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Looks like you landed on a non-working page. If you’re here for a freebie download, those will be updated soon! I recently had a website crash and migrated my hosting over from BlueHost to WPEngine and am in the process of recreating all the pages (the backups were destroyed when the site crashed). I’m working on it!

8/6 UPDATE I attempted an unsuccessful migration from Drip to Convertkit in July because Convertkit has a native integration with Thinkific which is the platform I’m hosting the courses and templates on. But for many different technical reasons, the integration didn’t work and I couldn’t get the account approved. This also coincided with Convertkit’s huge re-brand over to the name Seva which they decided last week not to go through with and are in the process of reversing everything. I suspect this may explain why my Support tickets were never resolved but who knows why I was ghosted – it happens.

What am I doing to fix it I’ve decided to stick with Drip and am now updating and reversing all of the changes I made.

When will the Freebie Library Downloads start working Some of them already are. I hope to make it through the rest by this time next week.

Don’t worry if you’ve requested one and didn’t receive it – I will re-send the freebies to everyone (yes, since the beginning of time in Jan 2015 when I first opened my doors). Stay tuned.

In the meantime, check out some of my most popular YouTube videos

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