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Get access to exclusive InDesign Templates only available to Planner Academy students – I’ve created a new series of InDesign Tutorials on the YouTube Channel dedicated to helping students re-create the most popular Planner Layouts from scratch. 

Go from black page to beautiful finished product in less than 2 seconds – becuase that’s how long it will take you to download the layouts from Planner Academy. 

TUTORIALS are free for anyone to watch on YouTube but ONLY Planner Academy Students get the actual templates.

NOT AVAILABLE FOR SALE These template are not available for purchase anywhere, not in the Pretty Fabulous Shop, on third party sites or in other courses. The ONLY way to access these templates is via Planner Academy. 

All Lookalike Layouts are available in the EXTRAS section of Planner Academy. If you’re on a Payment Plan – these will be available after your final installment is paid. 

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