [Photo 00:06:21], and it looked cute, but it also looked just like everybody else’s, which is always my biggest pet peeve with PicMonkey, or anything else.

Let me just show you some quick examples, if you can hopefully see this. What I started doing is I would do what I call the two-one. I’d have two quotes on the outside, one quote in the middle, and then what I would try to do is I would try to get the pictures that are in that same row to match. Now Instagram is always in rows of three. Obviously, people on their phone just see one big stream, but when they open it up on their desktop they’re going to see the three together. All of these were created with Adobe InDesign and I will show you how to do that today. There’s another … I have another profile. You don’t have to do just simple words like that. You could also do larger quotes, right? Over here I did bigger quotes over here. Again, they all kind of follow that same look and feel, so you have two pinks on the outside, a picture, two clears on the outside, a pink in the inside.

When you think about doing your Instagram feed, try to think of it that way. It’s going to just make it look so much nicer and a little bit more cohesive. Let’s jump back. Okay. Before we get started and jump into the tutorial, because it is going to be very quick, there’s a couple prerequisites that you need to have that are going to make it so much faster. First, you need Adobe InDesign, which I feel like goes without saying, right? Today is going to be taught in Adobe InDesign. Now, if you’ve never used it, I do have a free five-day how to get up and running with InDesign. It’s a quick and dirty, it’s not going to teach you everything and anything, but if you want, InDesign also has free tutorials built in there. They also offer, I believe they still offer a seven-day or 30-day trial of Adobe InDesign, in case you’re not sure if it’s for you or something you’re interested in.

The second thing you want to do is make sure you have patterns and pictures chosen ahead of time. Typically, these are jpegs. You could do png files or gifs. Honestly, I haven’t tried that. Everything I have is a jpeg or a png, but when you think about patterns and you think about letters, if you have very tiny, tiny small details, it looks really great inside WordArt. But, if you have a big picture of a face or something and you just have a couple snippets of words, it might not look so great unless you have a big quote where you’re going to see much more of the picture. Just keep that in mind when you are choosing pictures, as well as, we’ll go into this later, but Instagram is a square, so typically it’s 1080 x 1080 pixels across and down. If you can get a picture that’s very high resolution, it’s just going to help. Because if you think about it, as soon as you take that picture, you shrink it into WordArt so you can only see a small part of it, and then you shrink that on somebody’s phone, it’s going to be so so small.

The higher resolution, usually 300 is the best. Whatever you’re downloading from, let’s say you’re getting your stock from Adobe, or from Depositphotos, sometimes it’ll give you an option to download high or low resolution. Always download the high resolution. You’re just going to be better off that way. The same thing with words, like I said, the words that I had before you saw on Lisa Siefert, those were really long quotes with sort of textured backgrounds, but when I do WordArt, I just try to pick one word or a phrase because it’s just going to show and pop inside the word that much better. Maybe just brainstorm a whole month of words that you want to use for the month, like your theme. I don’t know what you’re doing. Maybe if you are a weight loss Instagram business, or business on Instagram, you just have all positive words about gluten-free, or low fat, or I don’t know. I don’t find those words motivating. I like ice cream.

You know what I mean. Just try to find things all within the same theme and it’s just going to look much nicer in your feed. All right. The second thing, and this probably goes without saying all the time, have your colors seem ready to go. Know if you’re using pastels, or dark colors, light colors, and like I said, try to match it in that row so it looks like it’s meant to be together. Then also with your fonts, try to limit yourself to just two fonts. It’s just going to look so much nicer. When you have too many fonts, it almost looks like it’s an accident, versus something that you tried to do on purpose. All right. Let’s go ahead and switch over to our file. Here’s a couple that I just made for you really quick. That’s kind of what it looks like, so this is mixing two fonts. Let’s go ahead, if you are inside InDesign, all you’re going to do is go to file, new, and you’re going to say, “Document.”

Now inside here, you’re going to have units and I want you to go ahead and select pixels. Over here for width and height, just like I said, it’s 1080 x 1080. Scroll down to the bottom. Now, here’s what’s a little different. In your margins, typically we always have margins, right? Because we’re printing this out, or someone might use it somewhere. You don’t need any margins on this, so make sure to zero out all of your margins. Top right, bottom left/right, all zero. Then go ahead and say, “Create.” All right. Once you’re in here, remember I told you there are tutorials inside InDesign. See, they want to help you. Go ahead and close that out because we don’t need that. You have me. Let’s go ahead and make something. We’re going to go ahead and select the T for type tool, and like I always say, just eyeball it. It’s not a print for magazine. This isn’t professional work. We’re just making some pretty word art.

Let’s go ahead, eyeball the top half. We’ll have two words and let’s go ahead and just do pretty as one word. I’ll just do pretty fabulous. Now, that is really tiny. I know that my font is [Dido 00:12:43] and I know for this I need to make it about 200. Now, I want to center it and I also, inside my text box if I switch over to the selection tool, I’m going to select a line center so it’s right in the center of that. Now, right now I can’t really do anything with it, so I can change the text. At this point, it’s really, really important if you don’t want the word to be pretty, or you want it to be beautiful, or gorgeous, this is the time to change it, because once we make our next move, you cannot change the text. I repeat, you cannot change the text after we move onto the next step.

