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First, let’s take a look at all the tools, gear and resources you’ll need to get started!


BlueHost is a great affordable option if you’re just starting out and also has the added benefit of free, unlimited email service.

WPEngine is the gold standard when it comes to hosting your WordPress site. I use a combo of the two:

  1. BlueHost for domain registration and email
  2. WPEngine for website hosting

WordPress Theme

Divi is a must-have theme that powers all of my WordPress sites – it’s an easy to use Drag + Drop editor for non-techies.

MailerLite Email Marketing for Small Business

Email Marketing Service Provider

  1. Mailerlite  Is FREE up to 1K subscribers so great if you’re just getting started
  2. Drip has advanced functionality and an excellent solution for online businesses

Graphic Design + Video Editing

I use the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for everything! Once you have a monthly Creative Cloud membership, you’ll have access to the entire suite of applications. My most used apps are:

  1. InDesign to create planners, workbooks, cookbooks, magazines and e-books
  2. Photoshop for web design and social media graphics
  3. Illustrator for logos
  4. Premiere for Video Editing
  5. Dimension for Product Mockups

Landing Page + LeadBoxes

While almost all email service providers offer this functionality, I can confirm that they’re all pretty ugly to look at which is why I’m sticking with LeadPages. You can have Landing Pages, Leadboxes, Lead Digits and more using their platform.

Course Platform

Like Email, I’m so torn. I absolutely loved Course Cats but after their recent upgrade, things stopped working so I switched over to Thinkific but I’m still considering Teachable instead. I know – so not the definitive answer you were looking for but quite honestly, there are things that I love about all 3 platforms:

  1. Course Cats It’s so easy to use once you get the hang of it and you can self-host it on your own site
  2. Thinkific Must more customizable than Teachable but definitely not as pretty

Document Storage

I page about $1/month and it’s not only 100% reliable but fast – which is key when you’re sharing files.

Client Scheduling + Invoicing Tools

While I did try Dubsado for a hot minute, everything I emailed was a hot mess. Invoices were sent at the wrong time for the wrong amount to the wrong people on the wrong dates. Dubsado was so confusing to use, I’m still not even sure today if I closed my account or not. While the appeal of additional functionality was appealing, I could never get even the most basic functions in it to work so I reverted back to Honeybook + Calendly.

  1. Honeybook Easy to set up + pretty to see as a client
  2. Calendly Could there be a more user-friendly scheduling tool? I think not!

Social Media Scheduling

I use a combo of eClincher + Tailwind but if you’re a blogger, then CoSchedule is the best tool for you.

  1. eClincher I use this for everything but Pinterest. While it can schedule to that Platform, it is not listed as an official partner on Pinterest’s site and as you may recall Boardbooster shut down because of this
  2. Tailwind They are obsessively in love with giving Instagram advice so you might be confused when you sign up to use them but they are in fact an official Pinterest partner and can be used for scheduling Pinterest pins
  3. CoSchedule They do it all! Except integrate both ways with Google Calendar.


I LOVE Crowdcast. They have excellent customer service but more important, it just works. Which is something you normally take for granted w/software but after the 80th webinar on my old platform where it was me alone with fifty emails from people telling me they couldn’t get in to the webinar, I switched to Crowdcast and it’s never happened since. Plus you can go live to FB and YouTube simultaneously.