Today you’re getting an exclusive with my friend Holly McCaig from Holly Pixels who is one of the most talented GirlBosses I know – she’s multi-talented: professional stock photographer, graphic designer, videographer, calligrapher, hand lettering expert, ipad pro brush creator and most importantly – creator of iPad Pro Planners. And that’s just a small slice of her most recent business endeavors. Prior to that, Holly was creating amazing products for the scrapbooking world.

Today, you’ll get a great behind the scenes look at Holly and everything that makes her so uniquely creative and profitable – the best combination ever!


  • 0:35 1 | Tell us more about you + what’s going on in Holly Pixels
  • 4:07 2 | Have you always had a tlanet for creating pretty things like photos, planners, designs, etc.
  • 6:30 3 | When you’re both interested in + good at so many things, how did you pare it down to what you’re focused on now 8:15 4 | Did you try that before – is that how you knew?
  • 8:36 5 | Digital Planning: How did you narrow it down to what you’re currently doing + how do you see it being defined in other places
  • 11:30 6 | Holly is referring to the 15th of October, 2018 – when her new line of digital planners come out – hooray. Link below!
  • 12:30 7 | Your Digital Planners – How do you create your digital planners
  • 15:15 NOTE 8 | Why Holly + I do not use Canva, Word, Keynote and something called Affinity Design or Excel to create our planner designs
  • 17:45 8 | Creative Process: When it comes to fonts, branding, colors, layouts….what’s your process to make everything look pretty
  • 19:45 9 | How do you select outside designers to add to your Digital Planner Shop
  • 22:00 10 | Your Style How would you describe it + was that based on your personal preference, market research, past sales data…
  • 23:45 11 | What’s the bestseller in the Holly Pixels Shop
  • 25:30 12 | Your Freebies What’s the most popular download in your freebie library
  • 29:00 13 | GlowForge – Holly bought the PRO version of the GlowForge – forget Silhouette, forget Cricut, Glowforge surpasses them ALL
  • 31:28 14 | GlowForge – What’s the learning curve on getting up to speed + proficient in using it
  • 33:30 15 | GlowForge – Can you make stickers with it aka can it replace the Cricut or Silhouette
  • 34:00 16 | GlowForge What’s the difference between the 3 models
  • 36:30 17 | How to contact / find Holly Pixels
  • 36:45 18 1-1 Work Do you do custom design work or provide 1-1 coaching
  • 37:30 Speed round #1 | What physical planner do you use
  • 38:03 What is your favorite dessert

Holly Pixels Information:

Transcript from Holly Pixels Video

Lisa Siefert:                  00:00               Hi Everyone, we’re here today with Hollywood cage from holly pixels. Hi Holly. How are you? Good, how are you? I’m so excited you’re here. Then you guys should be super excited too because how is one of those people where you’re like, oh, I love holly. I wish I could be. Holly. She does so many cool things. She’s so creative. She has a million ideas and um, she can probably teach every single course that you’ve ever taken. She knows how to do it, but we’re going to talk today about what she’s doing in her business right now. So you want to tell us a little bit more about you and what’s going on with Halley pixels.

Holly McCaig:               00:38               Sure. So, um, you know, you and I met at a time when I was trying to explore and figure out where I needed to go with my world, you know, as somebody who’s in their forties, it’s like, okay, you really should have it together. You know, you, maybe you don’t. And um, I, I was struggling, I was having a hard time trying to figure out where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. And it Kinda hit me like, okay, there’s one last thing you can do before you need to just start hitting the pavement and finding a job. And that was. I loved lettering and I had the ipad pro and I, I, before that I was, I had done calligraphy and brush lettering and that sort of thing. And the IPAD pros started being one of those things that was new to everybody.

Holly McCaig:               01:22               And I said, okay, there’s something here that I can do and teach and help other people learn how to do things with it. And so I said, okay, you’re going to just give everything away. You’re going to give it all away. You’re going to give away a free course and you’re going to give away a free course on lettering and you’re going to give away. I’m a challenge every month and you’re going to do a facebook group and you’re just going to build this audience. Because I kept seeing like other people talk about this. It was like, I don’t know what the ratio is, but you give away a certain amount and you charge for a certain amount. And I said, okay, this is what I’m going to do, I’m going to try it. So I created a free brush lettering course in Jack. Well, I launched it in January of this year and I put it on my youtube channel and I also created a companion workbook guide to go with it.

