This is a great motivational speech + live Q*A that Lewis Howes did in San Diego a couple years ago on the last stop of his The School of Greatness Book Tour


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  • 7:35 About the Book
  • 7:57 Q&A begins where Lewis answers questions from both cards that were turned in at the beginning of the night, as well as fielding questions from the audience of entrepreneurs

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Today I wanted to share with you in impromptu speech that I recorded of Louis House about two years ago when it came to San Diego for his book to her and this was the last stop on his tour for this book, the School of Greatness. Now he does have an online program that goes with this, so this book and his speech were about 50 percent of his background and also 50 percent inspiration on how you can start a business. It’s about 20 minutes, but I did put timestamps for you in the description below if you wanted to skip ahead, but I found it very inspiring and I really liked what he had to say.

Hi everyone. I’m Lisa from pretty fabulous and I help online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using adobe indesign. So if this sounds like you are something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday. I do unboxings on Saturdays. Today I want to share with you a clip from Lewis Howes, impromptu speech that he gave at his book signing. Now to go to those book signing, I believe we had to buy a ticket ahead of time for $12, but it didn’t include the book and in fact he did sign it for us and I included a picture when I say us, I went with five of my other friends and he gave us all a hug. When we got up there. He was very warm and genuine and just in general, I got a really good vibe from him.

If I had to do my top three takeaways from his impromptu speech, the first thing is no matter what path you’re going down, especially how he was going down and being a, I guess football player and things didn’t work out because of an injury. You can always turn things around and just because you were planning to do one thing doesn’t mean you aren’t going to be a great and amazing at something else. The second thing is having a vision is completely OK. Even though you’ve never done anything like that. If you want to be an astronaut and you’ve never even flown in an airplane, that is totally OK as long as you can imagine it. I don’t know if that’s a good analogy, but that’s basically what he’s saying when he says it’s OK to have a vision even though you have no experience or any skills whatsoever related to that vision. And the third thing is he just hung out with people and it sounds like did free errands for them and was their admin just so he could be around them and learn from them, which is something that I believe Tim ferriss talks about all the time.

Lewis Howes                          00:02:26               A few minutes around. You’re trying to listen for two minutes. So first off, I want to say thanks for his love for this whole thing together. I just showed up for the future. She might be here on you event conversations. Yeah.

Lewis Howes                          00:03:02               This is the, the [inaudible] city [inaudible] stop on my floor and the final stuff. Aries in such a humbling experience to see so many people come out and support me. You guys have no idea how much it means the world to me. So first off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here, for showing up among guys. Have busy. Raj, I know you have everything that’s happening and a lot quick question, how many of you have ever listened to one of my podcasts? He’s showing me how many of you to never heard about me before as a day and a friend dragged me

Speaker 3:                               00:03:39               around there,

Lewis Howes                          00:03:43               the friends that brought them out there and brought them out here. He’s a lots of being here and hopefully you’ll listen to podcasts and I just want to share a story about my experience over the last few months with this book launch and then we’ll open up to [inaudible] because I have no clue what you really want to hear. So eight years ago I had a dream. I had a dream of becoming. You remember when you talking about selling author and inspiring people all around the mural and it almost came true. We hit number two, your time

Speaker 3:                               00:04:19               journeys during

Lewis Howes                          00:04:20               my high school, my high school girlfriend is actually here. I haven’t seen him 12 or 13 years and I remember I was just talking to her. I was like, it’s so good as Cto, could you beverage scrawny kid from Ohio could ever create his dream? And she’s like, it’s unbelievable. I’m proud of you and I’m just like, I’m really proud of you for believing in me at such an early age when I didn’t include myself and it’s been an incredible journey because so many people have believed in me, even when I believe in myself and I know there’s a lot of people here who may not. You may not believe in yourself right now and it’s OK. You don’t need a fully believe in yourself. You got to surround yourself with people who see what’s possible for you in the future, and I’m going to talk a lot about vision because for me, eight years ago when I was on my sister’s couch with a broken wrist and didn’t know what was going to do next, I was in transition.

Lewis Howes                          00:05:15               I didn’t have any skills. I didn’t have any money. I didn’t have any experience. I didn’t have a college degree yet. I was a 23 year old bomb, um, with a huge ego and nothing else to show for that and I remember saying to myself, one day I’m going to read a book and I’m going to do these things on a chameleon in to do it and it’s going to be amazing, but there is zero evidence and that was impossible. There was no evidence on my sister’s couch for a year and a half as I wasn’t getting any opportunities that any of this will be possible. And as I was talking to some of you guys here who were telling me about your dream and you’re like, well, it’s just really hard right now. It’s really challenging. You know, there’s no evidence that I can make of myself and say that it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a strong enough vision and you surround yourself with the right people and you find the right information to develop the skills and the tools, then it’s all possible if you’re committed to that vision over time, years for me to make this happen and is much longer than I wanted to.

