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Now, today we’re going to talk about different ways that you can sell your planners online from A-Z, and then you can choose for yourself which one fits best for you, your lifestyle, and the type of planner that you’re trying to sell. Hi, everyone. I’m Lisa from Pretty Fabulous Designs, and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe Indesign. So, if this sounds like you or something that you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday.

There’s a ton of different places you can sell your planners online. Now, the easiest place, and probably the place that you’re going to get the most traffic of people who are actively looking for planners is going to be Etsy. Now, Etsy is super-easy to go on to, as far as a platform and start selling. And Etsy also has a lot of great built-in features for you, such as, they are going to process all the payments for you, they are going to take care of fulfillment for you. When I say fulfillment, I mean a digital download. If you’re selling a physical book, you actually have to do the fulfillment for yourself.

However, they have built-in shipping and handling fees that they will charge that customer, as well as taxes. So, you really don’t have to worry too much about setting all of that up, which, if you’ve ever watched a Darrell Wilson video on e-commerce and setting up shipping and handling, and taxes, and European taxes, I mean, he does an excellent job. I love his tutorials. But that’s about a three-hour tutorial. And that’s assuming you can follow along as quickly as he does. So, he’s really great at teaching you how to do that, but that is a huge learning curve, which you will save time on if you simply sell on Etsy.

Now, some of the other platforms, especially if you’re going digital, you could sell on your own website using a plug-in such as Easy Digital Downloads, or you could use DPD, I think it’s called. And you can use other platforms like Gumroad. And I think those work excellent. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with them. They do take a larger fee, but again, because they’ve taken care of all of the infrastructure for you, so that’s a huge advantage.

Now, if you are selling physical planners, and maybe you’re going to personalize them, I’ve always talked about this, I think Zazzle is an excellent platform, because it allows people to put in, like the Erin Condren planners, where you want to put your name on the front, or you want to put a quote. So, you are able to take orders just like that on Zazzle, on Society6, on, I believe it’s called Red CafĂ©. There is a ton of different platforms like that, that sell mainly, I would say if you’re looking for places that sell T-shirts and mugs to direct consumers, then those same platforms are going to be excellent for you to sell your planners, whether they are digital or they are physical.

Now, if you’re selling digital on those platforms, you would simply include the link to your digital files that you have sold to somebody as your “Thank you” email. If you are selling physical, obviously, it works the same as Etsy, and you’ll want to package that all together and collect all the shipping and what state they are in so you know what to charge them for taxes. Now, aside from those, obviously, we talked about those. You can use a plug-in to sell on your own site. You could also use a plug-in like Blue Commerce. You could use Optimize Press. You could use, nowadays, if you have Lean Pages, which I have, they actually have a way for you to take payments through Lean Pages, as well, which is a great service that only came out, I think it was in November or October of last year. But it doesn’t matter. It’s there and it’s working now.

But if you want a traditional shopping cart, you might go with Shopify or with Big Commerce. They are pretty much the same product, in my opinion. I think Shopify has vastly, to a larger degree, a lot more integrations. They are clearly much more popular than Big Commerce. However, I wouldn’t write Big Commerce out, because Big Commerce does have some really pretty themes, and Big Commerce also integrates with Pinterest so that people can purchase directly once they are on Pinterest without having to leave the Pinterest site and go to a different store. So that’s a huge convenience.

The other platforms that you are able to sell on are the larger ones like Amazon, or Alibaba. So, if you are going to be selling, and obviously, this is for physical products. You’re not going to be able to sell digital products, well, I shouldn’t say that. I have seen software sold on Amazon. But traditionally, people are going to Amazon to buy physical products. And Amazon has two different stores. There is just regular Amazon, and you can either do Amazon FBA, where you are sending your stuff to one of their warehouses, and they go ahead and fulfill that for you. Or, you can sell it through Amazon and then you get the order just like you would on Etsy, and you’re responsible for fulfilling that order.

Now, the other way you can sell on Amazon is a site they have that’s competing with Etsy, called Handmade. And to get on Handmade right now, I think it’s pretty difficult. You have to have some proven sales. But you might already have that, so this could be an option for you. And it has a pretty lengthy application process. I have applied, and I have been denied. So I actually don’t have any experience with Handmade. But, there are two really popular sellers on Amazon, or not sellers, they are other Youtubers that help you with selling on Handmade, and selling at Etsy.

So, the first one is Morgan Nield, and she has some great tutorials and blog posts on how to sell on Etsy. And the second one is Renae Christine, and she will teach you how to sell on Amazon Handmade, as well as on Etsy. And she’s really great. She talks about crafts, just everything in general, so not just planners. But she really knows that space, and she’s really excited to help teach you all of the stuff that she knows. So, let me know in the comments below, though, if you had another platform that you sell your planners on that I didn’t mention. And I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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