Warning: If you find the number 13 unlucky, then the SELF Journal is not for you.

13 Week Period

This is kinda sorta 1 calendar quarter. We tend to think of quarters as 12 weeks but the SELF Journal is 13 so once you’ve accepted that, let’s move on.

Non-Coil Planner

This planner will most definitely not lay flat without some assistance from paperweights, a sturdy forearm or brute force. But the spine does make it look a little more high end.

Daily Planner

This is a daily layout so if you find that you neglect your planner or don’t need a daily page, then this might not be the planner for you.

Planner 101

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Today, we’re going to be doing an unboxing of the Best Self Journal, and I also got what are called SmartMarks, which are their big paper, I’m guessing, Post-Its to get like bookmarks. So, let’s go ahead and open it, see if it’s worth it, and whether or not you should get one.

Hi everyone. I’m Lisa, from pretty fabulous, and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign. So, if this sounds like you or something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday. All right. So, I looked at the Best Self Journal, because I was really curious to see what it look like in person in the flesh, and also, I had heard a lot of great things about it. So, what I did, the first thing is I had to decide whether or not it was worth buying from the website itself versus buying from Amazon.

And let me share that with you before we open it. So over here, on Amazon, you can see that it was $51.98, and that’s because I have Amazon Prime, so it was free. It came in one day. It was Next Day Delivery. And over here on what is called the Best Self website, it was $57.48, and that was with the cheapest shipping method, which is FedEx Ground, and that was going to take four business days. So, if you don’t have Amazon Prime, this might be a good option. But if you do have Prime, then you’re much better off with just buying it directly from Amazon, and that’s even with the price being different.

So, over on Amazon, you can see that the journal itself was $39.99 versus over on the Best Self website, the journal is $31.99. Now, the same thing happened with the bookmarks. Those were $11.99 on Amazon versus those were only $9.99 on the Best Self site. So, at first glance, it seems like Best Self is going to be a way better deal, but that is not the case at all. You are much better off purchasing it from Amazon, not from Best Self. So let’s go ahead and open it. I have an X-Acto knife, but I don’t think it needs that. It just has a pull tab. It’s pretty tight over here. There’s like not a lot room to give.

Let me go ahead and open it. So just like all Amazon … I think Amazon does an excellent job of packaging and fulfilling things. It comes in shrink wrap, so we do beat our X-Acto knife. So, let’s go ahead and open up the bookmarks first. I don’t want to ruin this though. Okay. When we pull this out, it has a cute little pocket folder, I guess, right in here, and it has nothing else in there, and you actually get two … no. I lied. Three sets of SmartMark bookmarks. I’m not sure if you can see these, but these bookmarks … Let me try to hold them up to the other screen. So, these basically just say “SMARTMARKS” along the left, and over here, it says “Book Title.”

It has just lines, and it has a little gray overlay here that says “Page,” so you, I guess, know which page you want to refer back to. But I was wrong. This is not like a Post-It note. It is simply stapled together here in the center, and this entire thing must go inside a book as your entire bookmark. So, that’s okay. They’re not Post-Its. This is the SELF Journal. All right. So this is a … It looks like it just opens up. It has a little magnet here on the side that keeps it shut. So, inside of here, it looks like we have … I’m guessing this is like a bookmark. We have the SELF Journal, which is simply … This is just a card.

On one side, it says, “Morning Ritual,” “Evening Ritual,” “Action,” and then how much time you’re estimating that it will take or either what time you will be doing that at, so kind of a planner. And then over here, you have a little … It looks like a little journal that comes with it. It looks like just a small little booklet. Quick start guide, daily habits, weekly habits, community, seven journal principles, which kind of reminds me of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, but these are totally different. I guess seven is just a magical number, and the 13-week wall calendar. So, we’ve included a 13-week wall calendar in your SELF Journal’s box.

So, I’m wrong. So maybe it does have a 13-week calendar. It does have a 13-week calendar, so that’s kind of cool. So let’s see. This says this was what was in the picture. It looks like you hang it up on the wall. Each row is a different week. And over here, it simply says day, day, day, day, day. So that’s one, two, three, four, five, six, seven days, and 13 weeks. Down here, you can put a reward for yourself. And here’s your 13-week goal, which kind of is an unlucky number, right? 13? Although I say that all the time, and then I mention my friend, Camilla, loves the number 13. She’s not afraid. She lives on the 13th floor, which is easy for me to remember which apartment is hers when I go there.

All right. Here’s the journal. It has this nice little yellow binder journal closer, and it’s yellow on the inside. It says “SELF Journal.” You can put your name, address, phone number and email, and it has that quick start guide, and it looks like it wants you to go to bestself.co/getstarted. Let’s have some video instructions there. It looks like you can join a community, and it has some more PDF downloads. It has 13 weeks, which is perfect to coincide with the 13 weeks that you get here in this wall calendar. So, inside of here, it kind of looks like every week, every day is exactly the same. So you get one day for, I guess, a two-page spread I should say for each day.

So over here, you have 6:00 through 9:00, and you have things I am grateful for. Notes and ideas, which is a grid format. And then you have my goal, today’s target. You get a quote. You get lessons learned, which is your opportunities. You get wins. And then it says, “Tonight, I am grateful for,” so you get a little reminder there for gratitude. It looks exactly the same each day except the quote has changed. And then, finally, when you get to the end, you just get a one-pager that says, “Congratulations. You did it.” And here at the end, you get some blank pages that are, again, that dot grid.

So the whole thing is numbered. It’s a total of 240 pages, and the back is just yellow. I’m guessing there should be some goal setting in the front. Yes, kind of. So it looks like you get an unnumbered, undated month. So we talked about this before about creating undated planners. I think this is an excellent idea, because it doesn’t matter when someone buys this. They can buy it whenever. In week one, week two, they’re all exactly the same, but basically, you write down your weekly milestones, and it looks like maybe you write some major tasks for those each day of the week. Saturday and Sunday are clumped together.

And then over here, you have habit activities, goal and then a check mark for each day of the week, and then it looks like at the end, you tally it up and then it asks, “What is the happiest event that happened this week?” So this looks more like a week-in review. I guess you must fill this side out. Afterwards, and then what were your three big wins for the week? And review your goal and assess your progress. How did you spend your time this week? How you’ll improve next week? What was the biggest lesson you learned this week? And then this tracking. So it just looks like it makes it dark. So, you can kind of see where you’re at. So obviously, here, you’re at week six, and then you can see the rest are grayed out.

So, I think this is cute, and I actually prefer … Lately, I used to love the round coil bindings, but lately, I really liked this type of binding better, the stitch binding. It just seems a little more high-end, and my coils just keep getting broken every time in my bag, because I have so much stuff inside of there. I think these are great. I think they’re definitely worth it. Would I have paid the extra $6 I think it is for it to get it from Best Self itself? No. I love the packaging from Amazon, and it arrived way faster, and it looks pretty much the same. So, let me know in the comments below what you think, and if you have a SELF Journal, or if there’s another type of journal that you like instead. All right. Bye.

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