January 1 has come and gone so does that mean you should wait until next year to start selling planners.

Not at all.

Let me show you how to make money year-round from your planners!

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All right. January 1 has come and gone, quite a while ago, but you still love selling and creating planners, so how can you do that after that time has passed?

Today I’m going to give you five different business ideas on planners that you can create that are going to sell well past January 1, and really don’t matter when you’re selling them.

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The first, and most obvious, idea is simply to create undated planners. These still follow the same beautiful layouts that you had with your academic year, or your annual layout, your monthly, your weekly, it doesn’t matter, but what you’ve done is you basically just deleted the month and the year, and instead you’ve just put the word month and year, so somebody can actually write that in themselves.

This is great for people who are creative. People who maybe use planners, very sporadically, so they don’t want to waste a lot of paper, or maybe they just love colors. I say they’re creative because they can go ahead and basically have their own bullet journal, without doing too much work on the formatting to make it look good. That is the first part.

The second part is you could also create dated planners in smaller installments. Let’s say this is March, and you’re going to create a planner of Q2, and then for Q3, and Q4. You’ve broken it down so you can still sell those throughout the year, just different times of the year after January 1 has passed

The third model is to sell academic planners. Now there’s a lot of people doing home schooling, and I think some children are going to school year round. Colleges have semesters, some have quarters, some have trimesters, so you could try starting those planners at any point in time. You could tailor it specifically to a large university, or school nearby you, and start selling those on campus, or through different organizations, or through sororities. There’s a ton of different things you can do with academic planners. You could also make an undated academic planner, as I mentioned before.

Now the fourth business model, is to start selling digital planners. Digital planners, to me, are two different models, and I went through that in another tutorial, which I will leave links to you above.

The two basic ones are simply one where someone is creating an image, and they have a daily sheet that they can start using. The second one is an actual full system, and that uses the GoodNotes app inside the Apple store, and for only the iPad Pro. It actually has parts on the page … I shouldn’t say it’s only for the iPad Pro, but I believe it’s only for the iPad Pro, and it has parts of the page that look like tabs, but they’re actually hyperlinks. When I click on the right, if it has January, February, March, April, May, June, etc., if I click June all the sudden everything changes auto magically, and I am now looking at the month of June, so those planners are pretty timeless.

Nobody is really worried that January and February have passed, because it doesn’t matter. It’s an electronic planner. Your iPad won’t get any heavier, or lighter, just because you bought January, and you could discount those as time goes on, and you won’t have to worry about … Quite honestly, I don’t see any planners for the full year selling past June. It’s just not going to happen.

The last business model that I have for you is to create a system. For example, if you have been a planner that is very tied to dates, or to unpublished dates, you instead could create more of a planner with a purpose. Your purpose could be “Hey, I’m a wedding planner,” and you could put the dates in for your wedding. “I am also a baby planner,” and you could put the dates in for baby’s first year, second year, and all those things that go with it. Pregnancy planner, right?

There is so many different life events that can be tied to planners, so if you need some ideas on those, I would say just drop into your local Barnes and Noble and just go over to the reference section, and you’ll see different planners for different life events that people want to track and follow.

Pretty much though you can never go wrong with pregnancy and baby planners because people love those. In fact, my friend uses a fertility tracker, because they’re trying to have a baby, and it’s really important for her to track and find all of those dates. If you can provide solutions that people are looking for at different points in their life that really, like I said, “They’re a planner with a purpose.They provide a solution. They help improve the quality of somebody’s life,” I think you are going to be very successful, and at the same time you’re also going to be helping people.

I hope that was helpful to you, and that you are excited to keep creating planners throughout the year, whether it’s January, or it’s March, or April, or October.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to create planners, I have a free course called Planner 101, and I will leave the link to enroll in that below.

All right, I’ll see you guys next week. Bye.


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