Lewis Howes                          00:06:18               But it happens and it happened, it happened at the exact right time because if this would have happened a year ago, I wouldn’t have been fully ready emotionally, whatever handle it, but when we’re going to take it in stride and hopefully as gracefully as I have been this last year, I don’t think I would’ve been able to deal with it. And so I just want you guys to know that everything is perfectly timed for your life, for your business, the relationships, the careers. It’s all perfectly timed. You trust the process. Um, this last month has just been an incredible journey and if anyone’s ever interested in doing a book launch, I’m telling you, it’s a, it’s a whirlwind. If you want to go this week, it’s lots of energy so that when you commit to that dog and put it out there in a big way. So what I’m going to do is again, finish off by saying thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. It’s incredible to see people show up and support me in my dream. And there’s no way that I’m able to do this without ever worn. Supporting in such a big way, if you guys have when each one’s you’ve stuffed up to support me and it means a lot means a lot to me, so thank you all so very much.

Speaker 3:                               00:07:33               Wow.

Speaker 1:                               00:07:35               You’re interested in this book. It is still available on Amazon. I will leave a link below. He has a new book called the mask of Masculinity, which I have not read in a, but I will leave a link for that. If you liked this message today, you’ll probably like that as well and he has a ton of online programs that you can find on his website. Comment below and let me know what you thought was most interesting as a takeaway from Lewis. His speech

Lewis Howes                          00:08:00               are the challenges as being dyslexic, going on and not having any conference myself as anyone actually resembles what this lesson was. Letting go of things and finding a great team working so great writers. Great, and everyone’s so. It wasn’t like a one man show where it’s like a 40 person show was the biggest challenge. Your well-being. What keeps you up at night from Wendy, Wendy, who is your hero and what keeps me up at night?

Speaker 3:                               00:08:46               Yeah. Yeah.

Lewis Howes                          00:09:03               There’s so much to creative. I feel like there’s so much to create and there’s so many people in the positive way, so I’m always thinking, what can I do? How much more energy in the world? I feel like I was born for a reason. The reason I was one of the police right now, my current mission is to serve a maximum number of people on everybody, so for me it’s constantly thinking, how can I serve more people in, hop away with the right tools and education to help them that you’ve learned for bring out the best way to get in the best mindset to start the day rights. Lori Moran is a. for me, it’s about ritual, about creating original morning and I’ve been using headspace. Headspace or did you say what I. Did it occur to you that a guided meditation for about 12 years and just started doing this.

Lewis Howes                          00:10:01               I’m in. For me, it’s every morning he started with gratitude, starting women’s, this meditation and then your attention for what? I want to do that day, waking up and my phone and started working here and say what the going to make the biggest impact in my life and other people around me and I also like to work on just me feeling good about myself, so that’s what I start with. OK, this is from God, but what’s the best way to get over yourself? Stop Holding yourself back, mentor professionally, and that’s what he’s done to get over yourself. Stop where yourself back. Whereas this, it’s a question you a surround yourself with good people who will get you out with some people is the best way, in my opinion, and having a clear vision. I think when people don’t have a clear vision or we’re going to just. I’m wandering from finger paint without a purpose. More than one. More time. You’d be like, what am I doing? I’m not good enough to do anything or say what you want. At least for this year. Just stay committed to one thing. That’s what I say hi to Louis for the heart.

Speaker 3:                               00:11:25               Fear

Lewis Howes                          00:11:26               hard, hard kiss Juliet.

Speaker 3:                               00:11:27               Yeah,

Lewis Howes                          00:11:40               or some fluff.

Speaker 3:                               00:11:41               Really, really

Lewis Howes                          00:11:44               the real answer is that my mission and my vision job, then I won’t, why to go below my wife while pursuing my mission and my vision, know I haven’t been able to experience three in relationship to fully committed, fully go into my vision, you back in any way. So whether that’s my own internal conversation that I’ve been to like shift and just reframe or three meetings or finding the right fit or one of those things is the fear I’m going to be achieving my dreams my whole life.

Speaker 3:                               00:12:30               Yeah.

Lewis Howes                          00:12:33               Advice to your younger self as a shot. <Unk> is your cell phone number too?

Speaker 3:                               00:12:45               Yeah. For

Lewis Howes                          00:12:57               Yourself. It wasn’t a wish. Which age you can go back to the start of your business. What would you tell yourself or your business? Just tell myself like, um, I would tell myself that it doesn’t matter how hard it gets ever. That is always going to get better. It’s never going to be foreign for long, no matter how much pain and suffering and going through it with a better. Um, I would also say that don’t try to have it all figured out right now is don’t try to feel like you’re. You need to know what your vision for the rest of your life and you’re going to be doing when you’re thinking to right now the rest of your life, because I believe we go through different stages and different assignments. I was a football player in the ended and I could’ve been fixated on living in the past of my life identity of being a football player.