Holly McCaig:               02:08               And um, I was, it was Muslims were like, you didn’t have to buy the guide. It was one of the things where it was like a nice thing to have the people started buying it, you know, and my youtube, my subscriber count went up and it was like my, I had a facebook group at the time and it was growing and my email list was growing and it was like, okay, you’re onto something here. This is really your passion and you enjoy doing this and people really enjoy following you and learning from you. And so I would do little lives, little youtube lives and people wanted to know like, well how do you do this in procreate on the ipad? How do you do that? And I would just started doing blog posts and videos and I started reviewing brushes for it and then that world was doing really, really well.

Holly McCaig:               02:52               I thought, okay, now you have to stabilize yourself somehow, right? So you need to come up with some other things you could be doing. And I said this digital planning world is happening and people are using their ipads to plan digitally just like they would traditionally. So let’s start exploring this and figure out how I can mold the two together. And um, I started talking to some friends and we created our own line of planners for um, to install into the good notes app on the IPAD. And then I would kind of cross trains and things like, well you can draw your own stickers and procreate and you can bring them into good notes. And so that’s kind of where we’re at. We’re at this like ipad creative world, you know, on the site. And it’s doing phenomenal and I can’t be more pleased. And I keep thinking like, well, what’s the next thing I can do with it? Because it’s so exciting and it’s so much fun. And like you said, I have a million ideas but just not enough time to do them all. So that’s kind of where we’re at. I’ve been teaching it and um, and I just keep trying to think of new ways to make that better than what everybody else is doing out there, you know, trying to bring more people in. So yeah, that’s kind of where I’m at with everything and I love it.

Lisa Siefert:                  04:05               Awesome. And so have you. Because it takes, when you say, I just think of things. I think honestly, I think these things just come naturally to you. I’ve seen like even your photography that you did before I bought those before. I love those. I love your planners. So, you know, have you always just been like this since you were a kid and just had all these great ideas streaming or were you always.

Holly McCaig:               04:26               It’s funny, I’ve always been artistic but I didn’t take any art classes until I went to college and decided I wanted to study graphic design. And um, so I, I just didn’t know it was one of the things where it was like, I don’t want to take art. I went to a really small high school, there was one art teacher there, it wasn’t a whole lot of, you know, a whole lot there that really impressed me and it wasn’t really into drawing like realistic stuff and I didn’t, you know, so it was just, things were just even go down that route, but I was always drawing and it’s always creating. And I was involved in scrap booking and I was involved in photography and I just did that kind of thing. So yeah, I mean I think so and I feel like I’m kind of curse too because like packaging pack, I will buy anything if the packaging looks really good, you know, it’s like listen, this beautiful, you know, but I don’t need that, you know, so I had it. I feel like I have that. I like I’m the type of person can be driving down the road and be like they need to change the font on that billboard. It looks horrible, you know, that’s just kind of, I don’t look at the message on here, look at the design and the same thing with like commercials, you know, I look at the design and how pretty it is and is it going to like draw me into it. So yeah.

Lisa Siefert:                  05:37               Yeah, I think that’s just one of those things. You can’t really learn it. It’s just something you just, it’s from lots of observation and just because you’re probably just genuinely interested in that. Yes, yes,

Holly McCaig:               05:47               absolutely. I wish I could take the time to learn more about like videography. I think that is fascinating. You know, that whole world of shooting and editing and I try to do a little. It’s just don’t do it very well, but oh, I would love to be able to spend time on that. That would be so much fun to me.

Lisa Siefert:                  06:03               Yeah, your videos look great. The editorials that you do, I mean your youtube channel is wonderful. Thank you. So let’s talk about that. Like I’m sure there’s other people out there who are just multi-passionate like you are. Like when you were thinking about tearing it down and it. I honestly don’t think sometimes like I narrow things down because I’m bad at them, but let’s say someone’s like, you were renaissance woman where you’re just really good at everything. How were you able. Did you say I looked at sales or did they look at my happiness level? Like how did you cut things out?

Holly McCaig:               06:33               I think it was a combination because I really love what I was doing and then I had to be excited about it. I had to be passionate, but I also had to make money and one of the things that I discovered in these last almost four years has been that I’m really not the type of artists that are supposed to be a service oriented artists. I don’t think people should hire me to go paint a mural for them. I don’t think that anybody. I don’t feel like that is where I succeed and I think that is not professionally. Like I don’t think I couldn’t do it. I just think. I think emotionally that’s just not who I am, like I don’t, I’m not comfortable with that, so I’d rather create things that people can, either more passive type things that people can like buy and learn from me or buy my art or something like that.

