#youtube – NO VIDEOS until after Aug 22

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Hi Everyone: I posted a video a while back [in 2018] about how to get certified as a *company I’m not allowed to mention* facilitator.

In May 2019, that company filed a copyright infringement claim, YouTube agreed and I am unable to post any videos until after Aug 22 to my channel

The video was a video explaining my own personal experience with this company [it was actually incredibly positive. I know what you’re thinking and no, I did not post anything even marginally negative. It was an outstanding confirmation that they’re a great firm] and encouraging others to become a facilitator too.

As such – my YouTube channel has zero posting privileges until after August 22 as a penalty for violating their copyright

I want to give a huge apology to this company since I did not intend to infringe on their materials and also wanted to post this to help educate anyone else that wishes to post a video about their company, their materials, do an unboxing of their products or even mention their name in any social media platform – you can PM me for the name.