Lewis Howes                          00:14:04               He still is like, what’s next and how can I take it was my passion. So I would say your suffering is going to get better, can follow your dream and your dream and you always answer it from Michelle. Number one, advice for a small business owner. Let’s talk to giving advice without transects. Offer small business owner. But I’ll give three games and our job when I was starting a business, you guys can be quiet in the back. I hate to tell you to be quiet, but that’s what makes sure everyone’s not distracted. You guys want to go into the next room or going outside? Completely cool. Then one piece of advice I would say your brand is your personal brand is the most powerful thing that about you is actually what’s real is what people think about. What’s real about you on to the world at least, so that means really diabetes interior. When building your personal brand, doing phase to connect with influencers, maybe shoot where design is a higher level than everyone else in your industry, so you are positioning yourself at a better level, working on mastering the one thing in your industry, becoming an expert at one thing so that you’re carrying pitch to press that one thing and get featured more on the news sites in the press because the event’s going to your brand equity or personal randomness. Relationships. Doesn’t matter what happens to your business and the other side for the rest of your life.

Speaker 4:                               00:15:39               Favorite pokemon character name that you’re not answering that. I don’t even know any of the names. Yeah. Favorite book. This is where your book is. The outcome is when I read, I read a challenging transition

Lewis Howes                          00:16:03               from after college. I read this book. You remember being blown away by the story and how simple it was. Um, so I recommend going and checking out if you’re specifically trying to figure out what’s, what’s your, what’s your dream is, and what does, what does true love mean to you? What is your definition of love? Nicola definition of love. I think my definition of love is doing whatever you need to do to make sure you feel like you mattered because it doesn’t matter how much you love everyone else. If you don’t feel like you matter, you don’t love yourself, then you’re not living the definition of love. It’s hard to be just loving everyone else, but not doing what you need to love yourself. That may be a selfish answer, but I feel like you’ve got a fully appreciate yourself in every moment of life and longer yourself fully so that you can show up in a powerful way and serve other people.

Speaker 4:                               00:17:19               Yeah, that’s it. That’s the last question.

Lewis Howes                          00:17:25               Let me see if there’s three more hands will get three. The first three hands that show up if anyone wants to answer questions to, and

Speaker 4:                               00:17:34               three, four. OK, so go ahead. Me. What you’re most grateful for is honestly

Lewis Howes                          00:17:43               right now, this current moment then, since you know a lot of us, three of us was bobcat along show are great for us to get back to you. Um, I mean being here to support and it’s very humbling when you show up and give me a few hours of your time and use logs. And the biggest thing you can do at the biggest thing that anyone could do is if you love the book and you love the podcast is just share the online with your friends of your friends. Tell your friends about it. We’re at one point 4,000,000 downloads. This last one is, my goal this year is to get inducted downloads in one. So you don’t have everyone shares an episode a week with a frame that’s going to continue to grow. So that’s what I would up to see if you want to support that. Thanks man. What does the three other questions? Yes, Trish. Right. So this was your last day.

Speaker 3:                               00:18:58               Yeah,

Lewis Howes                          00:19:06               yeah. What would be the three trips that I saw? My three truths. I’m gonna skip the same thing I said before, what I’m gonna say, what’s coming on right now is that I’m always putting my guests on the spot, so number one would be that I’m always come from love in every situation, always comfortable possible when I say that because sometimes I don’t always come from love, so it was a constant reminder to myself. Does it mean to be a pushover and allow people to screw you over, but comfortable them in place as often as possible. Number two, is your dreams matter and are the most important thing in the world and what else are we here to do? If it’s an entrepreneur to figure out and pursue our dreams, what are some of your bill? Number three, it’s our duty to make the maximum impact on other people’s lives around us. I believe again the world we came here for whatever reasons we were born for whatever reason, who actually knows the real reason we’re here. We’re born into such an incredible world to show us some amazing opportunities and it’s like a huge playground. I feel like we were giving so much for no reason and we should constantly living in service through impacting as many people as possible through shoes.

Speaker 3:                               00:20:56               Cla. Alright. What am I grateful for? Having a girlfriend that believes in me. Ah, yeah. My question is I get ahold of the music from five minute Fridays. Who? South dock Tom Slash playlist. It’s like a secret length that I’ve never promoted that play list flavors or music. So trying to. One question. Yes.

Speaker 4:                               00:21:38               Um, so I’m grateful for being with everyone here tonight and running into old friends and meeting New People. Um, my question is, so I sometimes feel schizophrenia because I have multiple divisions and it’s hard to decipher which one is actually the right. Is it like, cause I heard you talking today on your podcast like Oh, I would love to be a singer on stage, but I’m not really born to do that. And how do you know what is going to maximize your skill set but also something you’re really passionate about?

Lewis Howes                          00:22:12               Um, I think you figure it out through trial and error and years of getting closer and closer to 32 and I’m just now getting a little bit of a stride and I was like, I feel like I’m just starting like this. Take a step forward towards the right direction for what I’m supposed to do it for the last 30 years was just practice developing skills, experience, meeting people, messing up, constantly hurting myself to figure out, OK, now know that words. Now here’s where I feel more called to do. So let me just start working on it. And it’s just beginning now. You know what I mean? Is like the first day I feel like I’m paying. It may evolve and change over the stream or now I’m supposed to do something else and I was supposed to be in politics.

