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Black Friday Sales Funnel Workshop + Templates

We're a few weeks out from Black Friday - your biggest sales day of the year!Have you started to think about running a Black Friday sale yet?If it was on your To Do List but you haven't managed to get around to it yet, I so feel you. That's what happened...

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FREE Webinar: How to Create + Sell 2020 Planners

FREE Webinar: How to Create + Sell 2020 Planners

I'm sure you're seeing tons of planner companies popping up with their 2020 Planners for pre-sale. That could be YOU! Let's put a game plan together for how you can sell your amazing planner idea for 2020. Even if you haven't started yet. I'll walk you thru exactly...

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YouTube Forced Hiatus In Effect All Summer 2019

#youtube - NO VIDEOS until after Aug 22 Hi Everyone: I posted a video a while back [in 2018] about how to get certified as a *company I'm not allowed to mention* facilitator. In May 2019, that company filed a copyright infringement claim, YouTube agreed and I am...

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Hello & thanks for visiting the Pretty Fabulous Designs website. I'm Lisa Siefert and I help online businesses to create beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign.

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