Holly McCaig:               07:25               Um, but I think yeah, I think definitely the whole like gotta make money and got to love what I’m doing at the same time. So, and there’ve been a lot of things I’ve done that I love doing that I don’t make money but I also know my limits and I think you can get overwhelmed by trying to do too many things to many different things and then that’s where you fail. You don’t. So like I think I could do really well at something else if I added it in, but I need to have another person, another me to spend the time doing the marketing because it’s more than just creating and more than you know. Then there’s that. You have to really be out there talking about yourself and making it known. So. And I don’t have that. I wish I had that.

Lisa Siefert:                  08:08               Did you try that before? Is that how you kind of knew?

Holly McCaig:               08:11               Oh yeah, I’ve tried doing way too many things at once and I’m like, why is nothing catching on? Well, it’s because I’m spreading myself thin and I can’t, like I can’t give everything. It’s all and I, I learned that I just, that’s just not where I need to be. I need to be focused in one area and really give it. It’s all so. Yeah. Yeah.

Lisa Siefert:                  08:33               So let’s talk about. So you’ve narrowed it down to digital planners and you know, just within that world there’s so many different things. I mean sometimes people say digital planning and they really just mean a pdf you print out, which isn’t really digital planning. Right. So within that scope, you know, how did you narrow it down to what you wanted to do and how have you seen it kind of defined in other places? Sure. You know, back like it was

Holly McCaig:               08:56               going to date me, but back in like 2004 or so, the digital scrapbooking world kind of took off, right? People were taking traditional scrapbooking and they were doing it in photoshop and I discovered it. I was working in corporate America and I discovered it and I, you know, it was, I was immediately drawn to it and because I had done scrap booking before, they liked that creative process and I think alex buying supplies more than I like doing it, but I liked the process, you know, um, and because I had that because I was selling digital scrapbooking kits and things like that. And by the way we used to burn the dvds, they would buy a CD from you burning them and making the label and I would mail them out. That’s how we sold our kids back then. And so I think I saw that.

Holly McCaig:               09:44               I had that skill and then I saw what was being done in the planner world. Like you walk down any craft store aisle and hit, it’s, that’s kind of almost becoming the new scrapbook. You know, like people want to get creative with their planners and they want to make them look cute and they want to add like stickers and all these little things to it. And I thought, okay, there’s a way to move to mold this so that my knowledge of the digital scrapbooking and that pretty realistic looking stuff can come into the planner side of things. And so that was kind of like our thing. It was like, I don’t want it to just be some boring, you know, planner, I want it to look cute at the same time. So, you know, now, um, it’s like, okay, we can make this, we can make all the same things that they make for traditional pressure, can make a little charms, we can make little planner clips, we can do all of that stuff.

Holly McCaig:               10:32               And so that was Kinda what was my thing. It was like I want it to look cute and fun like everybody’s doing in the crafty world. So that’s what got me there. I mean I saw Heidi swapping need her planner, the memory planner, right. So there’s like so much work that goes into these planners, they’re like works of art. Yes, exactly. And it kind of goes, okay. It goes back to I didn’t really like scrap booking at the time. I just liked buying the products because they were so pretty and I liked making them, like I actually had contracted with a couple of paper planners at the to our paper scrapbooking companies at the time. I designed some papers and stickers and stamps and stuff. So like I knew I knew what went into that and I thought okay, we have to bring this into this.

Holly McCaig:               11:13               It’s a little limiting because those apps are, are kind of limiting compared to say scrapbooking and photoshop or something like that. So you kind of defined your work around, but that’s where that stuff works when you can educate people how to use it and how to do it. Right. So having the tutorials and the videos really does kind of like sell it to people so that they know what they need to do and how to use it. Yeah. I think a huge part of your planners that make some kind of special and stand out is that they have built in stickers that match the colors and branding of yes, yes, yes. And I am a secret for you. I don’t know when the podcast will go live, but on the 15th we have a new, we have new line of cleaners coming out. We’ve had, when we launched the first group of planners, I mean I get emails everyday like, well, can we have this and can you do this and can you do that?

Holly McCaig:               12:04               And so I was like, okay, I really had to take what everybody is saying and figure out a way to make things a lot more universal and so that people can do more with it. So we’ve really just, um, we’ve given people more options. So now like there’s going to be an option for people who don’t have good notes, can use them. Um, there’s going to be ways to edit tabs now there’s an escape, it’s just going to be so much more, I think, flexible for people. So I’m super excited about it and I love that we’ve created these fun colors and everything and you know, having, um, the add ons that you, people can buy, like, you know, the stickers every month and things like that. It’s just, I used to enjoy doing it. So much fun. It is very exciting. So let’s just talk about, because I’m sure you know my channel that does a lot of focus on how to make planners, right?