Speaker 3:                               00:23:08               I don’t think I ever want to get into politics. Never know every

Lewis Howes                          00:23:12               culture in 10 years. So it’s like you don’t have to figure it all out. Just follow what you feel is most true to your heart right now. I even holy to do. Don’t be worried about, oh, is this what I want to do in 10 years or something else? Just do what you want to do right now. As long as you’re happy or healthy or supporting other people, you’re making enough money to support yourself and having a good time in life. Let’s see how many more questions that we’d have. Raise your hand and we’ll do a few. Keep your hands up if you have a question. We see one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, nine questions because that’s the one. The other one, do you want to hear more questions or is this you raise your hand. We’ll answer those questions. I want to make sure we get time to sign books and everything. My friend in the back. What are you most grateful for? And we can keep it down. We’ll use if you guys want to talk, please go into a little room.

Lewis Howes                          00:24:33               Started out. What did I tell myself when there was no evidence, but I knew that was my vision that I wanted to go after a year and a half. I mean I didn’t. I didn’t tell myself into the first year and a half. I was lucky to regress a little fish, so it wasn’t anything good. Once it started to shift, I was really more spending time with some few mentors in Columbus, Ohio or who just made me feel better words. Finally me and what I would do to be honest with you is I remove myself in the mirror every morning. This may seem like ego driven or something, but for me is what worked. I would look myself in the mirror and just say I believe in you and say it over and over again until I actually felt like my chest expand like confident about myself. That may seem weird or google or something, but was like, I’m going to put myself in the mirror and say, I believe you can do this. I believe it’s like some rocky training movie or getting by inside. So that’s what I did with that question.

Lewis Howes                          00:25:45               So what am I grateful for at first? Not flowery, all Hollywood yesterday, down here. And what I’m most grateful for is that fricking time I live at. I pulled out my phone and put it in the gps where to go and it was going to take care of her to get there, and then my phone said there’s a faster route available on that and I got there faster today, date and time for then just like, holy crap, I’m so glad I live in that. So now to make it the. My question is, you talked a about vision. You’re going after your vision. What do you do when you’re doing the things and you’re in the deepest hole emotional where you can turn to some other patients because you know that’s it, but at the same time you’re just down. How have you. What do you tell yourself? What do you do for yourself to get you pushing for a vendor in that space?

Lewis Howes                          00:26:59               So your question, I would say that you allow yourself to feel now. Allow yourself to feel all the emotions and don’t try to block it out and trump trying to act like they’re not there before we experienced them. Screen if you need to scream and cry and cry, beat yourself up for 48 hours and Atlantic all hours and then surround yourself with people who are going to support you while you were going to hug you and say, I agree, because it’s harder to get out of it on your own. So don’t try and do it on your own really hard. And the bigger your dreams are for me as a dream really big and I can also follow the law because I just like go with that big. And so it’s hard to get out of emotional, emotional wreck on my home. So I hang out with us, you know, Sarah, my sister and my best friend Matt who works with me, that girl from the Midwest and they just hugged me and lifted me up and they’re like, I’m sorry this way, how can we support? So don’t try to do it on own. Um, I remember a few years ago when I tried to do it on my own, I watched weeds for literally half a week. So I watched all add something by myself. And it was like the most express downtime or my life is so different.

Speaker 3:                               00:28:22               Sure.

Lewis Howes                          00:28:25               Reach out there to support. And so I just stayed there for a couple of weeks, you know what I mean? So reach out to support, don’t be on your own and just hang out with good people from the middle class.

Speaker 3:                               00:28:40               We like our patients just like mash, like no other and totally despise and we’re going to like help each other and support each other’s. I’m super grateful for her. And my question for you is about mentorship and how you not only sought out the right mentors but how you prove that you were worthy of that mentorship. So

Lewis Howes                          00:29:03               I reached out to people that inspire me and the. So I went to a toastmasters club and found a guy that was really great. I love the way you present. I want to be flight staff on older. Can you show me how to do this? So I’ll just find people that inspire me and said, hey, I’m going to work for you or do whatever it takes to help you solve your challenges and your colleagues. So I wouldn’t give up my time, my energy, I would do research, I would go get the groceries, whatever they want to for them to just be around them and experience what that was like. Um, so that was what I did early. Now there’s so much available whether you’re mentors online that you don’t have to do to shift when you can just learn from them three and that’s the reason why podcasts because years ago when people will reach out and say he emailed me, I constantly get these emails today about wanting to do when you want to start a business and build a product or build your brand.

Lewis Howes                          00:30:01               And it was just like, let me just do the answer once you share the message to everyone as opposed to replying to everyone over and over the same thing. Um, so I would say just start listening to more podcasts, videos and things like that to keep the mentorships information from our. Would you really want to work with someone? You have a mentor? You then figure out a way that mean for me, I was doing it all over again. I would find like I would have said to Jack Canfield or are to ferris or somebody’s going to say I’m going to pay 20 grand for a year to work for you 40 hours a week, but what I want is, you know, to me it’s a week you get to sit down for an hour and I need to ask me [inaudible] and you take me to events with you and I’ll just take notes for you or answer questions for you or whatever might be for a year. I’ll pay you like a master’s program fee to learn from a person that I want to be like in five years. I feel like that’s way more valuable than going to a master’s degree. I would rather pay someone who’s already doing everything I want and just learn from them and then build my relationships with all the relationships I have that access. So that’s what I would do in the mentor.

