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Designing your own planner from scratch is tough


So tough, sometimes you give up


Don’t give up – I have a solution for you!


The Etsy Kickstarter Package

It’s an Etsy pop-up store, complete with a done-for-you planner, matching Etsy banner ad, Etsy SEO keywords, matching social media graphics and more!




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Don’t let your lack of design skills stop you from opening an Etsy Planner Shop…

  • Designing your own planner is enough to make even the bravest of design newbies wanna cry

  • And crying ruins your mascara, makes your eyes red and gets your nose all sniffly

  • That’s not any fun
  • Which is why I created the Etsy Kickstarter Package, it’s a complete done-for-you solution for non-designers just like you
  • It takes the entire graphic design part of creating a planner out of the equation
  • How? It’s all done-for-you and ready to go
  • You can start collecting passive income right now
  • No more waiting on designers, trying to create social media graphics – forget that silliness
  • Get the Etsy Kickstarter Package and simply download everything you need right now

Build your Planner Empire today

Kickstarter Package

Introducing The Etsy Kickstarter Package

What Will This Kickstarter Package Give You:

  • INSTANT POP UP SHOP Yes, you could enroll in a super long course on how to start an Etsy Shop, how to market your Etsy Shop, how to create Etsy Banners, how to create social media graphics, etc. or you can simply buy the Kickstarter Package and be done
  • LESS FRUSTRATION Need to figure out how to use Adobe InDesign, create a layout, build a logo, define your hex codes and select font pairings? Ummm, not you! It’s all done for you
  • MORE TIME You can stop wasting time figuring out how to both build a planner and create an Etsy Shop while still building a social media platform. Because now, it’s all done for you
  • SAVE MONEY Good-bye Custom Graphic Design starting at $1,200 (that’s my rate but others are comparable or higher) – this is the beautiful custom-designed planner you would’ve paid a fortune for anyway
  • SALES If you can’t produce a planner, you can’t sell a planner. This is your super easy-peasy solution to start getting sales now
  • MORE FREEDOM Having an Etsy Shop allows you make your own hours and work from wherever

What’s included in the Kickstarter Package?

Download everything you need in the next five seconds

01 | Your Perfect Planner

Digital Download PDF

02 | Editable InDesign Files

Original source file you can customize

03 | Font Information

Perfectly paired fonts

12 Mockup of Cover
13 Mockup of Interior Annual
beginners typography guide tracking

It’s an entire planner!

I’ve done all the design and branding work for you – you get access to the complete digital download PDF that you can upload and start selling right away. It also utilizes the 2018 Pantone color of the year Ultraviolet – hello SEO keyword optimization!

Downloads Beautiful 2019 Planner PDF

Customize anything you want

This is an AMAZING deal – you get the entire Adobe InDesign source file so you can edit it yourself. You get not only 2019 Annual but 2020 Annual as well. You’re already one year ahead. Plus you get Monthly Layouts and Weekly Layouts. To purchase these layouts separately from my shop would be $100+ alone.

Downloads include 2 InDesign Files You get both the IDML for older version of InDesign and the most recent INDD version.

4+ Layouts Front Cover Page, Annual (2), Monthly, Weekly Back, Cover Page

Font pairings

Not sure what a serif vs sans serif vs script font are? No problem, you don’t need to! I’ve picked the prettiest font pairings out for you and put them in this planner. 

Fonts: I use 6 different fonts to make this the best planner ever. You’ll get the entire list plus buy links on where to find them. I am not a font reseller so I am unable to provide the actual fonts but will direct you to where to find them.

04 | JPEGs

Create your own mockups + graphics

05 | Graphics Pack

You get it all: Logos, social media posts, quotes, etc.

06 | Logos + Mood Board

Your Mini-Branding Guide

04 Mockup JPEGS
Social Media Lent
06 Mockup Mood Board

Make your own Mockups

I’ve included a JPEG of every page inside the planner. You can take them and create mockups with software like Place It that does it for you or you can even past the pages into Canva, MS Word or any other document that allows you to input images and use them there. note: You can only edit the information on the pages in InDesign but you can always place text or image boxes on top of information you want to change or copy over.

Downloads: Get all 70 pages as individual JPEGs

Your Social Media Manager

Not sure what to post on Instagram? No problem, I created 3 different quotes for you. Wondering how to size the big banner header on Etsy? Same thing – I’ve done it for you!

Downloads Get over 15 images done for you

Here’s everything in your Graphics Pack
  • 01 Etsy Big Banner
  • 02 Facebook Cover Art
  • 03 Facebook Post
  • 04 Instagram Post #1
  • 05 Instagram Post #2
  • 06 Instagram Post #3
  • 07 Twitter Header
  • 08 Pinterest Pin
  • 09 Logo Circle
  • 10 Logo Wide
  • 11 2019 Circle Logo
  • 12 Mockup of Cover
  • 13 Mockup of Interior Layout
  • 14 Row of Dots
  • 15 Branding Guide – Mood Board

Make Your Own Logo

Not feeling the Ultraviolet colors? Then change them yourself using Adobe Photoshop. I’ve provided the original Logo Source file in Adobe Photoshop that you can edit. Want to change the words “The Perfect Planner”, then you have full ability and access to the original template to do so. Don’t like the circle of rainbow dots around the logo? Not a problem – just delete that layer from Photoshop.

Download Editable Adobe Photoshop file



Because I really want you to succeed – I threw in even more goodies!