The next step is simply to make sure that this is selected and go over here to the type tool and you’re going to go ahead and select, create outlines. Now, this text has now changed, so if I do this bottom selection here you can see it has all these little dots. I can no longer select the text tool, like I said, and change the letters because it’s no longer text. It’s now an object and that’s okay. That is how we’re going to layer a type of pattern onto there. Go ahead, un-select this by going to the selection tool and just clicking anywhere outside of here. If you watch the older tutorials on YouTube, even from a year ago, they are wrong, so they’ll tell you to make a … I think it’s called a compound text, or something, or how to do multiple text. You don’t have to do that anymore with the new 2018 version.

With the new version, what you want to do is you want to go to file and you’re going to go to place. Now, remember I talked before and I said, “Make sure you have some patterns picked out.” I have some patterns in here that I kind of like. I don’t know if you can see them. I kind of like this rose flory. It’s pretty, it’s pink, it’s glittery. I’m going to say, “Open.” Now, I have that loaded cursor, like I normally do inside of Adobe InDesign, and what I’m going to do is I’m going to just cover up the word pretty with my block of texture, or my image. That’s all I need to do. Now, don’t freak out. I know it’s not doing anything. The reason you’re doing that is to make sure that when you go to paste that document, place that texture, or that photo on top of your text, you need to make sure it fits.

That’s a big problem I had with some of the older tutorials, they just tell you to sort of place it in there, and sometimes whatever the size or the dimensions are, you can’t … It’s probably not going to fit. Nine times out of 10 it never fit. It was really annoying. What you’re going to do is now I know it’s all covered up, I can see that I can’t see the word pretty, so it’s perfect. I want to make sure I have the selection tool still selected and I’m going to go over to my keyword and I’m just going to ctrl X that image, so I cut it, but it’s still there in the memory, and I’m going to paste it. The way I’m going to paste it … Let me make sure I’m telling you this right. Is I’m going to do paste into. I’m going to go to edit and I’m going to go to … Oh, I’m sorry. I’m going to first select my object, the text object that I just created, right? It has all those little dots.

I have the selection tool under here, the direct one. Not this first one, but the second one. I’m going to make sure I have the text selected. Then I’m going to go up here and I’m going to go to edit and I’m going to go paste into. Now, it’s pasted into that object. Let me exit out of here. Now I have pretty with that sparkle pink that I had chosen from before. Let’s go ahead and do this for the word fabulous. Let’s do it one more time. We’re going to select the type tool. Again, I’m just going to eyeball, and I’m going to put it underneath, and I’m going to do fabulous. Again, Minion Pro is not my font. I’m going to use Northwell and I’m going to use a size of 400. I just know this from trial and error. Clearly, it’s too big, so my trial and error isn’t working. Let’s do 350, there we go. Same thing as before, I’m going to center this and I’m going to go to the selection tool, and then I’m going to hit align center, so now it’s aligned within that box.

If I wanted to, to line these two up, I could select this box and this box, whoops, and I could just align these over here at the center. It’s off a smidge. All right. All we want to do then is the same steps. Do you remember what those are? All we’re going to do is go over here to type and we’re going to go to create outlines, so now I can’t edit that anymore because now it’s an object. It’s not text. I’m positive that’s the text that I want. Then, I’m going to un-select it, just be sort of nowhere on this document, and I’m going to do file place, and I’m going to pick out a texture. Let’s say we want to try a different texture, maybe I want to try this top. I don’t know, it might be too light, but let’s try it out. I’ll say, “Open.” I have that loaded cursor again. Again, same thing as before, I want to make sure I cover up the entire word of fabulous. It’s all covered up, so I’m going to go over here and I’m going to hit ctrl X, so now it’s disappeared. Don’t worry, it’s still in memory.

Then I’m going to go over to the selection tool. Remember, the direct selection, the one underneath. I’m going to select that object again. You can see all the little blue dots. I’m going to go to edit and paste into. There we go. Now, it is gold. Now, I was worried. I’ll give you one little pro tip on this, because it was so light, I’m worried it might not show up too well on Instagram, so sometimes what I do is I’ll draw another text box and I’ll just repeat that word again, fabulous. I’ll do the same font and I will do the same size, I think it was 350, and I will center this. Now, this … All I’m going to do is I’m going to take this text and I’m going to put it on top, but then I’m going to right-click and I’m going to go arrange and send to back. I’m going to just offset it a little bit so that I can kind of see it peeking through if my spinning beach ball of death goes away. Now you have a little bit of a shadow.

There we go. That kind of gives you, one, a shadow. It helps if you have a little bit of a darker color. I think I used it, I’ll show you, on … There was something I used it on. It was the blue. You can see the blue didn’t show up too well, so I had tried to outline with a little bit of black underneath. That is all there is to that. Now if you … Now, how do I get it onto Instagram, right? Once you’ve created your file, you can go to file, and you can go to export, and you’re simply going to make sure you export it as a jpeg. We’ll just call it word art example and save it. You could choose quality. I usually do max, because there’s really not an issue. Instagram is going to just re-change the sizing just like Facebook does for how much data you have. That’s it. When I go back over to my … Let’s go back to my desktop. When I go back to my desktop I am going to see, whoops, my word art example. There we go.

