When Kamila Gornia & I aren’t running around San Diego looking for brick walls to pose in front of, we’re helping others to grow and scale their business. And this Tuesday, we’re getting together to help you to SELL MORE PLANNERS. Learn the Top 5 Ways To Position YourSelf as a Productivity Expert and have planner addicts flocking to you in droves!

Below is the WEBINAR REPLAY How To Sell More Planners as a Productivity Expert with Kamila Gornia from Heart Behind Hustle that we did together on Tuesday November 14, 2018.

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Secret Video Mentioned During The Webinar:

Top 10 Revenue Ideas for Plannerpreneurs

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Case Study Examples of Plannerpreneur Productivity Experts

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Boss School Week 5 Pricing and Positioning copy.049
Boss School Week 5 Pricing and Positioning copy.050
Boss School Week 5 Pricing and Positioning copy.051


Lisa Siefert:                  00:00               Hi everyone, you guys, if anyone can hear us or see us, just say hello.

Kamila Gornia:              00:08               So cool.

Lisa Siefert:                  00:17               Alright, so we for some reason the darkest room in Europe, we were you. But that’s fine because it’s 3:00 here and probably on the east coast. Six o’clock. So this way it’s like we’re all together eating at night. Nightclub afterwards. Yes, exactly. The plan today. Make sure to underneath me there’s a green button and it says download the workbook. So the next thing is the workup. Today is something you can type in [inaudible] I know that was some people were asking and if you don’t know me, I’m Lisa from pretty fabulous and I’m assuming you do because I didn’t ask for this. So it’s like going out to my list. Um, so can you let is also article mind muscle. They’re one in the same and we wanted to come on today and share with you our top five tests. And when I say ours, you a productivity expert because I really think that’s the number one way to more manners. So how many of you guys here today are selling planners are interested in selling planners or interested in becoming burdened to eat lunch or some kind of expert of some sort, you know, working on the clients, see the love and Juliane and if you are not signing any foreigners yet and you are not a coach, just let us know this. Always know where you’re standing at home, you can make sure to cater the content to you.

Lisa Siefert:                  01:48               Alright so it says freedom is to sell this. Stevie says interested as a product and that’s the sense I kept going into third year production.

Kamila Gornia:              02:01               Awesome. Well

Lisa Siefert:                  02:04               alright, so you guys are getting a sneak peek today. So I’m going to flip it around and share my screen so you can see some slides. I’m going to give you a sneak peek into the boss school. So the last boss school class number five and went into the tax revenue ideas or planner for doors and further that was talking about the productivity experts. I’m going to go through some case studies with you to kind of inspire you and get you thinking about how to leverage that as a skill

Kamila Gornia:              02:33               he missed the last plan. So yeah.

Lisa Siefert:                  02:52               Where are you guys watching from? Asked me. Wait for Lisa. Do you want to type into chat and tell us where you’re watching from? Super curious where everybody else in the world,

Lisa Siefert:                  03:04               Alabama, Texas, and a c Zuri and Uber asparagus. That was just in Vegas recently. So hopefully you guys can see my slides. Yeah. Perfect. All right, so in that class we went over the top revenue. I guess I’m going to give you a url for a secret video, so I’ll put it into the chat after this, but this video is going to go live in January, but because you’re here today, that will give you the where else you can see this video and it’s just tapped number of new ideas. I’m money besides just selling planners because every time we talk about businesses, and I know both of us do that is you have multiple streams of income, so if you are wanting to increase your revenue every month, you want to make sure you have different sources of clients or different ways that you can cater to that audience that you already have a gate.

Lisa Siefert:                  04:01               So the first thing that we always talk about is, and I’m sure you guys have seen this, is when you first meet someone you never want to say, will you marry? Right? You’re going to have a little bit of a courtship and we’re going to get to know them and you’re going to get to know you. And I think the best way for them to get to know you, these group, your productivity tests, people are looking for players because they’re looking possibly to a save more time, get more organized. Um, they’ve transformed themselves, need a specific goal, a started with business, right? There’s a lot of things they want to do, but they need to be comfortable in knowing that you’re the right person to guide them through that process. Um, so over here, uh, the first example that we have, and I just have four in this is Angela Jia camp, so he actually likes you can, is a business productivity coach who does a lot of different things, but lately she started making the saber player and that flooded or took off.

