Today is all about the Best iPad Apps for Bullet Journaling, What Apps to use if you want to Bullet Journal on your iPad Pro. These are my Best Bullet Journal Apps that have built-in pages already pre-formatted for Bullet Journals

NOTE: This is NOT a lesson how to bullet journal. I’m simply sharing my favorite apps that have dot grids, lines and graph paper already built in for you to start using right away.

NEXT Week’s Bullet Journal video is an InDesign Tutorial on how to re-create these pages yourself since not all Note-Taking apps have these pages built into them. Make sure to subscribe so you know when that page goes live.


  • 0:31 The 5 Note-Taking Apps on my iPad Pro
  • 0:39 1 | Noteshelf2 Demo
  • 1:49 2 | GoodNotes Demo
  • 2:40 3 | No built-in pages for Procreate, Adobe Sketch + Paper 53
  • 2:50 Bullet Journal for the iPad Pro – when is the InDesign Tutorial coming out
  • 3:10 How to make your own planner | Planner 101 course


Hey creatives do you love bullet journaling, but you also love your ipad pro & want to bullet journal on there?

Today, I’m going to show you 2 apps that have built in features that are going to allow you to start bullet journaling right away. Just to be clear, this is not a lesson on how to bullet journal, just which apps you can use to get you started and have the right format laid out for you. These are 5 different apps that I use for note taking that you could also use for bullet journaling. Now the first two have some built in pages that I think will get you started. That’s no shelf to and good notes and look, let me just show you those. So Noteshelf2 is probably the most versatile. If we go over here and we create a new notebook and let’s not worry about what we title it. And inside here it has defaulted to dot grids I think I was using that before. So I could just start writing right away so I could make my to do list or if I wanted changes from diet grid to something else, I can go over here to add and say new page from template. And if I go to basic, I see that I can do just a plain white page,

Nothing on it. I can also do a ruled page that just has regular lines on it. I can do a checkered page, which is really a graph paper page. So if that’s kind of the base page, I like to start with for bullet journaling and of course we’ll skip legal. But, uh, we can we saw before. So this is probably, I would say Noteshelf2 to has all of those pages are already built in for you. If you use GoodNotes. It does have lined pages. So if we go over here to create notebook and let’s pick this cover even though it’s kind of hideous. Um, and over here, if we go ahead and we add a new page. So I’m add page below and if I go to essential oils, I’m going to see that I’ve ruled paper and I have graph paper and obviously I have plain paper where it’s just empty. If I go to actually the old paper, so it has lines or I can do this, the graph paper, now it does not have dot grids.

So the only thing that’s missing from this app that was good notes, so you’d still have to import that in. Now the other one’s procreate, adobe sketch and Paper 53. Don’t have any of those presets built in there. And what you need to do is create those pages instead in import them as a pdf or jpeg.

So if you want to learn how to do that, watch lesson number two of bullet journaling, which will be out next week. I

hope you found that useful. And I hope to see you back in Part 2 where we are going to start creating our own bullet journal pages using adobe indesign. So you can pull those pages up on your ipad pro or you can print them out as printables.

Now, if you were interested in making your own planner from scratch, then make sure to look into a planner 101 that walks you all the way through from beginning to end on everything you need to know and that course is free and I will leave a link to that below. Otherwise, I will see you guys next week. Bye.


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