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The Event is Jan 4-6, 2019 in downtown San Diego at the Republic Hotel [modern, bright + located near tons of restaurants, bars and coffeeshops and most importantly – the OCEAN] and it’s only 5 minutes from the airport.

Hotel Republic San Diego 2219

My Special Offer Bonuses

There are 3 levels of bonuses depending on which ticket you choose.

There are 3 options for attending the event. When you purchase a ticket via my Affiliate Link, you’ll also receive from me:

  1. General Admission // Thursday night dinner w/me
  2. VIP Ticket // Thursday night dinner w/me PLUS Access To any purchase in the Pretty Fabulous Designs Shop
  3. Immersion // Thursday night dinner w/me PLUS Complete Website + Product Audit of your business with detailed suggestions on how to optimize it for 2019! You’ll send me your business information prior to the January Event and then we’ll sit down together and review it in person in San Diego. You’ll get a complete and Detailed Report Card with an Action Guide on next steps.

You’re Invited to an amazing LIVE 3-Day Event on How To Start An Online Business With Kamila Gornia from Heart Behind Hustle in San Diego on January 4-6, 2019.

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  • A clear plan for your business
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Sales Funnels for Plannerpreneurs with Kamila Gornia


Hi Everyone, I am still on hiatus, but I wanted to pop in because I have an amazing offer for you that I don’t want you to miss out on and that is happening in January. It’s the first week of January, so really great opportunity to meet my friend Camila and learn from her. So you’ll see on her video that she was pretty much the first person that introduced me to funnels, trip wires, and really taught me how to be successful and be a real business online. So if you would like to learn directly from her, she is a really great unique opportunity where she is hosting a three day workshop here in San Diego and the first weekend of January. Now, the really cool part about this is not only everything that you’re going to learn, but more importantly you can meet me in person. So everyone who signs up and I do have an affiliate link.

So I will leave that below. Um, if you sign up through my affiliate link, I am taking all of you out to dinner. So I’d like to host you all for a dinner on Thursday night. The event actually runs all day Friday, Saturday and Sunday, believe it ends around 4:00 on Sundays. You can fly out then or the following Monday, or you can stay longer and enjoy San Diego in January, which probably not that bad depending on where you’re at. And the best part is I don’t know about you. I always have like a little worry or anxiety whenever I go to some of those big events and there are a lot of attendees and I’m worried that I won’t know anybody. So the greatest part about this is Thursday night before anything in the conference starts, we’re going to have a nice quiet, okay, maybe not that quiet.

We’re going to have a nice sort of small group to get together and we’re going to talk about all the things and you’re going to be able to meet people more one on one in person so that when you go to the conference the next day you’re going to have friends to sit with, talk to, chat with. And I think it’s just gonna. Make it that much more of a better experience. Plus, I love San Diego and I’d love to show you my city and help get you reacquainted and I’ll have a big, huge list of different places I will suggest for you to go to and check out for lunches and for activities and for site seeing if you’re staying longer. So make sure to sign up below, check out all of the details and I will also be at the conference all three days as well.

So if you have any questions or you just want to chat with me about planners or my online business or becoming an author or anything else, I will be there to answer those as well. So I hope you guys are all having a great end of 2018, whether or not you are going to be there. Um, but I would love to see you in person and help you to really get 2019 off to a great start. So, uh, if you have any questions or anything else, leave them below and myself or Camilo, we’ll make sure to answer those for you. All right, bye.