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The first time I held a planner in my hands, I knew my life was about to change forever.

The smell of the paper. The vibrant sheen of the cover. The open, lined pages just begging to be filled in with a silky colored pen.

Simply Put

I was born to sell planners.

There was just one teeny tiny problem:

I don’t have any over-the-top stories of how I’ve been hand-drawing carefully crafted art since before I could walk.

Or an incredibly complex magazine layout that I pull out for #TBT and pretend it was done when I was in the 1st grade. I don’t have a BFA, MFA or any other type of formal training in design whatsoever.

I’m just a girl with passion and a Mac, and I’m here to tell you:

You don’t need any of that other fancy-schmancy stuff either.

Pretty Fabulous Designs is for everyone

  • The women who’ve collected beautiful planners for decades.
  • The aspiring Etsy shop owners who want a cozy corner of the Internet all to themselves — and easy + gorgeous things to fill it with.
  • The business owners who are curious about creating printables, workbooks, and journals for their clients.
  • The course creators who are constantly dreaming up new worksheet ideas.
  • The people who just want to be surrounded with pretty fabulous designs.

This space is for YOU.

The tutorials, templates and courses inside Pretty Fabulous Designs are here to help you create or customize your own line of beautiful digital downloads. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or you’ve never heard of Adobe InDesign in your life, everything you see here is made to be as easy as 1 – 2 – Breathe.

This is where you’ll:

  • Save time with high-quality printables you can download and use right away
  • Pick up the latest goodies from The Planner Pop-Up Shop, and start selling your own planner in less than an hour
  • Add another easy peasy lemon squeezy passive revenue stream to your business
  • Create and sell your own customized planners from scratch
  • Turn your planner passions into planner profit
  • And so much more…
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If you’re ready to say goodbye to:

  • Thinking you need to be a graphic designer to make your planner dreams come true
  • Banging your head against the wall as you bargain with your laptop to please, please, please stop messing up your designs every time you click the mouse
  • Frantically searching Google for tech tutorials that don’t require you to sit through a full hour just to find the one golden minute of info you’re looking for
  • Wondering why your PDFs, journals and planners aren’t picking up steam in your online shop. Um, hello! Where are the buyers already?!

Then you and I are
gonna be fast friends.

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