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Hey InDesign BFFs! As mentioned in today’s video, my friend Joyce of Write Pretty Things just launched the Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp course.

Joyce is a calligrapher and brush lettering instructor (as well as a dogmom and malbec lover). She just created an online calligraphy course to bring her in person workshop experience straight to your living room, or dining room or wherever you practice calligraphy 🙂

Because the course just opened, you can join now for $97 until March 31st. You get lifetime access plus I know Joyce is planning to add more lessons to the course, so you’ll receive future lessons too!

If you’ve always wanted to learn brush lettering but haven’t made it to an in person class, sign up now so you can learn and practice in your pajamas at home.

Enroll Before March 31, 2018 using my Affiliate Link and receive any InDesign Template or Webinar from my Shop for FREE as a BONUS.

Today we’re doing another Creative Entrepreneur Chat with the talented Joyce Gutierrez of Write Pretty Things.

Joyce and I both calligraphers that met during a Mastermind and she’s gone on to make Calligraphy her career via her company: Write Pretty Things.

Write Pretty Things specializes in teaching others how to hand-letter and create beautiful calligraphy.


  • 0:39 1 | Tell us more about you and Write Pretty Things
  • 1:21 2 | What made you decide to leave Corporate America & start Write Pretty Things
  • 3:09 3 | What’s your vision for Write Pretty Things
  • 4:24 4 | How did you get into calligraphy & hand-lettering
  • 5:18 5 | What’s trending in calligraphy & hand-lettering
  • 7:12 6 | What are unique ways to use calligraphy & hand-lettering in design
  • 8:25 7 | What do you say to those who prefer script fonts over calligraphy
  • 9:30 8 | How can viewers connect with you to learn more about you & your courses
  • 10:00 Speed Round

SPECIAL PROMO | Enroll in Joyce’s Brush Calligraphy Bootcamp using my Affiliate Link and receive any InDesign Template or Webinar in my shop for FREE –


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Enroll Before March 31, 2018 using my Affiliate Link and receive any InDesign Template or Webinar from my Shop for FREE as a BONUS.


Lisa Siefert:           Hi everyone. Thanks for joining today. You’re in for a special treat, because we have Joyce, from Write Pretty Things, and she’s gonna tell us everything awesome about calligraphy and handwriting, so welcome.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Hi everyone. I’ll try. I’ll try to tell you everything.

Lisa Siefert:           She knows a lot, so we probably won’t get through all of it today. But luckily, she does have a YouTube channel, so I’ll leave a link below, so you can subscribe.

Lisa Siefert:           Hi everyone. I’m Lisa, from Pretty Fabulous, and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads, using Adobe InDesign. So if this sounds like you or something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday.

Lisa Siefert:           So tell us more about you and Write Pretty Things.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Sure, so Write Pretty Things was kind of my creative outlet when I was at a 9:00 to 5:00. And then, in 2017, in June 2017, June 2nd … You will always remember the day that you quit your corporate job … I went full-time with Write Pretty Things, continuing to teach in-person workshops, also teaching online brush calligraphy, and then having another business, where I create other online courses.

Lisa Siefert:           Cool. So that is so brave going from just forget the steady job and a steady income. What made you decide to do Write Pretty Things instead of going back to another corporate America job?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Well, so I just couldn’t. I was in tech and in advertising for nine years. And when you think about the time from the moment you wake up, to commuting, to being in the office, and then reversing that, you’re out of the home for 13, 15 hours a day, which is insane, because I started this side business. And I figured, well, it was doing okay, but what if I gave those 13 hours that I was actually out of the house and working for someone else to my business? What’s possible? What could I do? And so I quit, and I did it. And now it’s just a game to me, like yeah, I’m not going back, or I’m earning more at my job, so why go back? But my driving force is really I just could not go back and devote that time to someone else.

Lisa Siefert:           Cool. Yeah, that totally makes sense. Plus, if you’re happy, and you’re making money … And just so you guys know, Joyce wasn’t struggling or had a bad career. She was quite successful, so you could have just easily have gone into another corporate America job.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  You could. You could coast, but then again, at the end of the day, well, I enjoyed my coworkers, not at every job. But my last job, I was lucky, and I enjoyed being with that set of coworkers. I just wasn’t happy, in general, and especially in what I was doing. You’re basically selling things to people that are unnecessary. It hurts your soul, so I just didn’t wanna do that anymore.

Lisa Siefert:           All right, so let’s talk about then, what you are excited about and what your vision is for Write Pretty Things.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Yeah, I mean, I am not naturally the most patient person. But in 2017, one of my big goals was to start teaching calligraphy in person, and then I found I actually really enjoyed it. So I teach in San Francisco area at different studios. But then I also wanted to focus on education online, and I really enjoyed it. I don’t know if that’s the tech background coming in, because there are a lot of technical aspects to setting up an online course. All the back-end stuff is kind of insane. But at the end of the day, yeah, you’re still teaching, and you still get to see students’ results, even though you haven’t met them in person. And I don’t know. That’s so cheesy. It makes it all worth it.

Lisa Siefert:           That’s okay. I think everyone who has teaching feels like that.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Yeah, and you get to see their progress and how excited you are, because maybe if you’ve been doing this for a while, it’s easy for anyone to get a little bit jaded, like yeah, I’ll just knock out that design or whatever. But then someone completely new to it shares, this is what I did, because you taught me the basics. That’s really cool to see.

