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It’s UNBOXING Saturday and today we’re opening up the March 2018 MinxLit Subscription Box // For Women Creative Entrepreneurs

This week, Kamila from @HeartBehindHustle joins me to open the MinxLit Subscription Box // For Women Creative Entrepreneurs – check out her YouTube Channel

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Lisa:                          Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous.

Kamila:                   And I’m Kamila from Heart Behind Hustle.

Lisa:                          Today we have an unboxing for you …

Kamila:                   … of the MinxLit box.

Lisa:                          Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign. If this sounds like you, or something you might be interested in, make sure you hit the Subscribe button below. If you’re interested in …

Kamila:                   Online marketing strategies for coaches and experts and online-based entrepreneurs, then you can check me out. My channel is Heart Behind Hustle TV.

Lisa:                          I will leave a link for that below.

Lisa:                          Today we’re doing an unboxing of the MinxLit box. It came in this plastic bag, and so, we’ll put it out. All right. Here we go. The MinxLit, if you don’t know, is for creative female entrepreneurs and it was started by a woman who is an author. All right. Here we go.

Lisa:                          Oh hello, and Hayley said, “Thank you so much for giving us a try, XOXO [inaudible 00:00:59].”

Kamila:                   That’s nice.

Lisa:                          Yeah, that must take forever to write. Okay. So we have blue tissue paper, and it just seems to cover the top, and we have, “Confidence is not wanting everyone to like you. It’s being okay when they don’t.”

Kamila:                   Cute.

Lisa:                          “We’re here to help you grow your brand today. Jay Marie, Digital Marketing Strategy and Designs.”

Kamila:                   It’s like an ad.

Lisa:                          Oh.

Kamila:                   Here’s an ad.

Lisa:                          Here’s an ad. March 2018. Vlogbox.

Kamila:                   How convenient. We are vlogging right now.

Lisa:                          Oh, how cute. This is like a list of everything you get.

Kamila:                   Oh cool.

Lisa:                          And then it tells you how much everything’s worth.

Kamila:                   Oh. Is that her book? Is that who it is?

Lisa:                          Yep.

Kamila:                   Oh.

Lisa:                          I think so. I think that’s her book. I don’t even know if I’m in the right spot. So … what else does it tell you. Writing prompts.

Kamila:                   Blog topics. Other things.

Lisa:                          [inaudible 00:01:55] special.

Kamila:                   I think these are offers.

Lisa:                          Oh okay.

Kamila:                   Like other-

Lisa:                          More offers.

Kamila:                   More ads.

Lisa:                          More ads. Okay. Do you want to open the first one?

Kamila:                   Yes. All right. So this is a fish-eye lens, three in one. It looks like it’s probably for your iPhone.

Lisa:                          Oh it’s for your phone’s camera.

Kamila:                   Yeah. Which Lisa just got an iPhone, very exciting.

Lisa:                          It could be for an Android. We don’t hate Android users.

Kamila:                   Yeah we don’t. I am friends with her after all. Okay.

Lisa:                          That’s cool.

Kamila:                   So it’s just like … You just do that somehow.

Lisa:                          I don’t know. Oh, it clips. It must clip on to the other end.

Kamila:                   Hmm.

Lisa:                          Here I’ll get my iPhone.

Kamila:                   Oh, wait, wait, wait. I figured it out.

Lisa:                          You did?

Kamila:                   Yeah. So you do it like that. And then you take your phone and you clip it over this. And then you take it off.

Lisa:                          Oh. Completely.

Kamila:                   Completely. Never mind. I don’t know if that’s how you do it.

Lisa:                          We’ll figure it out later and get back to you.

Lisa:                          All right, I will open the next one. Lava Clay and Honey facial mask. Oh.

Kamila:                   Powdered facial mask.

Lisa:                          Oh, it’s powdered. How do you do that? I’m so confused by all these products.

Kamila:                   Well-

Lisa:                          Do you mix it with water?

Kamila:                   I mean the ingredients are pretty good. It’s Moroccan lava clay. White clay, honey, powder, dehydrated coconut milk and maltodextrin, which is pretty good.

Lisa:                          There’s no directions.

Kamila:                   I don’t know, I don’t know how to do that.

Lisa:                          Oh.

Kamila:                   It just opens.

Lisa:                          I don’t understand.

Kamila:                   I don’t either.

Lisa:                          Well-

Kamila:                   Confusing. Well, if … Maybe we can YouTube it.

Lisa:                          Maybe. All right, you can do the next.

Kamila:                   All right, we have a mini-tripod. I’m getting all the techy video gear things. So it’s with a mount. So it’s pretty cool.

Lisa:                          We could try it out with the new Canon that you have.

Kamila:                   And there are instructions.

Lisa:                          That’s much more hopeful.

Kamila:                   Yeah so you just put your-

Lisa:                          Oh, it’s a phone.