Lisa Siefert:                  05:01               It was so successful she actually gave off for other businesses just to focus on the sabre player. So there’s a lot of potential and opportunity just having planners and talking about the activity. Um, so it here and I’ll share these slides with you two afterwards. Um, these are just the latest email that she sent out and less productivity experts. They’re going to be sending you an email every week and it could be a Sunday depending on their system or maybe unlucky, motivational email, but they’re going to give you just some step. And it could be something related to things go to holidays for the month. It could be related to the new year or the month or something going on just in their own personal life they wanted to share with you. So in this one, it just as a small side note, I don’t know why she’s naked in this picture. That was just.

Lisa Siefert:                  05:53               I wouldn’t recommend. It was just this had to be the picture that she sent out with that. So someone had asked me that, so I added that little note. This is Whitney English who makes the database layer, which is incredibly successful and the deep desire, as you know, is sold or on her own website in retail locations at staples and office depot, Walmart. You can find this in a lot of different places and she goes on all the time. I think a productivity guru. Now she’s the same thing as Angela cheer camp. I don’t know if you guys know this. When the English, when she first started out, I used to be a business coach and then she created the date slider and that really took off and you get rid of the date designer business because being a productivity expert to help drive more sales, convert date, desire was just important for her.

Lisa Siefert:                  06:43               Um, and she does videos to go along with her with the items as well now because she’s a mom, she does focus a lot on that and that’s a really great way to niche down to when you talk about productivity, this is a best self, especially to people. I don’t know if they’re married or they’re just people that decided to start planning together, but can’t Larry and Alex Brown for our send out every Monday, what they call them Monday motivational Monday email and is a little different in that there’s, it looks like tasks. It’s very odd. I if really worried about making sure it’s really pretty or they one can copy and paste it, but this is actually just an image. And so all of your emails are images, even though they look like tax and then it leads to two more images on there on the site, but their whole thing is every Monday they helped kick off your week and that kind of reminds you that, hey, it’s Monday and I wish I had and it only I had her best self.

Lisa Siefert:                  07:42               And then my last one is the lexus gs awestruck. And I don’t think anyone ever calls her less stress and less this. She goes by strange and charm or the scene, another nickname, I can record this, but she always, always loved talking to her today. She is a work from home online business who also happens to be a mom. So that actually resonates with a lot of online, I guess moms who are running a business out of their house. And she was just talking about not only the planner but other planners and how she specifically uses her planner and she does lots of videos. So these are kind of the top, I consider like the top four examples of people who were doing productivity on a regular basis. Uh, and when I say regular, the more consistent you can be, the better you’re going to be. And I know people are like, do I have 52 tips to give out your rescue of 52 tests? Anything recycle them, people reading, remember? And if you look at your open rates, sometimes they don’t know about you. I’d like to think people are super excited about my emails, but I don’t have a 100 percent open rate so it’s highly likely that if they didn’t catch it in March and I started again in

Kamila Gornia:              08:56               July or August, it’s going to be like it was new even if they’re opening emails and just do it so I can go into.

Lisa Siefert:                  09:14               Oh, take over now. You want to add any additional things? Hey guys. Hey guys. All right. So this was, this was awesome. I think what you, a lot of the information you shared and I think it was just really to seeing what is possible and how you can position yourself to do the summer. A little bit about me meeting this morning, I’m the founder of this is essentially the platform and the coaching business where I support impact. You’re going to ask the lawyers and most of them are experts, coaches, healers, service based entrepreneurs, and being able to make more money, create a bigger impact with their business and staying aligned with their message and like their personality as well. So we create a lot of successful people, a lot of people, a lot of reference to six figures, multiple six figures. So I’m, what I’m going to talk about today is approaching it from that different perspective.

Lisa Siefert:                  10:13               So I understand many of you already are selling planners. I mean want to sell planners and I like to support people that want to also be seen as experts. So you’re not just eating this whole thing that you then send out to people and that’s kind of the end of that. Uh, you actually really want to support people in as many ways as possible. So if from a business perspective, I just want to share a couple of sauce. So Lisa mentioned a lot about like using your expertise to sell more planners, but there’s also another thing you can do is just adding a coaching services or adding consulting. I tend to do this a lot even though I shouldn’t go. Like you can be a consultant, you can just be an expert. You could create courses in addition to having this physical product. And the cool thing about being able to sell off offers like that and just increasing the amount of offers that you sell well is your ability to just generate more income as a whole.