Holly McCaig:               12:51               So I know everyone’s going to want to know how do you make your planners? Sure. So, um, because my background in graphic design, I’m going to job girl. I mean I use photoshop, indesign, illustrator, those are my three tools and I know in the digital scrapbook world a lot of people are using like keynote and things like that. And I’m like, I don’t know how to use it. It’s just not. I mean I know how to use keynote but I’m not proficient enough in it to make it worthwhile. So I design everything. I design all my layouts and things in photoshop. So I photograph binders and I like, you know, alter them and do all that work in photoshop. And then all of the layouts are done in indesign because that’s just second nature to me. Um, all of the planners are put together with indesign because of hyperlinking.

Holly McCaig:               13:41               That just makes it so much easier. And then all of our stickers, a lot of times I use my ipad to sketch out my ideas for drawing stickers and things like that. And then I bring things into illustrator. I’m a vector girl so I like to do everything with the pen tool and draw in there. And so that’s kind of where all our stickers come out of that. So I utilize pretty much all of adobe to do all of our designs. And you know, you mentioned people wanting to know how you do it and we’ve talked about my uh, one of the girls that worked with me on some of these, um, she and I talked about, uh, doing kind of like a, like a course, a mini course on how you can take that and make your own from scratch. From that to that.

Holly McCaig:               14:24               I mean, it’s a lot of work but I don’t know when and how we’ll achieve that. People want to do it. But then, you know, I mean there are people who don’t like mean people are just fickle because they want like, I want my planner to be like that so you to be like that. So why not be able to show them how they could do it. So, but I don’t know, it’s a thought. It’s out there in the cloud somewhere. But yeah, I’m with you. I just, I can’t use canva. I can’t work. Like I know they’re easier but they’re, they’re so hard and it doesn’t do what I want to do. It’s so much more frustrating than adobe. Well, somebody just asking me because I, I recently did. Sorry, my dog is back there. Making’s not always. So we um, I recently did a three part thing on my youtube channel.

Holly McCaig:               15:10               I showed how a sketch everything out in procreate and then how I colored and shaded it and then I like brought it into illustrator and I vectored it and some we’ll, why can’t you teach us how to use affinity designer on the IPAD? And I’m like, I don’t know how. And I don’t like it. Like I’ve been using adobe since, gosh, mid nineties. Why would I, I, I mean, I, I know they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and you probably can, but I just like, I don’t. I bought it and download it and I’m like this is not intuitive. I can’t figure this out and I’m just not qualified here or go to this person. So I just, I know my limits now, like what I’m capable of doing. So Holly, why can’t you just do everything how to make this in every application that exists and that’s what people keep saying, like, you know, he know and I’m going, oh my gosh, am I really going to have to like start teaching people things in that I really don’t want to, but I didn’t like him either.

Holly McCaig:               16:13               I think the problem is there are some free tutorials out there on skillshare and youtube and they’re all keynote. Yeah, exactly. And I’m like that’s fine if that’s what you want to do, but it’s just not where I am. I’m not proficient enough in it and I have to be proficient in order to get it done. So like right now, so like I’ve, I’ve taught myself how to use final cut pro and I’m trying to put together a video for the launch of these and I’m all, I’m like, I’m in over my head pro. But you have the adobe creative cloud suite. I know, but I love final cut pro. I don’t know why, but I do, I love it. It’s so much. It’s so much. I don’t know. I don’t know, like an idea. I know somebody said that to me. They’re like, how come you’re not using premiere?

Holly McCaig:               17:00               And I’m like, I don’t know, I just like it. Just stick with what you like and did a poll. It’s probably gone off my off my instagram. I did a poll yesterday asking people do they prefer one or the other? And most people were final cut pro. It was kind of weird. It’s kind of strange. I thought I expected more premier but I think premier is um, it’s so overwhelming when you see the workspace for the first time you’re outta here. Yes. And I think if people who have been using like, um, I movie, you know, all along final cut pro is kind of like, that next step is kind like similar. So yeah, it is what it is. So all of your colors and your branding and your fonts all look amazing. What is that process like? Just to make everything pretty look like, you know, it’s funny because um, I jumped around sometimes with that, like I kind of like want to like update my branding at times.