Etsy Launch Checklist


50 Blog Post Ideas for Your Planner Shop


Etsy SEO Mastery + Planner Keyword Optimization

Bonus 01 Etsy Launch Guide
bonus 02 50 blog post ideas
Mockup iMac webinarpsd

Get the One-Page checklist

Shot .+ straight to the point. This isn’t a 20-week course on how to start your Etsy Shop. I want you to turn on monetization today!

Download Etsy Checklist PDF

Never have writer’s block again

I know, it’s hard coming up with new ideas. Well, I’ve done the work for you. I put together my list of the Top 50 Blog Post Ideas you can write about that will help promote your planner business, your Etsy Shop, yourself and your brand.

Download 50 Blog Post Ideas PDF

Get LIVE Training From Me

Register by Saturday 8/18 and you can attend live and ask all your questions in person! Can’t make it live? No problem – email me your questions beforehand and I’ll make sure to answer them. Plus the recording will be available right after.

Downloads Lecture Slide Deck (I teach using slides so you have notes to refer back to later) and Webinar Recording


Etsy Shop + Listing Setup


Tutorial: Connecting Google Analytics + Etsy


Etsy Customer Service Swipe File

Etsy SEO and Google Analytics copy
resources swipe file1 copy

Etsy Shop + Listing Tutorial

Quick 10-minute video tutorial to walk you through how to setup your first Etsy Shop + create your first listing!

VIDEO Walk-through Tutorial

Track your Shop Traffic

Did you know that you can connect Google Analytics and your Etsy Shop? In less than 3 minutes, I’ll show you how. Easy-peasy.

VIDEO Tutorial on how to create Google Analytics and then connect it to your Etsy Shop

Not sure what to say + how? I’ve got you covered!

There are so many great opportunities to connect with your customers via the Etsy Autoresponders. These swipe files are specific to Planner Shop owners + will help you to be both courteous and help while still remaining professional, no matter what the question.

Download Over 10+ message responses to the most frequently asked questions of planner shop owners.

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Take A Tour: What’s Inside


What if I’m not a designer?

That’s the point, silly! You don’t need to learn how to design a single thing – I’ve done it all for you. And if you feel like editing and customizing the planner or your logo, then you have the source files to do so but you don’t have to. Everything is ready to go out of the box. You’re going to love it!.

What design programs do I need to know?

None at all! Everything is already saved as a PDF or JPEG for you. The source files were included if you or your designer want to make edits. And for the source files, you can easily edit those in Adobe InDesign for the Planner file and Adobe Photoshop for the logo design.

Do I have to purchase any design programs?

Only if you want to edit the source files. But otherwise, you do not need anything to use these files as is.

What if I need help from a pro?

I’m no longer taking on design clients at this time but recommend Magnolia Creative

Do you share all of your vendor names & contact information for printing?

This is meant to be a digital download so you can definitely get these printed. However, all of my printer vendors and supply list are currently an exclusive bonus content in the Planner Academy if you’d like to purchase that instead.

Can I use this planner template in my own planners?

For sure, that’s what this package is all about. That’s what the planner templates are there for. But they must be sold as PDFs or in physical format. The only thing that you cannot do is sell or share this planner as InDesign file to clients, customers or on design platforms like Creative Market. The purpose of the InDesign template is to help you to customize, edit faster and start selling your own planners right away.

When do I get access to the Etsy Kickstarter Package 

You will receive an email immediately after your purchase, which will include a link to access the Pretty Fabulous Design Thinkific platform, with all of the downloads, including source files and bonuses available immediately. The only exception is the LIVE Etsy SEO Webinar Training if you purchase this before 8/18 which is the day of the LIVE training.

What if I hate it – can I get a refund?

No. You can’t love the Etsy Kickstarter package without getting instant access to all of the downloads, all of the source files, the bonuses, the checklist, the mood board, etc. so for that reason, I don’t have payment plans and I’m not able to offer refunds due to the digital nature of the content. I want to share everything with you right away, right now.

Do you love the idea of having your own planner shop on Etsy right this minute! Then you won’t hate this Kickstarter package. Seriously – this package rocks! It has more in it than I’ve offered in any package before! I can’t even image why you’d be unhappy for even a second. But definitely email me with your questions PRIOR to purchasing. 

What happens after I purchase?

  1. You’ll promptly receive an email where you can access all your downloads + templates and get started right away!
  2. The downloads you receive will include everything listed above with the exception of the LIVE Etsy SEO Training on 8/18 to which you’ll receive a webinar registration link.
  3. You will get instant access to all Bonus Materials
  4. You will be sent an Orientation video + instructions on how to access your materials.
  5. You’ll also be automatically added to the private forum group to ask any questions 


hello im lisa

Hello, there – I’m Lisa, the only self-declared Planner Designer in the world and the #Girlboss behind Pretty Fabulous Designs, where I teach creatives how to create & sell beautiful digital downloads using Adobe InDesign. I’m 100% self-taught so don’t look for some days of yore story about how I’ve been designing with crayolas since I was 5 because I haven’t. I have an MBA + over a decade in Corporate America as an HR Executive but discovered I love creating, crafting and coaching more.

I live in San Diego, love brunch dates, Afternoon Tea outings and I have a serious ice cream addiction. I’m also a bestselling romance author.

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What happens after I purchase?

  1. You’ll promptly receive an email where you can access all your downloads + templates and get started right away!
  2. The downloads you receive will include everything listed above with the exception of the LIVE Etsy SEO Training on 8/18 to which you’ll receive a webinar registration link.
  3. You will get instant access to all Bonus Materials
  4. You will be sent an Orientation video + instructions on how to access your materials.
  5. You’ll also be automatically added to the private forum group to ask any questions

Still Have Questions?

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