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End Your Love/Hate Relationship With Free Design Tools

I love you Canva | I hate you Canva

I love you PicMonkey | I hate you PicMokey

I love you random free tool | I hate you random free tool

Anyone who’s ever tried creating their own design image in Canva, wanted to resize a social media post or hoped to add a rose gold effect to their typography has either loved and hated one or all of these DIY tools at one time or another. Yes, there are a ton of great tutorials out there to help you out. But there’s a better way and it’s called: InDesign!



Top 64 Things You Can Create With InDesign

Why Listen to Me?


I’m Lisa

You also love lattes
You want a BFF designer to mentor you
You value professional looking digital downloads
You understand the importance of epic visual content

and helping you to make an epic first impression

with stunning visual content is my promise to you

If you don’t look good, I don’t look good.

And Now The Personal Stuff

I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart but have recently relocated to
San Diego because brr. I live here with the love of my life and as
little as possible in the way of belongings. Minimalism is a key
component of my life and my designs. Although, I do love paper,
my calligraphy pens and Apple products, especially if they’re rose gold.

From Small-town cornfields of Illinois

iPhone or Android Android: Samsung Galaxy Edge 7

Marvel or DC Marvel movies and DC TV Shows

1st Job ever Standing on a street corner in Chicago handing out business
cards for a dentist office

Secret Single Behavior When My BF Is Away:  Carpet picnics with
take-out from The Cheesecake Factory while watching a TV marathon
of one of my favorite discontinued shows: The Lying Game,
Samantha Who, Buffy, Angel, Hindsight, Lost Girl


Every time you purchase a Pretty Fabulous product you are helping homeless animals in shelters to find a good home and to support a new world that is completely No Kill. It is my goal to continue to sponsor both of these causes as Pretty Fabulous grows.
Thank you for your support.

The No Kill Advocacy Center is a full-service No Kill community, saving not only dogs and
cats but rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, horses, and others.

San Diego Humane Society provides vital services to animals and people by
sheltering and adopting animals, providing positive reinforcement training
classes, investigating animal cruelty and neglect and educating the public.




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