Holly McCaig:               17:57               I’m like, oh, I’m getting bored with this, so I want something that’s a little bit more me at the time. Um, but I feel like I’ve nailed it now. I feel like I figured it out why or where it is I’m trying to be with that. And I discovered that when I started, I’m kind of updating my instagram feed a little bit more. I said, okay, I need, I want to draw more and I want to illustrate more than I want to do more of that, but I want everything to have a cohesive feel to it. And so I thought, okay, let’s explore color palettes. And see what, where you go with that and I don’t know, I just kind of like, this was what I picked and what I liked and everything seemed to be like working and I can use it in all the different pieces I do and it seems to work so I don’t know.

Holly McCaig:               18:40               I mean I think a lot of it too is just what I see out there. But I see in packaging, like I told you I’m a sucker for packaging, you know, so if I see something like this and I’m like, oh those colors are amazing, you know, okay, how can I incorporate that into what I’m doing? So as far as fonts go, um, I have designed some my own fonts and I really, I haven’t done any in Gosh, over a year and a half probably. And I would love to do more again time, you know. So I try to make sure that everything is readable and easy to know, easy to read, easy to see. I think people get overwhelmed because they want all the scripty fonts and rail, you know, all of this. And I just think it has to be clean and easy to read. That’s kind of my thing, you know? No.

Lisa Siefert:                  19:31               So really just being observant and just having an eye and paying attention when he sees [inaudible]

Holly McCaig:               19:37               yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Just being drawn into pretty things.

Lisa Siefert:                  19:43               Yeah. So I guess, you know, because everything in the shop is so pretty and I know that you have other people that are designing planners in your shop. How does that process look like? If I have people that are like, oh my God, I just saw the interview with Holly, how can I get into her shop with my planner?

Holly McCaig:               19:58               So like right now it was always going to be just about me and what I’m doing. And I then ended up, I of ended up talking to a friend about doing the collabing with me on the digital planning side of things and she says is no longer with me, but that I had had asked my instagram manager who manages all my comments and things like that if she’s a graphic artists too, because I’ve hired her for other graphics, things that needed dumb. And I just said, are you interested in becoming in, on, in, in doing this? I think it’s a really lucrative market and I think there’s a lot that can be done because I knew I couldn’t do it all if I did it would be like delayed a whole lot longer. So it was one of the things where I do like kind of an invite thing, you know, is a special kind of reach out to that person.

Holly McCaig:               20:46               And then my brushes, like people who are good, there’s one on one of the girls selling brushes with me and somebody who’s got some mock up stuff in there too and they’ve all just been like personal invitations because I’ve admired their work, you know, as I really like what you do. Are you interested in creating some group, you know, if you want to create one thing that’s at least exclusive for us, can you do that? And then if you’re interested in selling more, this is what you can do and how it can work out. So at this point it’s just been a invite thing. If I’ve really liked that they’ve done. I mean, I’m always open to somebody messages me and says, Hey, I’m interested in this, can you check out my work? You know what I mean? There’s no guarantee, you know, so because I’m, I’m kind of, I’m, I’m one of those people.

Holly McCaig:               21:28               It’s like if you’re gonna do it, I need you to do it. Like I need you to like be consistent and I need you to be talking about it and I need you to be, you know, putting it out there and [inaudible] I can’t mark it all the time, you know, and so I need you to kind of jump into. So that’s kind of my only real stipulation with it is if you’re going to do it, you got to do it. So, so you know, when we talk about though your style, right? Like how would you describe it in, was that based on market research and surveys you got or just looking at sales numbers and knowing what was going to sell and what wasn’t. You know, I have to like it and I think I have to see what else is out there at the same time.

Holly McCaig:               22:12               And when it comes to say like the planning stuff, it was, it was really a lot of it based on like what I’m, what I’m seeing out there now in the traditional world and what I can see people posting. And so it’s more like that kind of thing, like a kind of getting a feel of where the popular stuff is and then going with that kind of direction with it. So, um, that’s kind of very. I went with it. It wasn’t like anything too deep really, you know, it was, it was like, okay, this is going to be taking off, you know, I look around, I’m like on Etsy at digital banners and you know, you can look and see like if somebody’s stuff is sold recently, you know, by looking at the bottom you can kind of see like it has been relisted and, and that sort of thing.

