We’re a few weeks out from Black Friday – your biggest sales day of the year!

Have you started to think about running a Black Friday sale yet?

If it was on your To Do List but you haven’t managed to get around to it yet, I so feel you. That’s what happened my first 2 years in business. It was my plan every year to run one but then as Thanksgiving approached, I had so many questions like…

  • What should I put on sale
  • Will this ruin future full-price product sales
  • Will people just stop buying from me until Black Friday every year
  • Is it already over crowded out there with Black Friday deals
  • What should I put in my emails
  • Do I need a special Sales Page just for Black Friday
  • Should I run Facebook Ads
  • How else will I promote it

Everyone is super busy this time of year, including you!

Heck, you might even still be recovering from the time change last weekend of Daylights Savings. 

Don’t worry – I have your back! 

This is exactly why I created the Black Friday Sales Funnel Workshop + Templates


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What You Get

In this Black Friday Workshop, you’ll get access to:

  • Top 10 Steps to prep for Black Friday Last week’s webinar, wrokbook AND slides. The recording comes down on Sunday but you’ll not only get lifetime access but the slides as well
  • Black Friday Workshop Complete with calendar on what to do when, get the slides, too
  • Templated Emails Save time writing about your sale with my 5 pre-written email templates coming Monday Nov 11
  • Special Etsy Shop Settings for Holidays Want to ensure your shop is holiday-ready, whether you’re running a Black Friday sale or going on vacation, let’s make sure your Etsy Shop customers are happy! coming Monday Nov 11
  • 2 Group Coaching Sessions Where you we’ll go through everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Black Friday, talk through your sales strategy, help you nail your pricing down and keep you accountable and on track to creating your Black Friday sale! 
    • Session #1 Monday Nov 11 at 3pm PST
    • Session #2 Monday Nov 18 at 3pm PST
    • Submit your questions ahead of time if you can’t make it and I’ll make sure to answer them on the call. PLUS, webinar recordings will be available right after. 
    • Sales Page + Offer Critiques – And yes, I will be available to review your sales pages and offers on the group coaching calls!

Most importantly, you’ll go from feeling stressed and doubtful about how to create the BEST Black Friday Sale ever to feeling confident, clear and hopeful about your Black Friday sale.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday + Boxing Day

Yes, everything you’re going to learn in the Black Friday Sales Funnel can also apply to Cyber Monday, Boxing Day and any other upcoming holidays sales promotions you want to run!

Did you know that Cyber Monday is the BIGGEST online shopping day of the entire year!

Don’t miss out on the biggest shopping days of the year because you weren’t prepared.

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P.S. Wondering if you should even bother with a Black Friday sale?

Then check out yesterday’s video

P.P.S. Yes, this video will be coming down on Sunday too but if you’re enrolled in the Black Friday Workshop, you’ll have lifetime access to that video, as well as the Top 10 Steps to prep for Black Friday + SLIDES + Workbook