That is all you need to do. It’s really just that easy. Let’s go back really quick, I wanted to share with you some of my Instagram tools that I like, as well as show you how to get today’s templates and slides. I everybody knows this, you can now schedule directly to Instagram, which I know is a huge issue before and I thought it was painful. You’d schedule it in the tool, and then you’d get a prompt on your phone, and then you’d have to post it on your … Manually on your phone. Now you don’t have to. You can just set it and forget it, but only if you have a business account of Instagram. Now, if you don’t have a business account and you’re not sure, I just left a link here, Instagram business, IG business. Just go there, that’ll take you directly to the Facebook help page directly dealing with how to convert your Instagram personal into a business account.

The second one is, now, I use eClincher. That’s my favorite app and I’ll show you that in a second, for scheduling, but Tailwind, Buffer, Iconosquare, Oracle … Pretty much everybody who has scheduling right now has applied to be a partner with Instagram so that they can post directly. Now keep in mind, you can still post to Instagram with your personal account, but you’ll have to do it the old fashion way, where you schedule it inside the tool, but then on your phone you just have … It’ll prompt you for you to post it, so that’s something to think about. The other thing really cool that I found out recently was description fonts, so let me show you exactly what description fonts are. When you go up to mine, you can see that I have “Your InDesign BFF” in a new kind of cool font that helps it stand out from the rest of the description. How did I get that?

There’s two different sites, fonts for Instagram, I let you those links. Also, cool fancy text generator. Basically, you just put in whatever you want. You hit copy and when you paste that into your Instagram profile, so if I go here and click edit profile, and I waste it into here, then it’s going to show up over there when you go ahead and save your profile. That’s kind of cool. What else did I want to share with you? Oh, eClincher. What I really like about eClincher is I can do … Here’s my Instagram, but more importantly if you’ve never used eClincher, what I like about it, which is different than everything else, is it consolidates all of the responses that you’ve received from every single social media platform that eClincher has. Whether that’s LinkedIn, Twitter. I don’t have to go to all of them, I can just respond directly to people right from this app. That’s something I really like about eClincher.

All right. Here are the directions for Facebook on converting your profile. All right. Last thing is Linktree and I think everybody … I feel like everyone uses Linktree now, but Linktree when I click this, because remember you only get one link for Instagram, so this sort of expands it when someone clicks and then you can give people multiple links. Now, you have unlimited links. Linktree is free. However, if you pay for it, so all I did was I paid for it so now mine are circles instead of rectangles, probably nobody notices but me, and then I was able to stick social media here down at the bottom. Again, you could save yourself the $6 and not worry about circles versus squares, but that’s something that I just chose to do. All right. What else did I want to share with you?

Oh, how to find the replays. Today’s replay is different, like I said, from webinars. This will be up on YouTube Live, I won’t be deleting it or taking it off. You don’t have to pay for it, because it’s a quick lunch and learn. I would’ve done this as a YouTube video anyway. Okay. I just checked. There are no questions. [Coral 00:24:51] said, “Hi.” Hi Coral. Elizabeth said, “You can see and hear me.” Thank you. Corey said, “CrowdCast is great.” Thanks. Elizabeth said, “Hi.” Okay. I think we’re good. No comments. If you want to get this, or you want to know about upcoming webinars that I have, if you follow me on CrowdCast and I guess Lisa Siefert wasn’t available. I’m Lisa Ellen Siefert on CrowdCast. You can see everything I have planned, whether it’s for Pretty Fabulous, or it’s for authors and social media.

Then, if you subscribe to me on YouTube, you should get prompts too when this goes live, so it does get cast to both. Then slides, you can download these slides that I used today, but not right now. I have to wait till YouTube Live generates a link. I will post a blog post for today, probably within a couple hours, and you will have an opportunity to download the slides from today, as well as the templates that we created. I will show you … I’ll save you the gratitude template. I know we didn’t do that together, but I showed that to you. InDesign rocks with this little sort of rainbow. Also, the pretty fabulous. You can have all of those for free if you just go to the blog post, but not right now, in a couple hours.

Then, I hope to see all of you back again on April 3rd, which is not next week, but the week after. Only because April 1st is Sunday and that’s Easter, so we won’t be doing our monthly webinar on Sunday. We’ll do it on Tuesday and we’ll go over workbooks and how to create those fill in the blank workbooks and a little bit more about sort of what makes a good workbook versus a bad workbook and how to put those together. That will be a one hour webinar with a few more slides. All right. I hope this was helpful and I’m so excited to see your Instagram posts. If you do some word art, make sure to tag me, and I can follow you back, and I hope everyone is having a great week. All right, bye. Oh Elizabeth, “Where can I find you on CrowdCast?” You can find me on CrowdCast at that link, Lisa Ellen Siefert.


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