Holly McCaig:               22:59               And so you get a general idea if something’s doing well. And the girl I had originally started out with the cloud with, it had sold some of her good notes, planers stuff in her etsy shop. And she of told me like how well it was doing and she goes, and I’m not really doing anything special on Etsy, I’m not relisting and I’m not reading, I’m not renewing and I’m not doing these things. And not really even did a whole lot of key words, it’s just that there’s not a lot in there now. So people are finding it. And I knew how to use etsy, you know, like I knew like, oh, you got to do this. I knew how to Seo Etsy, I know how to do all that stuff and I know what you need to do. So it was like, okay, if you’re not doing that and it’s working, then obviously there’s a need for it.

Holly McCaig:               23:42               So, you know. So what’s your best seller in the shop? Well, right now, let’s see. It’s between two things. So for lettering, it’d be the companion brush lettering guide that I sell. That’s a very, very popular. It’s been selling since it launched in January. I’m amazed at how many times that still sells. And um, as far as digital cleaners go. So the three we have in there now, or actually we’ve decided we want to retire them when the new ones come out, only because there’s going to be a little bit of a difference in them, you know, as far as how they’re set up, you know, I’m better I think, um, but we will be selling the stickers sets for those, uh, in the shop to match for the new planner. So people want to still Kinda like decorate in that style. They can. Um, but the pixel painters do very well.

Holly McCaig:               24:32               Um, you know, I think it’s between those two. I think it’s the companion guide and then the pixel painters, so those sub pretty well. So yeah, I’m always amazed that people are buying cleaners in August, so like, oh, it’s, oh, it’s August and you’re, you know. But I think what I like about it is it’s flexible. You can start anytime with a year and we create our cleaners so that they’re blank. So you can set your weekday start when you want. You can set your, you know, you know, if you want to do a Sunday start or Monday start can, um, and you can use it anytime of the year. So yeah, I’m just like, wow, I’m amazed by that. I’m amazed by that. And when we first launched, I was so shocked about how many we sold. I was like, this is really happening. This is crazy. You know what I mean? It was July, June, I think. I can’t remember. June, July. I remember now. And it was like, wow, this is weird. This is so weird. Which is why we’re super excited about the new ones getting so close to the new year, you know, we think they’ll do really well too. So. And we’ve got a lot of new ideas up our sleeves as well that we’re going to introduce. So all. I’m excited.

Holly McCaig:               25:38               So yeah. So let’s just talk to you. You have a ton of freebies that you give away. Like what is the most popular download, your Freebie Library? Oh Gosh, let’s see. So it wasn’t when we first started the Freebie Library, we were only putting out like one thing a month and then that this has to be better. I mean this has to be more worth their while. And so I have a, I have a group of ladies who we call our ambassadors who actually share screenshots of their, their planners spreads for us and that’s what we post on instagram and that sort of thing. And so listening to them has been really helpful. Like what are some things you’re interested in, what are you thinking about? And so we knew then that it was like, okay, we want to get this momentum going, we need to make the free side of things more worth their while.

Holly McCaig:               26:26               And so I just said, okay, we’re gonna come up with these different things. But I think our, um, we just launched the, Oh gosh, what are they? Um, they’re like pocket journal page things. So they look like little plastic sleeves, a little pockets, you know, that are kind of cut out. So if people want to do some little memory planning inside their journal, they can or they can actually put one on one side and they can add pictures and make it so it looks real to them and they liked that. So that’s been pretty popular download recently and then our divider templates to. I just put out a tutorial on how to do it in procreate, how you can mascot, you know, your patterns from say like creative market or something like that. So I think those have been our most popular. But the charm, we have a little heart charm and everybody loves that.

Holly McCaig:               27:11               It’s so cute, you know, so they can decorate their planners and I know it’s not, it’s not like a real planner that you’re like, oh look how pretty you look at us. I mean it’s on your ipad, but for some reason people really love to be creative with it. So, you know, we try to give them a bunch of different things that they can use with it. So yeah. Yeah. No one wants to stare at a blank page. No, no, not at all. I’ve had people tell me like, this is so cumbersome to have to create and do all this and like, oh, well then maybe that’s not for you. Maybe you shouldn’t be doing. You should just go buy a Franklin covey planner and he just read it. It, you’ll be happy, you know? I mean, it’s not for you. That’s fine. Very true.