Lisa Siefert:                  11:13               So anytime that you’re selling anything that’s like your time, if you’re doing consultations, if you’re doing coaching, if you’re doing anything like that, obviously the overhead is like all you have to do is show up and working and you money and then you help them with a specific problem or a, you know, whatever that might be. You can also create courses and sell versus. So this is where you can walk people through a process or helping people overcome a specific challenge. Helping people for AIDS, the solution to whatever it is that they’re struggling with, and then obviously one of the things that you recommend as a part of that solution would be haters, my planner, so it’s just thinking of how else can we either tpe audience that you already have and all the buyers that you already have for your planners and how do you maximize that and bringing more cash from those exact people, but also if you don’t want to, society gets and you’re waiting because like maybe there’s, there’s a whole lot of things that I’m sending way more about than I do.

Lisa Siefert:                  12:12               I’m around being able to actually put that out there. Well you can actually step into making money right now by offering your expertise when it comes to productivity organization or whatever else that you feel you’re an expert in. So I’m going to go through five different things to support you in finding out what that might look like and then we’ll talk a little bit more deeply around. I’m deceiving it to the next level as well. So were the. Sounds good. Alright. So the first thing that I’m going to share with you is as stepping into being seen as an expert is first needs to understand that you want to make sure that you actually know what it is that you’re teaching people. So, and the thing is like, actually let me backtrack for a second. You can be an expert as long as you know what you’re talking about.

Lisa Siefert:                  12:59               If you don’t feel like you know what you’re talking about, like productivity, work organization, like you’re just kinda like struggling with it. So I would recommend that before you go and try and make money with that, just learn it a little bit more on yourself, like really immerse herself in the industry, really immerse yourself in the topic because you don’t want any like clients coming through and then you’re serving them and they’re like, you actually know who you’re talking about, right? So, uh, we don’t want any of that to happen. Now if somebody is hiring me though, they probably don’t know anything when it comes to that topic, right? So if you have been doing this stuff, even if you haven’t been doing it professionally or officially we have been getting necessarily getting paid for it, but like let’s just say that you’re naturally a very organized person and you have read all the productivity books and you’ve done all the things like you just know your stuff, but you just haven’t done it in a professional way.

Lisa Siefert:                  13:49               Um, it actually getting any money for it, that’s pretty much fine and you can start to develop your packages and seeing how the connections are offering these services and obviously like we’re not even talking about social media marketing and specifically funneling people wants to planners. But um, so I just wanted to let you that let you guys know, like you’re probably closer to being an expert. You. Many of you are probably experts already. You’re just having claimed it and me, you know, you might have already claimed it and just need to start making money from it as well. So the first thing you really need to understand is needed to determine what is your niche. Now when I say the more niche, I don’t necessarily always agree that you have to have a niche because there’s three different ways to look at this. And to give you a quick example as to why I say this.

Lisa Siefert:                  14:36               When I started my business and this is my third business, so I’ve been a business coach for almost five years and when I first started as a marketing coach and I was like, well, I really liked psychology. I really like entrepreneurship and they literally look at all these things and people would always tell me that you need to niche down, be super specific, and that just always felt very limiting to me personally. So that never felt very alive for me. Alignment is extremely important. If you don’t feel aligned with what you’re doing, you’re not going to be able to continue doing it in a way that actually makes sense and is consistent and is long lasting. And I don’t know about you, but I actually want to have a business that is here not to say, but also next year and the year after that. And it’s actually supporting me.

Lisa Siefert:                  15:21               So I know that I feel like this is something I’ve built that is going to be here for awhile. Uh, so because of this, the whole niche thing for week personally didn’t feel quite right. So if you’re one of those people that’s just like, you know, I just, just being super, extremely specific, just say for some reason it doesn’t really resonate. That’s completely fine. So there’s actually three different ways that you can use a or look at determining what is your niche or market. So first we have the market, right? So any, any business that you see out there is really just like a few market categories. It’s either in health and wealth and how wealth. What else? Entertainment. I would say I’m actually probably have enough for this, but like the biggest ones are helping. Like it’s everything comes down to either you’re going to help you make money or I’m going to help you get healthier in some way. There we go. Love was like, oh, that’s a relationships.

Lisa Siefert:                  16:23               Love, relationships, Duh. Obviously an energy, a whole thing that we’re not talking about. Um, so typically every single business isn’t one of those categories, so you want to start thinking about, okay, so which of these categories, which of these markets is my business? It isn’t one of those. And I will say that some people do have businesses that talk about all three of them. If you are a newer entrepreneur, I do not recommend that you talk about all three just because it can. That’s kind of where it starts getting a little bit confusing and that’s where people start to really struggle with associating you with a specific thing and if you want to make your life a little bit easier, if you want to start getting referrals and people telling their friends about what you do, then you probably would want to just focus on one market and that’s it.