Kamila:                   You put your phone in here. Oh, but also a camera. So that’s pretty cool. Or anything, even this weird light.

Lisa:                          All right. Weird things can go on the tripod too.

Kamila:                   It’s a little [inaudible 00:04:28].

Lisa:                          Oh. It’s like tri-directional. It’s in all directions. So I see, it has the screw thing. Cool. It’s very thin. I don’t know if I’d trust my expensive camera on it.

Kamila:                   It’s a little yeah. I would use it for something light because it’s a little flimsy.

Lisa:                          Yeah. All right. This looks very mysterious.

Kamila:                   It’s a ball.

Lisa:                          It’s wrapping inside wrapping.

Kamila:                   That’s a pretty jar.

Lisa:                          This is sugar [inaudible 00:05:05]-

Kamila:                   It’s a soy candle.

Lisa:                          Oh it’s a candle. White tea and berries.

Kamila:                   I love candles. Can we smell it. No, like actually smell it, by opening it.

Lisa:                          Can’t smell anything. Oh. It has holes though to vent, right? Oh, I see. Yeah. I swear there’s holes.

Kamila:                   There’s holes but I wanted to smell the real thing.

Lisa:                          All right.

Kamila:                   There’s chocolate, dark chocolate.

Lisa:                          That’s a have to have. No, it’s a dark. It’s yours.

Kamila:                   Oh yeah. That’s my thing.

Lisa:                          I’m not into dark chocolate.

Kamila:                   You don’t like dark chocolate?

Lisa:                          I like milk chocolate.

Kamila:                   Jesus.

Lisa:                          It’s way better.

Kamila:                   More ads, business cards from people. Mask. We found the instructions.

Lisa:                          Oh, there’s directions.

Kamila:                   For the mask.

Lisa:                          What do we have to do?

Kamila:                   You have to mix it.

Lisa:                          One teaspoon of powder with a teaspoon of mixer of your choice. A mixer? Like a chaser? Margarita mix?

Kamila:                   I’ll take some cranberry juice.

Lisa:                          Apply to skin. After ten minutes, rinse with warm water and pat dry. Use once or twice a week.

Kamila:                   It tells you what skin type, what mixer to use.

Lisa:                          Oh.

Kamila:                   For combination, milk or yogurt. Oily, water. Normal, water or milk. You can also use honey. I’d probably not use honey for that, because it’s-

Lisa:                          It would stick to your face.

Kamila:                   Yeah. But now we know how to use it. No longer need to YouTube it.

Lisa:                          We do. Yours.

Kamila:                   No, that’s you because I just kind of took over.

Lisa:                          Oh okay. All right, notepad. “Nevertheless, she persisted.” Today’s date, the battle plan, today’s weekly to do.

Kamila:                   Cool.

Lisa:                          Appointments, missions. That’s cute.

Kamila:                   And you can put your mood. You’re nasty.

Lisa:                          So you can track that and memorialize it.

Kamila:                   Just nasty every day.

Lisa:                          So this is the notepad. It’s cute. All right.

Kamila:                   And last but not least we have Amy’s book. Vlog Like a Boss. I’m really bad at opening … Yeah, I’m like the worst at opening.

Lisa:                          I’ve never seen a book wrapped like that.

Kamila:                   I know.

Lisa:                          It’s cute though.

Kamila:                   Here’s Amy’s book, which I actually have already read.

Lisa:                          Do you have it? So like, on your shelf?

Kamila:                   I have it on my Kindle.

Lisa:                          Oh okay. I’ve already read it too. Now what are we going to do with it?

Kamila:                   Now we’re just going to look at it.

Lisa:                          Great.

Lisa:                          So we are going to be doing the Three system Cold Stone Creamery …[crosstalk 00:07:24]

Kamila:                   She loves Cold Stone.

Lisa:                          So it will be Like It, Love It or Have to Have it for every item, because you can’t really hate something that was free.

Kamila:                   All right.

Lisa:                          Cool. So that was it. I would say, what do you say? Like it, love it, have to have it, for this box?

Kamila:                   I think it was … I would say I love it.

Lisa:                          Yeah.

Kamila:                   Yeah.

Lisa:                          It’s a love it. I think it was … I don’t know if I have the price right. It might have been $39.99.

Kamila:                   If it’s $39.99 I would say love it. If it’s $49, I would say like it.

Lisa:                          I would say it’s a love it. I don’t know if I’d have to have it. But I loved it. I felt like it was heavy, like you get a lot of stuff.

Kamila:                   Yeah, yeah. So it’s all cool.

Lisa:                          Awesome. All right, well leave a comment below and let us know if you have the MinxLit box and if you love it, liked it or you have to have it. So I also have a code. It’s called I don’t remember what my code is but I will leave it in the description below for a discount on the MinxLit box. All right. Bye everyone. Did you say bye?

Kamila:                   Bye.


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