Holly McCaig:               27:53               Yeah. There is some planners out there that are just aesthetically just very plain and boring and that’s okay there for maybe corporate or business. Yes. Yeah, Yup. Yeah, we um, we get requests for more masculine looking ones, which we’re excited we are going to be launching one that’s black, so it will be clean, you know, clean and black and simple and yeah, I’m excited about that. Yeah, it’s weird. I’m always surprised when I subscribed to my channel or write in or buy my products because I’m so female centric with my branding. But you can never tell if people are going to like same here. I, I, my branding is very female, very, very feminine looking. And um, there are a lot of Plantar, plantar guys out there. They love it.

Holly McCaig:               28:37               So this is the most exciting part, so I don’t know if you guys know, but on Holly’s channel the other day she did an unboxing of the glow forge, which is so awesome. It’s one of those things where you’re like, oh, those are so cool, but those who, who are you going to do with it? That’s so expensive. And then holly bought one and then she was like, on top of it, she’s like, so there’s a couple of variations, but we went with the pro version because we’re like, we’re using this for our business. And I was like, oh my God. So do you love it and what are you doing with it? Yeah. So let me just tell you the story. So it was, it was like the week after my birthday and my brother and sister in law were like going to come up and stay up here with us and we’ll make ’em polio, fundido and Margarita us and we’ll have fun and we’ll do this and they don’t play around, you know, it’s like, okay, sure, that sounds good.

Holly McCaig:               29:24               So after one Margarita and then my brother, he goes, have you seen this glowforge thing? And I’m like, well hold on, let me get another drink it, we’ll, we’ll talk about this, you know, pops on Youtube and he’s showing me things and I’m like, we have to have this. And I go, I go, we’ve got to get messed with not to get. This is going to be so perfect. It’s will be so amazing. We need this. What can we do with it? This is so cool. I could do my lettering stuff with that. Then after like the third Margarita, you’re like, Yep, we’re getting how holly makes this decision. I cannot drink tequila with you any more. It’s this is not good for me. But um, we decided on it and then I said, okay, but let’s think about it. So like I ended up deciding to apply for like a different credit card that had zero interest in stuff and cash back.

Holly McCaig:               30:12               And so I said that’s going to take it a little bit of time to get in, you know? So that’s going to help me think about it. And that came in, I’m like, okay, I guess I’m going to do it. So I did it and oh my God, it’s the most amazing thing. I just, it is such a cool device. Um, we’ve been creating key chains. We create like the charms and things like that with lettering and drawing and, and, and that sort of thing with it. And then my brother does a lot of three d printing. He creates like a star wars costume pieces and stuff for that and he’s been like, I need this piece done but I can’t do a three d printer because it’s too small and I’m going to do it on the glove for it. I mean, so we’ve really, really got our money’s worth out of it.

Holly McCaig:               30:53               And if anybody out there watching this has never decided to become an affiliate for someone do it because that has helped me almost paid for my machine is being an affiliate and having those links out there. Yeah, it’s really, really helped me. And I’ve only done the one video I need to do more, I think. Um, but it’s cool. It’s so cool and it doesn’t, I mean it doesn’t take up a ton of space. It’s um, you know, like Kinda, you know, maybe like not even like three, maybe three feet wide if that. It’s a long, it’s not very big. So it’s been really, really cool. Really Fun to try out and play with and do different things. What’s the learning curve unlike learning how to use it and are there a bunch of templates out there for years already? Sure. So with Glowforge, once you buy one you get access to your account within their system that it’s a, it’s all based on a cloud service, so it’s not any kind of application you have to download or anything like that.

Holly McCaig:               31:49               You can use it through your ipad, through your phone if you need to. Um, and they have templates and things that you can buy and use. So like you could even make boxes and clocks and coasters and just like you can do with it, you can do all kinds of fun things with it. Um, I don’t know that anybody is like selling anything third party wise for it, but you can use svg files, which are what you can find an etsy that people use with their cricket and silhouette machines that cut out the designs for vinyl and that. And so any of like wood signs people are doing, they’re doing the hand lettering or they’re buying the svg and all you do is you upload the Svg file to the application that’s on the cloud through there. Tell it if you’ve bought your material through glowforge, it has a little, what do they call it?

Holly McCaig:               32:37               They call that code Qr Code. I think it’s what you call it. And it will, the, the camera will read that and know exactly what material is in there and know what settings it needs to be. And then you just hit the print button and it does that for you. And then it looks amazing. It’s so cool. It’s just so amazing. So, so a lot of the stuff we’re doing, like um, if I have one here, this is one where I lettered my name backwards on your screen, but I lettered my name and cut out so you can kind of see the acrylic there and cut it out as an svg file and put it on a piece of the clear behind it using. I have to use a special like welding kind of material, welding liquid that wells it together. But I mean that was all done on the it just so cool.