Lewis Howes                          00:31:19               Yes sir. First off my brain, Minnesota. Yeah. Solar car. I actually went to southwest Minnesota state for some semester in Marshall, Minnesota. One of the worst places you could fuck when I would go to a lot of this in the summer, it was mostly, I’ve never seen this in my life. Does anyone live in Minnesota or from their American? It’s crazy. So this is like a farm town and um, we would get on the field. I remember I put my helmet on and you got in the field the first day and as I took a step on the field, the field moved through, literally appealed. It was covered in mosquitoes out every step. They just move to the next step. I could not believe all because I’m just watching constantly to people. So I just rather than. Yeah. And my question to you is if you could interview any like two or three people at the world for your podcast.

Lewis Howes                          00:32:29               I mean, the rock is someone to one get one and it’s going to happen very soon. I’m very close with his publicist who I might text her. I really like when’s the next movie? When is the next play? And she’s like, we’re going to make it happen. And he’s just like, he has zero time. So it’s still happening very soon. He’s one of the guys I’m really liking it. Well Smith, I like what he’s done and his inspiration, his career, just the way he lives his life I think is really inspiring and I really, for some reason I think mark ballparks just like a cool guy. I’m kind of hear about his career path and where things and I think it’d be cool to think of employee interview Obama after he’s done played one on one basketball with him have been like, just like a thirties. He had shorts on the basketball court just like unfiltered. I think I could get some great stuff out of it. So I. those are the people that I’m going to do next.

Speaker 5:                               00:33:37               Thanks sir. Thanks for having us. Lots of. First of all, one thing I’m grateful for, I started reading a book lately called Miracle Morning.

Lewis Howes                          00:33:47               Yeah.

Speaker 5:                               00:33:50               Mike, my 14 year old nephew told me about your book and so I got to email me a picture a little Colorado. So, uh, you have a big impact. So my question to you is what I’m two questions actually just started a podcast again, what would the theme be and what podcast do you must listen to me?

Lewis Howes                          00:34:08               Who’s the guy in here and John John here. He’s gone, I guess that I listen to you right now. Or actually Johnson a lot. She started, um, I really like rob bell podcast. He’s, he’s like, why spiritual spiritual Columbus? Um, moments of doubt. And I liked some of [inaudible] counseling but blown such creation mode. It’s much shooting as much right now because I’m just seeking the most inspiring people that I can find and learn from them. So it’s like I’m listening to a podcast. I interviewed great people, you know what I mean? Um, so what was the other question again?

Speaker 5:                               00:35:11               If you were to start a podcast again, you know, maybe a different thing, you, something you think that concern category, what would it be? No,

Lewis Howes                          00:35:21               the school is pretty good. Nola, different names, a different candidates,

Speaker 5:                               00:35:26               maybe different things. Maybe an underserved and un-served market. That would be great.

Lewis Howes                          00:35:31               You don’t have to do. I would just spiritual quantcast and spiritual leaders or people who have experiences and what they learned from that to figure out more like theme of the meeting, like minded or aware of people in the world. I think maybe that’s my next blog casts. I feel more and more colleges are like that in the future. I think so that’s, that’s what I would call it. Like you’re waiting for somebody.

Speaker 4:                               00:36:06               Yeah. Tommy and I most grateful for my health and I want to know what your favorite movie is. Not Deep. Just movies to watch win watch, rocky montage. Tracie, Russia like Jess, do you want to go over that five or six years.

Lewis Howes                          00:36:46               I’m really like Shawshank redemption in Ohio for a stone from enough am I connected to that character because I always felt very dumb and didn’t learn growing up. Not as dangerous, but it’s just like I always felt like Lauren and will tell you I have bought every grade private school. This is the worst thing that could ever do for a kid because they rank you on in your class for your grade or like your overall gpa and I was always in the bottom for all through high school, so I just felt like the dumbest kid. I was always in special needs classes and couldn’t read until about my senior year and I’m so gump. I was just like different finger guy and. But she was here.

Lewis Howes                          00:37:48               Yes ma’am. What are you grateful for? Basically most of my answers. So he had a 15 year old son right now today. My advice that you give him, I mean do you have any advice because it’s really hard to listen to your parents to take their advice. It doesn’t matter how much my parents said to me. It was hard to always take to buy some stuff. I did my guarantee so we’re having to literally take my saw your son or daughter would take. My best thing is my dad and my mom. They sent me to a Tony Robbins event when I was 16. I remember sitting there being like, what is all this stuff you’re talking about? They’re gonna jump around, and I was like, but it just made me feel like, wow, there’s something that’s possible for my wife and I don’t know what it is and I’m confused and I’m like going through puberty and you know, trying to get a girlfriend and only on the case where I’m like, OK, what is the purpose of my life?

