Here are my top 4 places to learn Adobe InDesign for beginners.

These are completely different from the earlier video I did on How I Learned InDesign.

UPDATED VIDEO – If I were doing this from scratch, here are the sites I would use today to start learning InDesign.

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You have Adobe InDesign questions and you need answers. You possibly want a technical walk through and you want one with the most recent version, so let me share with you today my top four go-to locations for where I go when I need answers.

Hi everyone, I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous Designs, and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign. So, if this sounds like you or something that you might be interested in make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday.

All right. If you’re like me you like having your answers clearly and consciously told to you without a lot of fluff, a lot of background, you’re busy. You don’t have time for a huge lecture. So, sometimes has things organized.

Now, David Blattner and Anne Marie Concepcion are very knowledgeable, they’re InDesign experts, they have a site called InDesign secrets. We’ll go over that in a minute, but sometimes I just find them a little too long winded. They give a lot of history and extra details that I just don’t need. Now, it’ll be interesting because InDesign Secrets, and I am a member of their site, and they do a ton of things on InDesign, not just for planners or books. And they have started a YouTube channel. So it’ll be interesting to see if they kind of shorten their answers to be a little more concise with the YouTube format.

Another place that I go now is InDesign Tutorials from Adobe itself. Now, if you aren’t able to find this, if you’re inside Adobe InDesign, and you simply go over here to help, and you go to InDesign Tutorials, that will then pop up this site. And again, you’ll see that I’m logged in as Pretty Fabulous. You must be logged in to access these tutorials, and they’re actually pretty good.

The next place that I go, my third go-to place is Bring Your Own Laptop. I have no idea who this guy is, but he is crazy knowledgeable about pretty much every single application that is inside Adobe Creative Cloud, and he has a really good tutorial. I can’t even remember. I signed up just a couple days ago and it was I want to say $30 or maybe $40 a month, it’s really not that expensive for all of the material that he has in there.

Now my fourth go-to location is Creative Live. Now, if you haven’t heard of Creative Live they do something different where all of the lessons are live just like it says Creative Live, but they’re live in their own studio, so it’s not people recording videos or training outside of their house. It’s usually typically all day or maybe two days in a row they have a live studio audience actually right there working, and listening, and interacting with the instructor, they record it, and that is what becomes the lessons that you see on Creative Live. So, they have a ton of different things about photography, and video, craft makers. Now these courses are not cheap. The InDesign ones luckily are pretty affordable, but some of the more expensive courses, I can’t even think of one. You’ll see $199 for this, $199 so you know, pick and choose what you like. A lot of the big instructors that they have actually have their own YouTube channels and they’re businesses in and of themselves, so you might actually find something you need somewhere else, but I really like it. I like the format, I like that it’s concise, and I like that they vetted their instructors and they’ve gotten professionals.

So, let’s recap. What are my four sites that I recommend? So, the first one is Adobe InDesign itself, where you can go in and look at tutorials if you’re logged into Creative Cloud. So you do have to have a membership. The second one is InDesign Secrets, which just started a YouTube page, so that will be interesting to see if it becomes a little shorter and more concise, but typically they have a monthly newsletter and I find out something new like an Easter egg that I didn’t know about. And the third one is Bring Your Own Laptop, which has a ton of tutorials on the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. And the last one is Creative Live, which has live recordings of in-person instructors at their on-site studio, and they have a ton of other different courses as well.

All right. I hope that was helpful. Let me know where you go right now today to get answers. I’m guessing you might be like me and you’ve just been using YouTube primarily, but let me know if you have another resource that I haven’t discovered yet.

All right. Hope everyone’s having a great week and I’ll see you guys next week. Bye.


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