Holly McCaig:               33:28               So being able to incorporate like my art, I’m, I’ve cut out some of my art pieces as little wooden, a little wooden pins that I sell on my etsy shop and um, that sort of thing. It’s fun. It’s so much fun. It really is. You can make stickers there, right? You wait, we could all just throw away our crickets and silhouettes. Yes. You can cut. And one of the things that’s really neat about the glowforge is that I could take a piece of white paper and a black sharpie and draw something, stick it in the machine and let it scan it. And it will either at your cut out what you’ve drawn. So it’s amazing. You don’t even need to use illustrator to actually design something. It’s pretty impressive. Pretty impressive. I know, it’s cool. It has when I’m like, okay. So as soon as it comes down to like $2,500, I’ll buy it.

Holly McCaig:               34:21               And the car. Okay. So here’s the difference. There’s three models, right? The pro just has a higher class laser so it’s going to go faster and then it also has a pass through. So if I wanted to do something really long, like say I wanted to create this tall piece that had like, you know, a ruler, like for kids to like stand up to and mark were they grown, you don’t wanna do it on your wall or something. You can pass through a large piece like that. And we’ll x out all the little, you know, noxious of the ruler or you can step down and go into the lower class lasers which are going to be a little bit slower than that one. And for some reason we decided to go with pro and we’ve yet to do anything large in it. So everything was small, like did we really need that?

Holly McCaig:               35:03               And then of course my brother was like, yes we did. Yes we did. I’m like okay, okay. Just think of how much more productive you are now to, you don’t have to wait to go for it. Done like that. And we’ve taught my mom how to use it. So the, the other business that I owned with her and my brother is called all a and l monogram and we do the key chains and we do a little monogram key chains and that sort of thing. And I’ve been able to teach her how to do it, you know, and she’s, she’s pretty, she’s pretty intuitive on things. But sometimes you got a teacher had to do it like a several, several times. But even she was able to like pick it up so it’s very, very easy to do. So yeah, she, she pretty much manages the orders and that sort of stuff for that.

Holly McCaig:               35:49               But it’s fun. It’s a lot of fun. Yeah. No, I wish everybody had wings. I think they’re fun. Yeah, I know. I do either. We were like, oh, let’s look at the CNC machines we could do with one of those, which was kind of like a drill bit that cuts out wood and stuff. Like there’s no space. Where would we put it mean he’s my brother and I can put it in my garage. I’m like, okay. But no, I’m not there yet. The glowforge is pretty cool. I wouldn’t mind having two. It would be kind of neat to have to be able to just kind of keep going. But yeah, it’s fun. Lot of fun. She loves it so much she wants to.

Lisa Siefert:                  36:33               Alright. So if you guys are interested, how holly, how can they get in touch with you? Where’s the best place to find you?

Holly McCaig:               36:39               Sure. If you go to my website at [inaudible] dot com, you’ll be able to find all my social media links and everything there. I’m mostly on Instagram, social media wise. So at Holly Face. Yeah. Yeah.

Lisa Siefert:                  36:50               And ignoring going to get this question. So do you do one on one coaching with other creatives or do you do custom design work for others?

Holly McCaig:               36:56               I don’t, I don’t do any of that. I’m like I, I said before, like I’ve just done a service oriented artists so I don’t really, I don’t like to pressure. Some people don’t know this about me. I do care for my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and so to try and have my schedule where somebody else was relying on me like that would just be like too much pressure. We can’t do it. So I, I tend to tell people where they can go for like a logo designer or something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Got It.

Lisa Siefert:                  37:26               Cool. So I’m a speed round. You Ready? Okay. So this is the question everyone wants to know physical planner, which one do you use? What brand are you using as far as

Holly McCaig:               37:37               physical planners? Go? I have a Kiki Kay, is that what you call it? I think is yes. Yes. It meant so pretty

Lisa Siefert:                  37:46               Sweden now did you order that online because there’s like three stores in the US. I did,

Holly McCaig:               37:50               I did. I ordered it last year. I think it was last year when I ordered it. Yeah. Yeah. Cool. And last question, what’s your favorite dessert? Oh Gosh, I have to have one on bolted milkshake. It is like my favorite, so I like to have that. That’s good. Awesome.

Lisa Siefert:                  38:09               Alright, well thank you so much for being on and I believe this information below and we’ll see you guys later.

Holly McCaig:               38:15               Awesome. Thank you.