Lisa Siefert:                  17:15               And then eventually if you’re like, wow, I’ve blown up like everybody knows my name and you want to start adding these other markets and start talking about these other categories, you can do that. But just to start out with, I would focus on one of these three are health, wealth and relationships. Thank you Lisa. No, the one below that, so you can either keep it, drama that and they’ll talk about how to differentiate yourself still, even if you’re just focused on an amount of big market or maybe go one of below, which is a submarket. So within each of these three categories, we have a couple of subcategories. So if we look into wealth, for example, which is where I would go into talking about this wellness one, I’m just talking about abundance with just making money as a whole. I specifically talk about entrepreneurship and they talked about marketing, right?

Lisa Siefert:                  18:02               So these are specific, some markets that are still quite broad, but they’re underneath that one big umbrella so that, those are two examples. You could also talk about real estate and when it comes to wealth, uh, there’s a ton of different things you can talk about now if you’re talking about health, this is where you can talk about nutrition or you can talk about fitness or you can talk about, um, holistic healing or something else like that. So these are also pretty broad categories and obviously you can get a little bit more specific with that. But there’s still fairly broad where you have a lot of opportunity to talk about plenty of things and still feel like you have a lot of space to not run out of ideas. I’m just. Let’s talk about in general for another relationships. Obviously we have a marriage like for, for married people dating, we have sex, we have a lot of different things within that specific area as well.

Lisa Siefert:                  18:53               So that’s a sub market. Then we can go even deeper and that’s where we get into where it gets quite specific. I personally, now it’s probably a little bit more specific for me because in the past I just focus on entrepreneurship as a whole. Now it’s like for me it’s like, well then it’s entrepreneurship and marketing, but I do tend to specifically focus on online coaches and service providers or people that actually wants to be more online and help people with their experience and their expertise and like make money through the gifts that they have. So that’s pretty specific. That’s a niche. I could get even more specific with that because there’s also a ton of people that do that exact thing. So, you know, I couldn’t focus on just women even though most of my people are women, um, I don’t specifically talk about, just so I can talk about just women, female entrepreneurs that are coaches that let, you know, whatever.

Lisa Siefert:                  19:48               Um, so you can get very versus in the past, but this is kind of more he asked yourself, okay, so is it, do I want to go deeper with this? Is it going to be beneficial for me to go deeper? And I will say typically if you do go deeper, it will be easier for you in terms of marketing specifically for having other people talk about what you do and then remembering what it is that you do. So I’ll just be totally honest with that. But again, sometimes it’s not going to be, it’s not going to be advantageous to you to focus on a specific niche. If you’re going to feel like you’re not really being able to talk about what he wants to talk about. You’re not gonna feel free, you’re not going to feel, you know, in your power when you do. And that is, I think, more important then than anything else because like it’s not that hard to make money online, it’s not that hard to, I’d have people talking about what you do, you just have to know what to do and we’ll talk about what that looks like a.

Lisa Siefert:                  20:40               So my biggest piece of advice here is just to figure out which, which of the categories dealer yet with this and if you want to be very specific, how does it feel? And then focus on that and just stick with it. Now. It doesn’t have to mean that you’re going to stick with it for five years. It’s totally okay once you already have a built up a good database of people and people are actually associated with a specific thing, then you can start branching out. But before that happens, if you recommended just focus on that thing, try not to get distracted because you know, so and so talking about this and then so this other person is talking about that and I kind of want to talk about those things to just focus on the thing that feels in for good. So that’s number one.

Lisa Siefert:                  21:24               That was perfect. Cool. Uh, number two, you guys ready for number two? All right. So number two is c fun is your unique differentiation. So this is basically your angle. So this is gonna be specifically important for you. If you, um, are focused on just a market, you don’t have a specific niche that you want to focus on. You’re like, you know, I do kind of want to be a little bit broad because maybe you just don’t know yet. Maybe you don’t have enough experience to know that you want to focus on, um, you know, single moms with toddlers or something like that, like maybe you just don’t know that because he would work with enough people to be able to figure that out. So maybe your overarching goal right now is just the focus on a market and maybe it has to do with wealth and productivity, so maybe has to do with careers or something like that, which is actually now even broad or niche.