Lisa Siefert:           For sure. So how did you get into calligraphy and hand lettering? Were you just always great at writing?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  On my gosh. I’m trying to see where my messy handwriting I can show you. I don’t know if you can see. I have really messy handwriting. So you don’t need nice handwriting to do calligraphy, but I picked it up, because I was watching all these Instagram videos, which I’m sure all of us have done, probably still do. It’s relaxing to watch someone write. But then I figured, oh I can do that. I needed to create an outlet for my day job, and then, as any calligrapher knows, you can’t just pick up a pen and write like you see on Instagram, so it takes practice, but it was definitely an outlet for me. When I got home from that job, I need something that shut my brain off from the emails.

Lisa Siefert:           Yeah, and so let’s talk about that, everything that you’re seeing and what’s going on. What’s some cool trends that are going on right now in calligraphy and handwriting, or hand lettering?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  I feel like there’s a lot of things going on, where actually people are incorporating other mediums into writing. So I’m finding that a lot of people that would classify or call themselves calligraphers are dabbling into watercolor, and maybe that means they’re doing a watercolor background and then layering their calligraphy on top of it. It’s just about being more expressive. I think people are now starting to, after they get the basics of brush lettering or pointed pen, no they’re dabbling into other things or incorporating other things. More than that, I think that it’s still growing, so as someone who’s been posting on Instagram for years, and started practicing years ago. You start to think, oh, you’re in this bubble. Everyone is doing this, right? All your friends that you’ve met on Instagram, and they’re all doing it. And then, when you start to see people liking your posts or whatever, you realize I don’t know who this person is, but that’s cool, because there’s these other cohorts or these other segments of people that are still getting into it. So I don’t know if that’s a trend, really, but I think it’s just cool to see people are still actually picking up brush lettering and still wanting to learn brush lettering.

Lisa Siefert:           Yeah, no, I think it’s definitely a trend, because forever, people were like, I only wanna type stuff. Or I’m just gonna use fonts. I don’t want to do anything by hand.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Yeah, and now everyone’s like, yay, let’s do it all by hand.

Lisa Siefert:           Yeah.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  400 wedding invites, don’t do that by hand.

Lisa Siefert:           Right. Speaking of which, it’s crazy. No one ever believe me when I tell them that the Coca-Cola logo was calligraphy. Someone hand wrote that. That’s not a font. What are some other unique ways you’re seeing calligraphy and hand lettering being used in designs?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  I think that people, they’re doing away with something that could have been a font or an image, and they’re using calligraphy instead. So tattoos or logos of companies, normally that would be something that would be printed, or it would look like a font. And now people are trying to add calligraphy, so they’re reaching out to calligraphers like myself and asking to design a tattoo that will live on someone’s body forever, which is scary, but also with logo designs, so really trying to get your script to match the look and feel that they’re going for, when before, it might have just been an image. So I think that stuff’s cool, that’s happening.

Lisa Siefert:           Yeah, for sure, and it helps you stand out. You are so unique, and you don’t have to worry about anybody else looking exactly the same. So what do you say to people who say … Because I hear this a lot, especially when I do design, and I’ll do my own hand lettering or calligraphy. They’ll say, well, why don’t I just use a script font. I don’t want to bother learning calligraphy.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  So I think the people that say that, they’re looking for a certain script for a one time thing. It’s for whatever design. It’s for a wedding invite, whatever it is. I think those are people that were never going to learn calligraphy. The people that learn calligraphy are definitely those that are looking to express themselves. They’re looking for an outlet. They’re looking to reconnect with something that … I have a girlfriend who wanted to reconnect with calligraphy, because she used to do it with her grandma when she was a kid. So those are the kinds of people that are gonna really take the time and really go on this lettering journey. So I mean, the people that want to just buy fonts of a script, go for it, because I don’t think they were the ones that were ever gonna learn anyway.

Lisa Siefert:           Cool. And then, how can viewers connect with you, because hopefully now, we’ve got them all excited about hand lettering and calligraphy.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Yeah, you could letter on everything, even people’s bodies.

Lisa Siefert:           Exactly. How can they connect with you to learn about you and learn more about how your courses?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Sure, so I am at writeprettythings on Instagram and, and like Lisa mentioned, I also have a YouTube channel where I share, mostly calligraphy things, but sometimes I’ll pop in there and share a business tip or two. If anyone wants to know about a sauna or anything like that, I’ll also show that on my YouTube. And then, yeah, like I said, everything else is online, Write Pretty Things, That’s where you could find me.

Lisa Siefert:           Cool. Awesome. All right, are you ready for the speed round?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  I’m ready.

Lisa Siefert:           Okay, Android or iPhone?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  iPhone always.

Lisa Siefert:           Mac or PC?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  I have to have a Mac, so it all matches.

Lisa Siefert:           Ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Ice cream. Then you can get fro yo flavors. I’m gonna go with ice cream.

Lisa Siefert:           Fro yo flavored ice cream. I’ve never heard of that.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  You can get fro yo with all the toppings.

Lisa Siefert:           Oh, yeah, yeah.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  I’m still gonna go with ice cream. Yeah.

Lisa Siefert:           Chocolate or vanilla?

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Chocolate.

Lisa Siefert:           Awesome. All right, well, thank you so much for being on, and we’ll catch you maybe again in a future episode.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Thanks for having me.

Lisa Siefert:           All right. Bye.

Joyce Gutierrez:                  Bye.


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