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Everyday Necessities

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Best email marketing platform when you’re just starting out. It’s easy to use, has beautifully designed templates and great customer service.

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Want a team of CPA certified professionals correctly and automatically tagging and logging all of your business transactions? Bench’s professional bookkeeping team never makes mistakes and prepares your year end tax file for you.

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Perfect for new course creators! Super easy click and drag features allow you to set up your courses, your membership and your blog on here in no time! Plus, it’s pretty and has hands down the best customer service around.

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Mighty Networks

Sick of Facebook Groups? Me, too! There’s a better solution for chatting online with your community and it’s not something ugly and hard to use like Slack. Mighty Networks looks and acts like a self-contained Facebook Group but it’s also a mobile app.

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Affiliate Program Toolkit

Everything you need to start and grow your own affiliate program: stop leaving money on the table and let others do the selling for you. Want this Toolkit for FREE? It’s a NEW Bonus inside of Planner Academy 2.0!

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Want real-time customer validation that sales are really happening. Your customers do. Proof pops up those little sales confirmations at the bottom of your page letting people know what’s selling right now.


Sales Funnel Checkout Pages that not only looks professional but also easily allow you to offer your customer upsells, downsells and one time offers at the time of purchase. Get a 14-day FREE trial using this link.

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Deadline Funnel

The premier countdown times that allows you to create real urgency for your products and specials. It works on evergreen funnels and your timed launches – tons of integrations with the top email providers and websites.

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FG Funnels

ClickFunnels makes me cry because they’re so ugly, clunky and impossible to figure out but Funnel Gorgeous Funnels make me smile because they’re easier to use, have pretty templates already pre-loaded.

Design Tools + Resources

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Adobe Creative Cloud

I use Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Premiere, Media Encoder and more to help run my business, create graphics, design planners, card decks, wedding stationery and more.

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Indesign 101

This is my free 5-day course designed to help you edit Indesign templates that you purchase from my Shop or really anywhere. It covers the basics on changing the fonts, colors and logos so that you can customize any Indesign file as your own.

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Hands down, this is the #1 best client project management software out there. It’s gorgeous and streamlined to help elevate your brand and create a positive client experience from discovery call to proposal to invoicing and product delivery and communication.

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Never make another typo again – install Grammarly and it will check blog posts, emails, your website, basically, anything on your screen will be automatically spell-checked.

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Styled Stock Society

Wondering where all of those beautiful images I use come from – they’re almost all from here. Pretty, feminine desktop, tech and lifestyle photos to help accentuate and complement your brand.

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Sales Funnel Template Kits

Don’t hire an expensive web designer. Use these beautifully designed layouts instead – they easily maximize your sales by offering matching upsells, downsells, webinar registration pages and freebie opt-ins.

More Moneu
Blog Monetization Course

Yes, blogging is not only still a thing but it’s a profitable and easy form of passive income everyone should be doing. Learn how to make money from your website now without any products.

Equipment & Tools

Click below to see what I use for YouTube and My Home Office.

My YouTube Studio Gear + Set Up

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Planner Academy

My signature course for anyone who wants to create and sell their own planners – no prior knowledge needed – I’ll teach you everything from scratch.

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Never stare at a blank page again. Grab one of my beautifully designed templates and edit the colors, fonts, logos or do nothing and sell them as is.

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Print Vendor Rolodex

The #1 question I get asked is Where can I get my planner printed? I have a recommended list of printers available but you must be a Planner Academy student to access it.

What are my Bestsellers?

Buy A Planner Pop Up Shop

Everything you need to start selling your own planners in a done-for-you sales + marketing kit

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