Lisa Siefert:                  22:16               But uh, so the way that you can start differentiating yourself is what’s going to meet people really remember you by. Right? So if you only have a market, and let’s say you’re only talking about, okay, let’s say health because it’s a very popular, I’m not saying that you have a health planner myself and we just talk about all the things that have to do, how I would probably get a little bit more specific. Maybe it’s like losses, but again, you don’t have to if you don’t want to. So none of the most important thing for you is to see really get clear on what it is that thing that needs to be different. What is it about me and my planner and my expertise that’s gonna make people actually pay attention. So there’s a couple of things that you can start looking at when it comes to you, your unique differentiation.

Lisa Siefert:                  23:03               The first thing is to look about what is it about you that is different from everybody else? Now this is where a lot of people start freaking out and saying, well I don’t know what I’m talking about and why would I even do this? And all these other people are doing such a better job. Like I should probably just quit now. Because like I have nothing to offer and that is absolutely not true. So you don’t have to have fancy degrees, you not have to have, you know, a bazillion years of experience. You don’t have to have created incredible financial gains from your business to be able to, uh, feel like you were an expert. You just have to find those different things about you that have provided you experience. You need to specifically the thing that you’re going to be focusing on. So if it has to do with health, okay.

Lisa Siefert:                  23:52               So what is your experience when it comes to health? Maybe there’s some things that you’ve done or accomplished yourself and it doesn’t. They don’t have to be gigantic things that you don’t. You don’t have to have lost 200 pounds to talk about weight loss, you know? So just start getting clear on what are those specific things that are different or are unique to you now they will say we’ve picked the weight loss, some market, right? So it’s, it’s not that uncommon for people to also have lost weight. So you’re probably like, well, I’m not the only person in the world. It was last week. How’s that special? Well, this is where we go deeper, right? So when I actually give a, I give an exercise to my clients is to uh, take a piece of paper. She would take a piece of paper and number it from one to 50.

Lisa Siefert:                  24:38               See, just go ahead and teach them this paper, you number one to 50 and then for each number you put something about yourself that you know, it’s pretty great and would benefit people knowing when it comes to you as like critical cd providing your expertise and your business. So it could be as simple as a lot of losses, you know, 45 pounds. It could be that you’ve read all the books when it comes to health and wellness. Maybe you’ve tried all the guys and how you finding on something. Maybe it’s that you just want so pretty passionate about it that you just can’t help yourself. It can be literally anything. But I want to challenge you and really start thinking about what are the 50 things that you could say about yourself that would make a difference or maybe in your own way, and it’s the combination of all of that that is going to be here you need to you because there’s no one else out there that has an exact blend of different things that you know, that, that they can pretend to be like, that just doesn’t happen.

Lisa Siefert:                  25:39               Right? So I also really wanted to challenge you to think beyond just the industry of what you want to focus on. So if you do want to, if you didn’t want to focus on, we loss, for example. Um, Nico beyond, we’ve lost. I’m like, think about like you as a person, what are your personal qualities? What are your strengths? What are the things that we tend to focus on? Um, what are your different processes that you tend to use? What is it something that. What is something that you really believe in no matter what when it comes to the industry or not? Right? So really start to think differently and go beyond just that industry and this is going to give you a lot of information around how to proceed forward. So that’s number two. Number three is getting clear on who is your ideal clients.

Lisa Siefert:                  26:25               So this is actually different from just understanding what is your market or some market niche you actually have to get clear on who is that ideal person that you want to call that you want to work with. And there’s a lot of different exercises about ideal clients and Alessa. Um, I don’t really think you have to get extremely specific with it. You just have to get specifically announced that you actually have an idea of who you’re talking to you because it’s talking to a woman who is in college and young adult woman who was just starting college and wants to like get super hot so that she looks great in college and she can go and like go to Cabo during spring break. That’s going to be a different market than someone that’s a, a new mom who’s 28 and she just got married and she lives in the suburbs versus someone that’s a single mom who, um, is divorce with a teach children and she lives in the city again, like you’re going to be talking to these women and different.

Lisa Siefert:                  27:21               So get clear about who is the ideal person. Now again, it goes on to say, well, can you. But I talked to a lot of different people and I don’t really think that there’s one specific person that could benefit from the work that I do and I totally respect that and understand, trust me and I can understand. But the process here is for you to just like start to really visualize who is that person. So your marketing is a little bit more specific versus Bay and I promise you you’re going to attract all the other people anyways. I can’t tell you how many times you know, I’ll talk about how I support coaches and experts and I still have a ton of people in my community that have product based businesses or they are in network marketing or they have brick and mortar businesses and I never use the.