Lewis Howes                          00:38:58               When you’re 16, you have no clue. So I would say typically a Tony Robbins conference, we’ve the hand, but just something that’s inspiring that can create a possibility to be a catalyst. I think one of the most powerful things is happening for me all the way is it doesn’t matter what people all said, certain advice to me. I’ve heard it every piece of advice, but it’s never from the people that I know that my closest circle that I trust some tongs or under the sun to I trust them, but I don’t listen to you sometimes because we know their stuff. Right on issues is when I get a catalyst that says the exact same thing from a person that inspires me, not in my circle when I take action. So Tony Robins was a catalyst. He was saying the same thing with my dad and my mom was sitting there screaming to each other every night and having fights.

Lewis Howes                          00:39:45               So it’s like I don’t fully trust them. Right. Then when I got out, I was on my sister’s couch trying to figure out how to get to the next level and just do the next thing. After football. I got a book called the four hour work week and told me everything that other people were giving me advice about what it was a catalyst and it gave me the tools to move forward from someone else. So I would give him my book or some other book that’s a calculus that says the same thing we’re saying or something you believe in and take them to our conference or something. You know, thinking about inspiring sporting event or something that’s going to spark them to be like, let’s do. I want to take steps towards that direction. So that’s what I do now, sir.

Lewis Howes                          00:40:30               Health platforms. No question. Why five? One, 2012. I sold a company and just went through a really bad breakup. I moved to La for a girl that I felt hard for him from the studio and tonight I got to La. She broke up with me two bags. I didn’t even know places to live and I was like airbnb where I had got out of my buddies in New York and I was like, mother got for given like economy baglier electronic together off and on for like six months ago. It was just like a Downer with downtime and I sold my company. I was just like, I’m not inspired by this company that was doing any more soda. And I was in transition for about six months. I was like, what are we going to do next? I was in the discovery of what was next to my life and I remember talking to a couple of buddies, Derek Halpern from social triggers.

Lewis Howes                          00:41:35               I’m Pat Flynn, smart passive income and food safety. Or if you’ve got John Lee Dumas, I saw these guys have a podcast, so I was just asking them about their experience and more and more people are coming out from on cast in 2012, but it wasn’t really big yet. I remember asking him, I was like, how did these, how these podcasts doing for you in each one of them said it was driving the most traffic to the websites. It was creating the most intimate connection with their audience and was looking at a lot of leads and sales. And so I was just like, I don’t know what products or services like create Nashville what business. But I know I created this connection with people. I want to drive a lot of traffic and exposure and I will be able to generate sales. And I just, you know, I’ve always been a fair of the Wayne Dressy.

Lewis Howes                          00:42:23               I think Wayne Gretzky said this, but he’s like, do you want to go anywhere a hospital be? And so I was like, the puck is going to be podcasting in the next year and let me do it now before it’s already big. So that I can be ahead of the game. And so I remember just having a conversation with a buddy of mine, James Wedmore, and I was like, I think I’m going to do a podcast, but I’m not sure what I wanna what name on it to make it should. I mean Louis how show I think that’s a little too ego driven. Um, should I make it like a marketing or business monocast. And I was like, I don’t want to just talk about business or entrepreneurship. And I was like, you know, what really connects with me is this broader message which everyone tells you is not to go wrong.

Lewis Howes                          00:43:06               They say me shut it down. Right. And I say it too because it’s like if you’re getting started, you want to start small and be an expert in one topic like I did with Linkedin when you become a master at one thing and then you can branch off from there. And everyone was like, you’ve got to keep it nice. Focus. Like don’t make it broad. And I was just like, I feel so called to make a broader. And I’m not a hated school growing up, I just hated it, so I was horrible. But I love learning and education and growth. So said we want to just call it the school of greatness because that’s what it’s all about. And he was like, I like that man. It was awesome too. But I don’t know if I was like, I, my intention was not to make any money the first year.

Lewis Howes                          00:43:49               What was I going to do this just because I love it. I do it every week for a year and see what happens. After a year I was like, I’m not going to take sponsors and not to do with money. I’m just going to do anything. Not want to do it no matter what I think because I went in with that intention, like I’m doing it because I love it and I’m here for the long haul. A resonated with people. I think early on and this sponsorship started rolling within the first few months. And um, you know, people asked the can you create an online academy? Right. And so that’s an academy members here who wanted to dive in more to the wife business class level. So that’s why I started the because I saw it was going to be a bigger thing then huge, you know, as serial coming out and making it mainstream, depressed, talking about podcasting all the time, the smart phone capabilities, being in the car more and more.

Lewis Howes                          00:44:46               People just started listening to it. They sick and tired of the radio commercials that I just feel like a god and a really good time and now it’s been in the top 50 in the world on itunes for the last few months and it continues to grow and bring some tremendous opportunities. I mean, without the podcast, this book wouldn’t be available, you know, the advanced. I got all the opportunities and the press, you know, it wouldn’t be available without starting that almost three years ago. The January 2012. So it’s been an incredible journey. Execute [inaudible] last year. So yeah, to answer your question, yeah, go before and I was like 16 years ago I went to their conferences and it opened for me for what I did in sports, so I was just like, it’s really cool to interview right now and I prepares for that six weeks I listened to watch every video and interview is that I could find and read the entire book.

