If you’re like me, you probably saw Erin Condren and thought, I wanna be like her.

I want to create beautiful planners and then get them into people’s hands will delight in them and fill them with beautiful plans and stickers.

There are so many other ways to earn money in the Planner Industry

Not just as a Plannerpreneurs

These are  5 Business Models to get you going with building your Plannerpreneur Empire


  • 0:45 1 | Plannerpreneur
  • 2:15 2 | Planner Systems – aka Planners with a Purpose
  • 3:23 3 | Planners as an additional revenue line for your business
  • 4:12 4 | Planner Accessories Manufacturer – Wholesale Planner Supplies
  • 5:28 5 | Planner / Accessory Reseller

So you love planners so much you want to make this your careers. – You love seeing them. – You love touching them. – You love feeling them. – You love thinking about them. – You want to sell them. – You want to make them. so we’re going to talk today about the 5 different business models that exist in the planner industry and which one is the best for you.

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So you love planners so much you want to make this your careers.

  • You love seeing them.
  • You love touching them.
  • You love feeling them.
  • You love thinking about them.

You want to sell them.

You want to make them.

so we’re going to talk today about the 5 different business models that exist in the planner industry and which one is the best for you.

1 | The 1st business model that exists within the Planner Industry is the most obvious and that’s becoming a Plannerpreneur. Becoming the next Erin Condren. That’s the tagline for the course that I teach: Planner 101.

And it’s basically someone who is tied to the calendar year.

Now the cons of this is that when January comes and goes and you haven’t sold the entire stock of planners that you made, then you have basically useless inventory. You have to mark it down, put it at 80%, just give it away for free. Or just simply recycle the paper.

So that is one tough part about dated planners.

Now, obviously digital is a totally different story. You don’t have any overhead with that but you probably did spend a lot of time making that.

Some other examples within here other than Erin Condren are Whitney English’s Day Designer, the Plum Paper Planners, Bloom Daily Planners so all of these business are tied to the calendar year so that is kind of tough, especially if you’re making paper planners to be tied to all that inventory so you’re going to have to guess how much is going to sell out.

Sometimes what someone will is do is they’ll under estimate or they’ll under order so that they know for sure so that they’ll end up selling out for sure but then that kind of leaves a bad taste in people’s minds so they may not order from you next year. So something to be aware of.

2 | The second business model is for people who have a system

Your primary business may be as a coach.

Chalene Johnson has a system where she has her push journal, but she also has a book. And all of these go together obviously to … And I have one of these right here … To help you to lose weight and “Push,” her system, towards your goals.

So those are another example. That’s the second system. Now the third system is where you just say, you know what, I’m going to make a planner because it’s going to be another revenue line for me. So it’s the same thing as someone, you know, if today I started to sell coffee mugs, or T-shirts, or pillows, and they had cute phrases or they had my logo on them. It’s not my core business to make pillows, or to create coffee mugs, but it is something that I sell as a separate business line, because maybe I have a huge fan base or I think people would enjoy those. Now someone like Kim Kardashian, if she woke up today and decided to sell planners, probably they’re going to sell out. So typically you only do this as a separate business line if you already have a captive audience, a large following, or a pretty big mailing list.

Now the third, no, that was the third, the fourth model is somebody that says, you know what I love creating accessories for planners, right. So that could be stickers, that could be washi tape, right. It could be clips. It could be pretty much anything you can find in an office supply store that could be used in a planner, but most likely number one is stickers then washi tape, and then pens or sometimes people make … Some of the planners … I don’t know why … The Erin Condren one still don’t come with a … This elastic strap, so she will make elastic straps and then there will be people who make … Almost like the same people I think who make headbands, you could make an elastic strap for a printer, a planner as well. So that is the fourth business line.

Now the nice thing about that is, those are timeless. So unlike the planners it doesn’t matter, you know when you make them, but there are trends that come and go, so you know you do have to be careful about investing in creating a lot of stickers that nobody is going to interested in later on because Powerpuff Girls is no longer popular. And in fact, I don’t have children so I don’t even know if Powerpuff Girls are even popular anymore. They might not even be as of today when I say this.

Now the fifth business model is someone who aggregates all of these and sells them as a subscription box, or in their own stationary store right. So you are basically a reseller. You’ve repackaged all of these items, and you’ve sold them to somebody who loves planners, but maybe doesn’t want to commit to one particular planner, or likes to be pleasantly surprised by planners and different accessories that you are able to package together. So if you go to Cratejoy, And Cratejoy … I’m not sure if you know this … They are sort of a market place for subscription boxes, and they have a ton of boxes on here that deal with planners and stationary.

There’s another website called My Subscription Addiction, and they list a lot of subscription boxes. And they have planners on there, but they have some old ones, obviously that’s not his core thing is … Or her … I don’t know who runs the site, but on Subscription Addiction they have a ton of planner boxes, but most of them that I clicked on were dead or just broken links. So, you know this could be either … That could be a sign that no one is buying them, or it could be a sign that it’s a great opportunity for you to get into that industry. I actually have never ordered … I don’t think I’ve ordered a planner box, but I just ordered three planner boxes, so I have some unboxings coming up soon. But I think that is an excellent idea is … Subscription boxes just keep getting more and more popular.

Alright so lets recap. So the first business model was to be a Plannerpreneur, like Erin Condren where you … Core business first and foremost is creating planners. The second one is to create a planner system, because you are a coach or a course creator, or you have some other business line and this is simply a mini business for you and you’ve created maybe a book like this to go with it, and a whole system. And then the third business model is to say, you know what, I’m just going to create another revenue line. So a planner from me is going to be just like creating coffee mugs or creating … Selling dish towels that are branded with my name. It’s not my core business. It’s just another way for me to make revenue because I am so popular. The fourth business model is to create accessories for this industry, so washi tape, stickers, clips, those binders, bookmarks. That is the fourth industry. And the fifth one is somebody who resells all of these products or a combination, either as a subscription box, or maybe in your retail store or on your retail website.

Alright, I hope that was helpful. That gave you some good ideas on where you might be interested in moving into, and things that you would like to do within this industry. Comment below and let me know which one sounds the most appealing to you, and I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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