Wondering whether or not the Michael Hyatt Leader Box is worth it? At $89.72 (plus tax + shipping), this was the MOST expensive subscription box I’ve seen so the bar was set pretty high on this one. And spoiler alert – it would’ve been perfect if I was still in Corporate America conducting management development courses at GE, hosting leadership workshops for executives and new managers but if you’re a small entrepreneurial business then this is completely useless. This book is a nice to have filler for stuffy, red-tap filled beauracracies that need help navigating through lots of red tape, want a ton of fluffy buzzwords to recite back at meetings to sound impressive or simply dazzle at their next job interview. As for real substance, this is not the droid you are looking for.


  • 1:02 What you get – what’s in the box
  • 1:25 Cost breakdown of what you’re paying
  • 1:35 When it ships out
  • 1:42 Outside Box review
  • 2:13 Opening the box – first impressions
  • 3:18 Book #1 – Herding Tigers by Todd Henry
  • 4:05 Book #2 – The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle
  • 4:25 The Activation Guide Flip Through
  • 8:43 21 Days Later — My assessment after completing the 21-day program
  • 8:45 How much are the books if you bought them on their own?
  • 9:45 Who these books are meant for
  • 11:20 What the Activation Guide Workbook is meant to do
  • 12:20 Why these books are great for aspiring HR Professionals

Buying Guides

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Today we’re doing an unboxing of Michael hyatts liter box, which is to date the most expensive monthly subscription box I have ever purchased. This one was $89 and seventy two cents. So let’s check it out and see if it’s worth it. Hi everyone. I’m Lisa from pretty fabulous and I hope online businesses create beautiful digital downloads using adobe indesign. So if this sounds like you are something you might be interested in, make sure to hit the subscribe button below. I post new videos every Monday and Thursday and I do unboxings like today on Saturdays. If you’re not familiar with Michael Hyatt, I did do another unboxing video of his best year ever, plus his full focus planner and the program that he would like you to join if you purchase all of those products. So check that out. I’ll put the end card up at t at the top and today we are unboxing what’s called the liter box.

Now the liter box is very expensive and the reason I’m guessing it’s expensive is because it comes with two books which are in theory based on surprise, surprise leadership and a workbook for you to fill out as well as access to a facebook community, which is kind of a virtual book club, if you will. Now the actual box was only $79, 99 and then when you added in shipping, which was for 99 and taxes, which were $5 and seventy three cents, that is what added up to $89 and seventy two cents. You must ordered the liter box by the 15th of every month in order to get the next month’s liter box. So I ordered this in March and it shipped out probably around the 18th and I received it on the 21st. So the litter box comes in the mail just like you see right here. It has a cute logo here.

Another one over here, another one on the back and another one on the side in. The whole thing is in red m h for Michael Hyatt. And it was just sealed with one sticker on the side. So let’s go ahead and open it up. And inside here at the top you can see the Fox is a royal blue and it has a welcome come two liter box message for you. And this whole program is meant to be gone through in 21 days. So you get the liter box success path which tells you exactly what to do with little icons. Obviously unpack your liter box, get familiar with the guides and the activation, the books, and the activation guide. Join the facebook group, start reading on the first day of the month that followed the 21 day reading plan. Share your insights and questions in the group. Use The bookmarks to stay on track of where you are. Review the action steps to turn your knowledge into strategy. All right, so nothing on the back side. So here’s our activation guide, May, 2018. And the first book is the code, the secrets of highly successful groups by Daniel coyle. And the second is hurting tigers. Be the leader that creative people need by Todd Henry. So we’ll go through this in one minute, let’s go ahead

and open up our books. So they come wrapped in tissue paper with a little emblem. I don’t know if you can see that. M H for MichaelHyatt

and you get a bookmark and the bookmark, it looks like it has a reading guide so you can check off we’re you what you’ve read and it tells you exactly what dates you need to have read all of these pages by. So there must be a second one

bookmark because this one is May 16th, 15th through the 29th. Oh No, no, no. I get it.

So this book must be read second and that’s why the dates are May 15th through the 29th. So here we go. Hurting Tigers, be the leader that creative people need. Todd Henry, let’s go ahead and check out the second book.

And this is the culture code.

Hi Daniel coury, the secrets of highly successful groups. And I was right. This is your bookmark and it has the dates and obviously it’s the first half of the month and it tells you exactly which pages you need to be at on what dates. Let’s check out the activation guide, so we have a spiral bound notebook that has a cupboard glued onto the front. We have our title page, how to use this guide, eight steps, and we go right into the table of contents which looks like it is an exact match for those bookmarks that he provided. So you can check these off here and you can do an exact replica to check off whether or not you have answered the questions in this guide. So same thing over here for hurting tigers. There are an exact match. We have an executive summary here and we dive right into the first book, which is Daniel Ellsberg, and we have an overview of this book and the front, and then we dive right into the days.