Lewis Howes                          00:45:46               It was like a 700 page book was more pages I’ve ever read in my entire life was a whole thing and I was like, I was just so committed to learning like what are the few questions that I’d asked him that nobody’s asked them, um, not here and just know everything about him so that I can ask like off of [inaudible] was it like to look up my questions and wonder and so many people email me and tell me a person like to thank you for that interview because he’s circling city members. I’d watch all his interviews, the open mouth, never up floor. So for me outside of screen, great. The work and make that happen.

Lewis Howes                          00:46:33               I challenged him to a thumb wrestling. He was like, not really about, I created, let’s just do this one also because it’s like, oh, we’re already doing that right in the world to do, have been in my life, didn’t hold it down. Like he’s trying to like, um, yeah, this one I also really enjoyed the Julianne hough. She really has like inspired me how a 26 year old can beat that, you know, wise and humble and gracious and also successful. And it was really cool assaults. So that was for the city, right. I’m obviously grateful for probably at this point. Technology is obviously people here and allows us all to communicate and react with each other and that’s pretty awesome. Family and friends and support as well as

Speaker 5:                               00:47:29               you say. Um, my question would be what advice would you give to someone to help them embrace fear or do you not take the step to overcome a fear? Whether it be something small like flying in an airplane, swimming the Ocean, surfing to, you know, writing a quote or a bond that just helping someone embrace fear

Lewis Howes                          00:47:50               were racist bullies. But for me, what I do when I’m afraid of something, does that commit to doing it as much as possible? So I was really terrified to speak in public eight, nine years ago. I couldn’t not stand up in front of a group of people in our freeways, stupid, without hearing, insecure. All those things lack confidence. So I found someone who was a great public speaker. I say, what’s the secret? He said, you’re going to grow toastmasters meeting every single week and just present, look like a fool until you don’t feel like a fool and you want. So for a year I show them every single week, week I found a mentor who was a speaker and practice or nights or working on my speeches all day long on practicing a mirror, a practice with a fake audience each week and stand up in front of the room. People and presents terrified the first few months. But every time you be a little bit better. So it’s literally just, you know, it’s like becoming the Batman Haney out in the bat cave. The pass that you’re scared of this, what you are afraid of it anymore. The simplest I can say bigger hands. Letting her know how many hands. One, two, three.

Lewis Howes                          00:49:08               Yes ma’am. I’m thinking for people to quickly were inspired going on at school either. So my previous. When you knew that you would have gone through those because you just, you just gotta go. He was just think I’m. Do you know when I was younger I never have a false sense of confidence and a very big ego. And I made myself be confident because I was very insecure, so rejected my ego because I was so when they started writing rock Rockstar, you were sold on. Related to that is the wrong spot myself. When I started living a life of Brown and started being very grateful for everything that I did have, one, the skills are, even though they’re not where I’m going to be, I’m just so grateful and I’m grateful for the people in my life. I’m grateful for my health, regional pull the money.

Lewis Howes                          00:50:29               I am making, not making, so I started living in that space and um, and just experience over time building skills. I mean we work really hard to develop certain skills to throw myself into mastering skills and practices and so the more time and more experiences and yet over time I built a momentum or just feel more confident. You have to start this for six weeks ago or whenever the first speech I gave in La I was like, I was like, Oh shit, I didn’t know what to say. I’m pretty decent public speaker, you know, I’ve done it a lot, but it’s like once every two months I’ll speak in front of 500 people or something. I’m not like, you can’t just show up at any moment and do it before this tour, but now doing it 15 times in six weeks and just going to allow more confident because I’ve built the momentum, we’re going to experience doing it and practicing.

Lewis Howes                          00:51:27               Being grateful for each moment for me was the real confidence, not the false. And you know, there’s probably still a lot of moments where I show up in a cocky way where I have my friends and family shot me and say, hey listen, you like chorus dance because I could show a holiday and powerful, but you could say, oh, he was a little cocky, a historical dance between confident and also gracious and wait for humble at the same time and dance on me. And hopefully people will see me as confident but not cocky. That’s the goal, to be able to align a little bit. I think sometimes. And that’s the challenge with final to. Yes sir.

Speaker 5:                               00:52:21               First of all, a might say unlike most grateful for just ability, my ability to like not take things so seriously, you know, money might be tight, things might be difficult, but just don’t take it seriously. Like it’s not going to be that way forever. So loving that. And I sort of want to do a followup to the previous question. So your efforts to podcasting is where the puck was going to be. So it’s a room full of like entrepreneurs and people. So where’s the next one?

Speaker 4:                               00:52:51               Periscope. Periscope, yeah, I, I, you know, sometimes it’s a little intense. This is a guy that is a

Lewis Howes                          00:53:07               cool fortune, which is a multi, multi, multimillion dollar company leading education space is where’s the car going in your mind?