Lisa Siefert:                  28:11               Like, I never think about those people specifically when I create copy, but it’s because like I have that right person in mind and everyone else is still going to be attracted to you regardless, but that way at least you’re clear. You don’t have to have a more watered down in messaging and you can really also rest assured that you are attracting the right people that are going to be willing to pay to work with you as well. So this is really important. So I would get specific on a what is the age range, where do they live, what do they do? What’s their profession with depression isn’t relevant, but obviously skip that one and focus on a couple of demographic and psychographics that are relevant to the person. Right? So for me, for example, like it’s really not relevant if somebody has kids or not because they never talk about kids because I don’t have it.

Lisa Siefert:                  29:00               So I have many, many clients are moms and Dads, but I also have many clients that don’t and I just, it doesn’t matter to me because I don’t talk about bags, about marketing, I focused on the business side of things. I don’t talk about less south by as much. We want it a little bit but not quite as much as other people. Right. So because of that, it doesn’t really matter. Um, most of my people are living in like six months, but again, there’s also a lot of people that live in urban areas, but they resonate with the messaging that would be really to cities. I live in the city. My vibe is like city vibe and people have to resonate with that. So I don’t have to hide and pretend to be somebody that I’m not. Because the only way for you to have a truly consistent with your marketing is just be yourself.

Lisa Siefert:                  29:44               It’s just not high. And just said, just select, show up the way that you truly are and that’s probably the easiest way for you to actually create consistent marketing stuff. Great. Then even went as number four, which is figuring out what is your package. So packaging and creating offers is a huge topic. This is something that we’ll talk another time about this. This is like very, very specific, but you actually, if you are planning on making money in this way, you actually want to add this on as a service if you want to start thinking about what is that package look like and what are going to the price points. So if for example, if you have never sold any packages because you know the big time here, can anybody. Can you guys hear us?

Lisa Siefert:                  30:48               I can hear you. Okay, perfect. So we’re just gonna keep going. I’m great. Thank you guys. So glad. Okay. So you want to figure out like what is your package going to look like and if you’ve never sold anything like you’ve never done consulting or coaching or anything like that before, you’ve never supported people in this way. I actually would recommend it just start doing some standalone sessions just to see if you even like this whole process in the first place and really starting to nail down how do you like working with people? What is the process that you’d like to see included when it comes to with people so it can be as simple as you signing 60 minutes sessions or 45 minute sessions and just kind of going with that. Now this is typically what I tell people not to do. Does that heads out because it’s not a very scalable model and it’s not great for the predictive model or something that I focus on a lot.

Lisa Siefert:                  31:40               But if you’re new to this, if you have never worked with a client before, you want to see how that looks like. You want to get the experience. You don’t want to sign that somebody on for three months and then you’re like, actually, I think that this. Why did I do this? And now you’re stuck for three months and I don’t want that to happen to you either. So I really start thinking about what are those factors are going to be, what are you going to be focusing on? Having a really clear idea about what does that before and the after the somebody that is coming in, where, what state of mind, where are the APA for working with you and where are the ideally after I do you want to have very specific things that people will walk away with because no one’s gonna pay you for just coaching.

Lisa Siefert:                  32:21               No one’s going to pay you just for consulting, going to just pay you for your time for the sake of like, I just want to keep is your great. They everybody wants something for themselves, they’d want some kind of problem, they have to be solved. So what is the problem and what is the solution they’re seeking? He have to be very clear that that focused on the benefits for that. And then five is understanding what is your business models. This is really looking at the overall big picture. What is the business model and how do you scale this? So once you’ve figured out that you actually do like doing this, you like working with science, okay, so now how do you actually scale that into five or six figures and I bring that in along with the planners that you sell or are planning and selling.

Lisa Siefert:                  33:06               If you want to have courses, if you want to do group programs or credit, like how does this all work together to hit your income goals. So this is probably something we should have started with, but you do want to start thinking about how much do you want your business to actually be generating in terms of income and then looking and kind of working backwards in terms of how many people do you need to talk to, what are the offers you need to sell to them? And, and at what price point in order for you to keep your goals. So this is never going to be something that is just like, well I’m just going to figure it out as it happens. Like willfully, I saw, you know, like a zillion planners and I hit my six figures, like you can’t leave things up to chance. You want to make sure that you’re using a really solid strategy to get you to your goals so you’re not just doing co marketing, you’re actually doing the work that’s going to accelerate you forward and get you the results that you’re looking for. So it really started thinking about what is that going to look like for you strategically. So those are my, my, my, my success. Those are perfect. Zero because I’m like, we got 70 percent.

