So you’ve created your workbooks but how are you going to deliver them to your participants? Today, I’ll go over 5 ways to deliver your workbooks and when to your students or live event participants.

This lesson only reviews how to physically deliver workbooks to your participants. If you want to learn more about design, then sign up for the Incredible Workbooks Course coming out soon!

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  • 0:53 1 | Mail It – Yes, people still love Snail Mail
  • 1:21 2 | Registration Gift Bag
  • 1:32 3 | Place it at their assigned seat
  • 2:07 4 | Buffet Style – Stack them on a central table
  • 2:39 5 | Sell it as a one off – separately

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Today we’re going to go over five different methods to deliver your beautiful work books to your live event attendees. Hi everyone. I’m Lisa from pretty fabulous and I hope online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using adobe indesign. So if this sounds like you are something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday and they do unboxings on Saturday today. Want to go over five different ways that you can deliver your beautiful work books to your live event attendees or maybe to an online program. Either way, you have done a lot of work to create your workbook, so you want to make sure you present it in the best way that you can so people feel like they got a lot of value that you promised would be in the workbook and they get really excited about it.

So the first way to do this is simply to a mail it to them. Now when this comes in the mail, you might want to have some nice packaging, maybe put some plastic wrap over on top of it, maybe wrap it with a ribbon, and if you’re worried about shipping it, you can actually apply for discounted corporate shipping with USPS, Fedex, and ups. If you simply have an Ein now, you do not need to be an LLC or an s corp or anything like that. You simply need to apply for an Ein. I have one and I am a sole proprietor. The second way is to give it to them in person at the event in a gift bag. So the gift bag obviously would probably have your own branding on it and they would get it when they register or check in or your event.

The third way is to actually put it at their seat assignment. So if you have a smaller event and you have a beautiful facility where everyone is going to be in an assigned seat and maybe you have beautiful calligraphy cards with their names on them, so they’re assigned seating. Then you could go ahead and put their workbook down there and any other small trinkets or gifts that you would like to give them. Fourth way, if you have a very huge event where it is just simply time prohibitive or anti productive to try to give out individual books is simply to buffet stack them so if you have anything you’re giving away pens, notebooks, just simply stick them on a table like a buffet and people can sort of serve themselves. Now, the only problem with that obviously is people may take more than one, but what I’ve seen people do is simply have a room monitor that gives a ticket when they check in or a ticket to get into the room and then they come in.

They pick up their things, and then they walk out. The fifth method, if you do not advertise your workbook as an included bonus in your event or your course is you could simply sell that as a one off. Now, people could get that mail to them ahead of time. If you have an upsell page in the checkout process or you can have them sold on site by somebody at a table just like people sell books at author signing events and they simply go there pay and they received the workbook right there onsite. Now why would you do the last one? Maybe you decided add a workbook at the last moment or you feel like your workbook is so huge and so valuable, or maybe there’s a book that goes with it that you do do not think people were really see the value of that unless they can see, feel and touch it and they see other people walking around with it and they get a little jealous and they want to have one of their own or possibly a third reason to do that is because your workbook is maybe not directly related to your event.

Maybe it is a tangentially related item or something that you think the attendees of your event might be interested in. Then that might be another reason to sell it separately. All right, so let’s recap. My top five methods are first just to mail it to them. The second is to give it to them in a gift bag when they register. The third is to provide it in an assigned seating arrangement. If you have a beautiful venue. The fourth is to set up a buffet style room or table, and the fifth way is simply to sell it onsite at a table that is manned by somebody and they come up and walk up and they can see, touch and feel it, and then purchase it at that point. All right. I hope that was helpful. Remember, it’s all about packaging, especially if you’re mailing them or putting them into bags.

Get some tissue papers, splurge on some ribbons and try to make it look the best that it can because even if you got a beautiful tiffany diamond ring, nobody wants that delivered in a cheap cardboard box. Right? If you were really interested in how do create and produce your own work books, make sure to sign up for my incredible workbooks course and in that course we will be walking through all the different types of workbooks and how you could sell those for profit or simply have them for an event and most importantly, if you are a designer, how to create the best line of workbooks that you can to sell to your clients and provide to them as well as a huge set of templates that you can have not available anywhere else only in this course that you can then use as your own. If you are interested in that, make sure to check out the description below. I have a link for the early bird list. I hope to see you in that class and if not, I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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