Speaker 5:                               00:53:18               Everything with me, with us, with making sure that everything you own is mobile friendly

Lewis Howes                          00:53:26               and they’re communicating mobile, so mobile apps and mass, everything. Mobile podcasting, podcasting, I think is still getting started for some people, like serial came out a year ago and became the number one podcast in the world, so I missed it. I think you’ve got to be really give it too long or marathon. If you’re going to jump into a podcast or you’ve got to have a huge network or a huge audience already or you got to have a different angle, but you can’t just do an entrepreneurial podcast. There’s a thousand site reality. You’ve, you gotta be like super focused and niche. There’s gotta be a different angle. It’s got to be unique in some way. I think it’s definitely possible or going to find a partnership with a big site, but you say, Hey, I’m going to do a podcast for elite daily or not. Who are some are some sites in traction? Yeah, figure out a different angle, but I’m just interview the same people that everyone else’s interview because that’s not going to go anywhere unless you have a big over or you do it for five years and it just builds over time in a small practical. So you got to figure that out. Yeah, I’ve, uh, where else is he going next? I think live streaming is pretty big. So the periscope that facebook, like right now, like you though, he’d see me.

Lewis Howes                          00:54:49               I think it’s, I think, I mean there’s so many new platforms coming out next. Snapchat is still growing. I feel like assuming good platforms that you can master these platforms and the revenues that. The next thing on the last question we’ll hand. Yes sir. I’m Scott. I’m grateful for my wife who trust me to keep becoming a better person to hear, to better than lucky man. Tonight I question for you, is everything you’ve learned and play with on a on a quality of self practice for health and longevity play or meditation or is that something you could see yourself still doing in your [inaudible] on a Monday? I think. I think a meditation when I started at guided meditation audio track was just listened to my sister and how you’re going to have. When I was in college, I remember once I started to listen to this one track, like the next month I broke a world record in football the most receiving single football game and then I was a second meeting receiver in the nation and then like I was reaching these records and like these personal dreams.

Lewis Howes                          00:56:21               I’m just trying to achieving everything. Either coincidence or there’s something to this meditation thing and I think it really allowed me to visualize my dreams and powerful way and I think a lot of loss at times forget to dream and to allow ourselves to focus our greens and we’re still focused on connecting to our phones and just being reactive and busy. And so when I took the time to visualize every single day, I would see myself creating what I wanted to in my mind in real life, and I’m just continuing to replaying that video in my mind. I’m going to actually happening in eight years ago, I had a dream to write a number one best seller in data, every ones in the country. And I was like, how does this happen when I have no experience, no money, no audience, no results, no social proof to make this happen.

Lewis Howes                          00:57:15               And what I would do is I would do it during my guided meditation. I would visualize myself with my book in front of every Barnes and noble right in front. I would go walk into Barnes, noble every single week. Over the last eight years, I would walk into Barnes and noble and see my book on the Front Right Front and center and just stand there and look at my book. And now people probably thought it was crazy just staring and looking. At the time, this is my book for me to know whether it was coincidence or not. My book was every single bars in the whole front and center when it came out and it’s been a lot of them still front and center, so for me it’s really powerful to play that movie in my mind, experience the feeling of it happening in real life and when I do that I feel like I always knew that.

Lewis Howes                          00:58:09               I remember doing this when I moved to New York City. I was like one day playing in the Olympics where you sat across my chest and listening to the national campaign. Now we’ve watched the Olympics things and watch these athletes with his whole battles, crying, watching the flag in the back and hear the national anthem, looked up on the podium, replay that on my body and over and over was trained for USA national team to try and make the team. When I moved to New York City to start practicing and for nine months I trains. I finally made the team. I went to Argentina with USA national team. They 16 people on the team. I was in the 16th person and I remember standing there my first time, my hammer, our bag. In my hand, over my heart and in tears watching Matt and fly and singing the national anthem and shaking because it was like I can actually visualize it and not just visualizing, sacrificing my entire life every single day to work for it. So for me it’s really important to continue to, to visualize and dream and not just react to the date of day stuff that happens. Almost. Sounds helpful for me. Just going off on my own.

Speaker 3:                               00:59:27               Yeah,

Lewis Howes                          00:59:30               I think that was the last question. I don’t want him to be keep people too long. So thank you guys. Again for me here. I’m going to sign books and my, my request, since there’s a lot of people here warm before they kick us out of here is um, just tell me what you’re most grateful for. Give me a hug. And if you have a number of question later, I don’t tell them your whole life story because I want to listen. So tell me what you’re grateful for and tell me how you first found out about the podcast. And did he ever question. You could eat one later and I’ll get back to you. I promise I will. So is there any. Did you want to say?

Speaker 3:                               01:00:09               Yeah,

Lewis Howes                          01:00:11               a lot of things going to say. One more thing. I’m going to walk over there and started signs. We can give people a voice and give you guys for coming. Was this helpful as aq  and A.

Speaker 3:                               01:00:22               Yeah.


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