Speaker 3:                    34:07               Yeah. Yeah. Just little things too. Like I think a great example of client Eric for number three. I think, you know, sometimes you do client efforts, you could go along with all the questions, like if they go fly, you’re not going to help you down or make a difference. All the other thing too with pricing and it’s just like a good example I always used with you, we talked about pricing and positioning for planners. If you know that you want to lose weight, right? Like everybody understands this concept and if you want to lose two pounds, it takes 3,600 calories of a deficit to lose one pound, so you need to either eat less, like what is that 73, 7,200 7,200 less calories or you need to work out and increase your activity by 72 accounts, right? It’s easy Napkin map out. So just like coaching planners, if whatever you want to sell, remember number you want to hit. If you don’t have a goal, who you’re not really a business, right? You need to say, I need to sell x number of planners, I need to sign up and then you know exactly how much you’re going to charge and what we want to make it back like that. And it’s like literally anything. It’s

Lisa Siefert:                  35:18               possible in this amazing online space, but if you don’t know what you’re going forwards, you’re not going to get there, right? So you need to have a clear picture of where does it. You want to get to what do you want that to look like and then let’s create the plan to make that actually makes sense in helping you get there. So like I seen so people reach amazing be like, I that like, how are you possibly going to make that much money online before I actually started doing this thing and it’s like I constantly see people creating amazing success and Weird Oscar knishes and selling crazy products and it’s like literally anything is possible as long as you’re on the right plan and the right.

Speaker 3:                    36:01               So yeah, and I know a lot of you have here on that list because I think we talked about letters and how to make them and sell them everything. But I think you’re missing out because again, there’s such a huge investment, like a little saying you can start making money right now today I’d be productivity coach or maybe you got into this because I mean there’s people that are professional organizers. Yeah, you could be a professional. Organizers will always. Mostly. So I think the reason we went to mind here too is just to make sure you guys knew that you know, there there’s so many different opportunities out there in coaching is going to be the fastest way from youtube or your business and get some revenue in while you’re making your planners. And also we wanted to talk about the event in January. So this is like seriously the perfect event community.

Speaker 3:                    36:48               There’s a lot of high end client coaching and honestly she has probably, I’m just going to say she’s like a luxury coach so it’s a higher level. So this event is like the best opportunity you’re going to want to meet so many other different people who are in the same boat. He and get a lot of great information over the old days. So like if you know nothing right now about being a coach, this event, and tell me if I’m wrong is going to tell you exactly what to do. It’s going to talk about sales funnels and all those things that you keep hearing online. He used about. It’s going to tell you exactly what you needed to do. Compete Dizzy.

Lisa Siefert:                  37:26               Yes. So the big thing is we’re basically, so it’s called heartland has so live and it’s happening in early January and actually is the first weekend of January, which is awesome for people that don’t live in California or Florida because you get to escape the cold and calm and like maybe extends your vacation spending years eve and San Diego. It’s like beautiful and more, which is why I spent that weekend. Um, but it’s, it’s really exciting because basically what it, the focus is making sure that you’re setting yourself up to 2019 your best year ever. Right? So in the country is a business. So we’re actually going to talk about what we, big core areas that I tend to work with, um, work on with my clients. Uh, so they’d done a similar workshop before a. and people had amazing results. Like I’ve had people gets 10 months pretty quickly.

Lisa Siefert:                  38:18               Some of our coaching packages. That was like a brand new coaching package. There’s this woman that came that actually in a restaurant and then she wanted to start doing more coaching is a decompression on and she just sold that package out even though she thought she didn’t have an audience. It’s like, no, we’re going to find the audience for you. Right? We’re going to see what’s possible and you might be surprised, but what is actually possible for you if you have the right plan? So it’s focused on three core areas. The first is called the movement message. So we’re going to talk about the branding side of like, we kind of talked about this already a little bit, but it’s like what is it that needs to different and how are we actually miss step into your leadership roles so that you stand online because the industry is extremely saturated.

Lisa Siefert:                  38:59               Every single industries were extremely saturated right now, um, that progress of what you do. So you want to make sure that are able to stand out in a way that’s powerful and is actually going to inspire and empower people to want to work with you and tell their friends about you and taking that brand. And really taking it several steps further to actually make a difference with the work that you’re doing. So really creating a lot on that fire and that momentum and that flow when it comes to the messaging and the concept they share online. So it’s super effortless and like breezy and you just feel like on fire anytime that you show up online says the first day. Then the second thing we’re going to talk about the predictable income model, so this is where we talk all about creating offers, selling the US offers, and the whole enrollment process that is going to be missing by anything you’d probably any mistakes or myths that might have believed in the past and also really just clarify the whole process about how do you actually make money and hit the specific goals that you have in your business.

