My friend Alana & I checked out the Pinners Conference here in San Diego earlier this month (April 2018) held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds – I hope this video answers a lot of questions we had before going in: Is the Pinners Conference worth it? What is the Pinners Conference? Are there cool vendors at the Pinners Conference? Is there a swag bag for Pinner attendees…


  • 0:30 0 | Who did I go with – my friend Alana
  • 0:36 1 | What is it
  • 0:50 2 | Where was it held
  • 1:32 3 | Are the classes worth taking?
  • 1:41 4a | How much did it cost to attend
  • 2:16 4b | How much was parking
  • 2:30 5 | Was there food available
  • 2:40 6 | Who was this conference geared towards
  • 3:06 7 | What vendors were at the Expo
  • 3:53 8 | Were there any paper, stationery, pen & planner accessories
  • 4:29 9 | What time each day did the Conference start & end
  • 5:03 10 | How much $$ were classes to attend
  • 5:32 11 | Was there any swag or a gift bag provided
  • 6:43 12 | Did I purchase anything besides macaroons
  • 6:54 13 | Was it worth attending
  • 7:17 A Note on classes
  • 8:05 14 | Were there any networking opportunities
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Transcript (with Timestamps)

00:00                                         Wondering whether or not the pinners conference and expo is really worth attending who it’s actually four in. What the heck goes on there? Will I went this past weekend to the San Diego one and I’m going to share with you all of the details. Hi everyone. I’m Lisa from pretty fabulous and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using adobe indesign. So if this sounds like you are something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday and I do unboxings on Saturday. Today we’re talking about the pinners conference and expo in first, let’s just talk about what is it? It is two days. It is held at a large convention center. So here in San Diego it was that the Delmar fairgrounds and it took up two of the buildings there and it was a pretty big space.

00:50                                         Mostly I would say 90 percent of it is for the expo, which is surrounded around the classrooms. As you can see, the classrooms were simply just cordoned off areas, uh, that were open. So in theory, even if you had not paid for a class, it would be impossible to really block people out from the class because the classes, at least in San Diego, we’re not held in a separate room. They were held in an open space and so you could actually just walk by and see the whole class as well. Now a lot of those classes, especially the, I shouldn’t say a lot, but some of them require a tools like they had an entire area set up with sewing machines or maybe you needed to purchase a calligraphy kit beforehand. So in those cases it’s probably not going to be very useful to just stand and watch the classroom versus taking it.

01:41                                         Which brings up another point which is how much was it? So the pinners conference was $8 here in San Diego for general admission and that got you in for both days and you received a wristband. And that wristband though, if you had purchased it the day before, would have provided free parking for you. But I radically. I think in order to pick up the wristband you had to pay just to park at the facility to get the wristband, so don’t get too excited about going there beforehand. Parking for us I believe was at seven or $8 and then they have little shuttles that will take you from the parking lot to the actual expo and because the expo was at the Delmar fairgrounds, which is used to holding, I believe, you know, the county fairs, it was set up with a lot of county fair food joe. So like a lemon shake ups and funnel cakes and heroes and fries and stuff like that in case you get hungry now.

02:41                                         Who was this conference for? This was definitely for people who love diy, who love putting together their own jewelry, who want to learn how to handle it or do watercolor who went to. So things. Uh, so in general, if you like all of the diy crafts on Pinterest, you are going to enjoy the sessions that are there. Now. They do try to offer vendors, I believe that are tangentially related. Uh, but in the expo there were a ton of vendors that, um, you know, we’re all over the place that, so some had clothing, some of them are so old stitched kits and some of them sold jewelry, which is exactly what I expected to see at the expo. There were also wigs people with hair products, um, you know, beauty products. But there were a couple ones where you were kind of like, I don’t understand why you’re here.

03:35                                         There was someone selling smart locks for your home or I guess there were just people that were thinking, I guess it’s a captive audience of women that are homeowners and I think maybe they will purchase this. I think there was an insurance salesman there as well. But regardless, the majority of the other vendors, there were great. There were a lot of um, are, there weren’t, I should say there weren’t a lot of paper, stationary inc type of vendors. Like I was hoping for a. But obviously that’s me and I’m very biased in what I’m looking for. A, I probably could’ve gone to a paper conference if I really needed that. Uh, but there weren’t a lot, in fact, I did not see, I think I saw one stand that had any journals or sketchbooks or anything or pens or things like that. Uh, there was, I think just two others that had stamps and stickers and washy tape and items that you would actually put inside of a planner.

04:28                                         Now this conference went on, it started on the first day at 10:00 AM and I believe it went until 6:00 PM and they have classes all throughout the day. And so there’s a night, I’m not sure how long each class was, but there was a 90 minute gap between one class and then when the second set of classes and the third set and they all weigh in consecutively so that if you had to pick a class within that session, there was no kind of overlap or um, change over. So you’d have to pick, you know, one session here and then miss a couple, if that makes any sense. But the, uh, the, the expo pass that I mentioned that was $8 does not include classes. So if you want to attend a class, you need to buy a, uh, what’s called class like a one day expo pass.

05:12                                         It was a little confusing because the passes for the day either included sets of two classes or all classes or what they called VIP and vip. You were also able to access the recordings of the courses leader and that was a hundred and $29. Now when they said that they were swag and prizes, um, the night before, we did not go to the night before show. So when we got there we saw a table and that was the first day probably we got there at 1130 and they have these bags out for everyone to grab and they had a table where they had planners from passion planner. So these were dated planners and obviously January, February and March have already passed. Uh, but, you know, it was nice that they were giving these out for free. They were just on the table. I was a little confused when I came in because there was no sign, uh, but there are definitely free and we walked the expo maybe five minutes and then we thought, hey, maybe we should get a second planner for a friend.

06:14                                         We came back and they were gone. So, uh, you know, if you see stuff on the table right when you walk in, for sure it’s free and for sure it will be gone in literally five minutes. Uh, as we’re, the bags, those were gone as well to now the bags were empty. There was no sort of swag bag, I guess for the event you. In fact, I think if you had come there too late and don’t quote me on this, maybe they put more bags out after we left, uh, you would not have gotten a bag. So you’d have to hope that the vendors had bags if you purchase something now. I actually didn’t find a lot of things I wanted to purchase again because I was mostly looking for paper and ink for calligraphy and just didn’t find that. Now, do I think it’s worth it?

06:56                                         I think it’s worth going to, if there are classes specifically you want to attend that you can’t get somewhere else because that class is only 60 minutes or less, so you can’t really teach a whole lot and it was pretty loud because the way it was set up in San Diego is again, like I said, the classroom isn’t in the middle. You have people talking to vendors all around where you are trying to take a course. So it is kind of noisy and in my opinion, you know, if there is something that you were really interested in that you couldn’t find somewhere else or you were able to use a sewing machine, you were thinking about purchasing and they had them right there on site. That would be a really good reason to take the course. Again, the course really urgency courses. The classes weren’t really that expensive.

07:42                                         So, um, I think it was a really great deal overall. Uh, so just be prepared though because it is $8, which I totally understand. There weren’t swag bags. That sounds like a passion planner just happened to be giving out this planner. Uh, but otherwise I’m, there weren’t a lot of freebies, if you know what I mean. In terms of networking, there weren’t any specific networking events. I suppose you could have chatted with people while you were walking around, but everyone was kind of into their own thing and a lot of people came with friends and I’m pretty introverted and shy even though I don’t seem like it. And so I didn’t really meet anybody new. However, may be in a class you might have met somebody or a comment below and let me know what you think of the penners conference and if you’ve gone to one before or if you’re thinking about going to one. All right, I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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