So they tell you exactly again what days to read and how many pages again, that replicates exactly what you had on the bookmarks. Only thing missing is the bookmarks. Don’t tell you that’s around books, the bookmarks. Don’t tell you how many pages. So the workbook does. The workbook is numbered at the top. You have your big idea for these particular pages, some key quotes, and then critical questions and space to write your answers in a over here. We go on today too. And same thing, big idea of quotes and critical questions and space and I suspect yes, all of the other dates are exactly the same. So we have day four day five day six, day seven, day eight, nine, 10.

And then finally at the end, the insight section. Once you’re done reading that particular book and you can, you have space over here to write your answers to all of those questions and it looks like they give you space to rape the book case. You want to refer back to this next, they have an action plan which is I’m guessing based on the book in what you can do in your organization or your company to go forward with what you’ve learned in that box. And now we jump into the second book by Todd Henry Hurting Tigers and there is the same format. We start with an overview and then we go right into day Levin and same thing quotes, critical questions and then space to write your answers. So let’s go on to date 13, shake all of these day, 14, 15. So we’re getting close because there are only 21 days in here, day 17, dash 18, date, 19th day, 20 day 21 and that’s it. So it’s just like it promised it’s 21 days and you have your insights for that book and space to write it and a place to put your rating and then an action plan based on that particular book

and then some additional resources. So the author’s websites and some related articles related videos and podcasts related books which just looked to be. They’re not all by the author, so related books and that of course a advertisement for Michael Hyatt’s planner, some extra space just to write notes in. And then you’re back at the end of the book. So in case you’re wondering, this is not a folder, it’s just the end of the book, it looks like they doubled it over to put that little design over here and you could put this on your shelf so you can see the title and it says 5:18. Uh, which is the date. Don’t think that’s the, I’m over here. It says May 18th. So May, 2018, which corresponds with the month for this book. All right, it’s been 21 days of the question is, is the leader box really worth $79 and eighty two cents? Now let’s break that down first.

If you were to find these books on their own, this one is 1599 on Amazon and this one is 1199. As of today, the prices always fluctuating. So you are left with $61 and seventy four cents. And was everything else that you received in the leader box worth $61 and seventy four cents. And I see everything else. I mean the fact that someone picked up the books for you and auto delivered them and you received an action guide, you received some bookmarks and received access to a facebook group, which is kind of like a virtual book club. The second thing is each of these books, I come from corporate hr, so if you are a solo preneur or managing a small team, I would say these books are not going to be useful to you because these are meant for corporations with a lot of bureaucracy and not for a fast quick moving organization where a lot of people are hustling and working really hard.

That is not what these are for. These are really great books for hr to give at a leadership conference where usually I think every book I’ve ever given to a leader, no, I’ve never had anyone read the book, but people like getting a free bulk, right? Even though they make 500,000 a year. So that’s the first thing. But if we broke each of these books down, Daniel coyle probably is the most, what I call captain obvious ideas and there’s nothing new in here. It’s just been packaged with stories from the Navy seals and some NBA players that he either interviewed or read about in articles, uh, the second one hurting tigers. If you listened to todd Henry’s podcast, the accidental creative, which I have a few times, it basically just summarizes everything in the podcast into a book format for you. And if we talk about the guide, I actually didn’t like the guide because I thought the guide would ask more thought provoking questions even if I was in corporate America and how you would apply this to your organization.

But the activation guide questions were more of checking to make sure you had reading comprehension. So basically just checking to see if you read it. So for example, um, what was the best indicator that a scientist at bell labs would produce? A lot of patents. So that is a, basically what I call an obvious yes or no answer that was given to you in the book and you wouldn’t know the answer if you hadn’t read it. Um, what did Danny Fitch first thing when you saw the situation in the cockpit? Same thing. Not really. What I called Book Club questions that open up a lot of discussion and can be interpreted different ways. This is mostly just checking to make sure that you read the material and remembered it, which again is good if you have a book club at work in the office, maybe among a group of HR, organizational development people or a high intense leadership retreat or management retreats where you can make sure that the managers actually read the book book I think was very expensive for what you got and again, because it is towards corporate America.

I think corporate America would do a great job in disseminating this to a leadership group as far as the Solopreneur who was working from home and maybe has a small virtual team. These are completely useless and really meant for people who have a lot of bureaucracy, a lot of red tape and again aren’t there to make a profit. They are just trying to be good at their job and get a promotion. I think another person that these are also good for our people wanting to get into hr specifically into organizational development or a training and leadership role because they both books had a lot of great buzz words and examples that you could use at your next corporate interview. Alright, leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the leader box. I hope everyone’s having a great week and I will see you guys next week. Bye.

those for profit or simply have them for an event and most importantly, if you are a designer, how to create the best line of workbooks that you can to sell to your clients and provide to them as well as a huge set of templates that you can have not available anywhere else only in this course that you can then use as your own. If you are interested in that, make sure to check out the description below. I have a link for the early bird list. I hope to see you in that class and if not, I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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