Lisa Siefert:                  39:57               Whether it’s making your first 1000 per month, whether it’s getting two, five k or 10 K or I have clients that are making $35,000 a month in their coaching businesses. So how do you actually make that happen? Isn’t by luck. It’s not by what just happened and like, wow, great, is that we actually were able to reverse engineer what that looks like and what that looked like for you. So I’m going to share with you just how to approach offer creation and selling and the MEC seekers. I will also talk more about selling as well. Um, that I think is going to be just mind blowing for you. You’re actually going to love sales at the end of that day. And then moving into day three is all about online marketing method. This is where you’ve ever felt confused around marketing or messaging or visibility and maybe feel afraid about showing up online and maybe you have all these fears and blocks around like getting on video or creating the right content or just like how does this all work together?

Lisa Siefert:                  40:51               Um, that’s going to be all demystified and you’re actually going to leave with an actual plan for your marketing for 2018 or the next six months of 2017. So, um, we’re going to do a lot of work together. This is going to be a transformational event that is like you’re not gonna be the same person at the end. You’re going to be at a higher level and I’m just so excited to see and support these amazing people that are going to be coming in. So it’s gonna be really exciting and uh, you have a special event. Guess if it’s in the worksheet, so if you get so you make sure that you download the worksheet and the worksheet. There’s a link to um, to get the tickets and find out a little bit more information about what’s included all the things and um, this is so special.

Lisa Siefert:                  41:35               Lay friendly and uh, I didn’t want to let you know that we actually have early bird registration going on right now. So you get to join. Um, typically the three day event is a $197 for the general admission tickets. And by the way, last time I did an event like this, he was $1,000 for the three days. So just a heads up. So it’s typically, it’s one 97 until Sunday at midnight you can grab more general mission to get for only $111 and you can actually bring a friend for only a $27 materials fee that the um, they’ll have to pay, which is super. Like I’m just so excited because this is the most accessible way that I’ve created to work with me and I’m at this high of a level because I know that anytime that we’re in person, like you just literally are not going to be the same person. Things are going to be different. Things are gonna flow better and I’m just really excited. So I would love to meet you in person. Support you. So yeah,

Speaker 3:                    42:35               amazing bonuses and you know, again, I’m like a super introvert and so I am to actually go out to dinner with me and everybody else who registered, which means that automatically networking not only with people who are attending conference but also people who are planners who are as well. So that is the perfect collaboration. Networking. Start Your three day weekend and I will or our computer is about to die. Um, so, but everything else is in there. If you know the other bonus all relate back to earth and helping you launch your business and having my eyeballs on your business and audited and plus honestly, I’ll be there all three days. We can talk about anything you want with planners. Nobody ever gets access to me. I actually don’t even do one more. Yeah. So this isn’t really the only way to assets to me. And honestly this is literally hate using the word affordable, but this

Lisa Siefert:                  43:28               some most accessible, I think the most accessible way, which is like, I probably shouldn’t even be doing yet, but it’s like I just, when I feel called to do something as a can do it. So, um, yeah, we have people like last, last event, we have people coming in from Australia like all over the place too. So you don’t have to be local to come here. We typically have people from all over the world attending the event. So, uh, yeah, I would definitely love to, um, to meet you and hang out with you and really supporting you during your business.

Speaker 3:                    43:59               And it’s certainly more like meat. It’s going to be beautiful November right now, both shorts and flip flops. So you know, it’s going to be great whether you go to the beach. Twelve us,

Lisa Siefert:                  44:16               yeah, liaison lean if you bring your kids and not people, but there’s things for children to do. It could be a really great family trip. That’s why it’s like bringing comfort years eve and then stay a couple extra days. And um, yeah, I think it’s really fun.

Speaker 3:                    44:32               So together like a really great list of like places that onto her. So He’s been at, this was awesome. It was something great feedback. Thank you Kathy for telling Diane to reload it. Hopefully Diana, that work for you. If not, I definitely have the replay. Interviews does. I didn’t make me as a beginning, but it is on youtube and people who their effort. So awesome. I’m so easy because it’s on youtube. You can’t ask those questions if you can’t think of anything now are cameras. That was going to die, so we will make sure to check those questions. Awesome. Thank you so much. I need to be with you.